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Chapter 184: Expansion of the G.o.d’s Domain

In the earlier days, Princess Yulin brought along the war machine and suppressed the Zenith Heaven Path Sect until they couldn’t breathe.

They could only unwillingly submit.

But as their Boundless Realm seniors came into being, the Zenith Heaven Path Sect stood up once again.

Not long ago, the Zenith Heaven Path Sect partic.i.p.ated in the internal strife of the Dao Sects.

Now, it was involved in yet again another plan—the plan to destroy the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty.

Of course, their goal was nothing more than to retrieve the war machine that belonged to them.

No one understood the might of the war machine better than them.

The war machine once it was at its peak was as strong as an immortal.

Although the war machine couldn’t compare to a real immortal, it could still reign supreme in the mortal realm.

Therefore, they had to obtain the war machine back.


At this moment, the powerhouses of the Zenith Heaven Path Sect stepped out together and suppressed the war machine. Several Boundless Realm experts exerted all their strength.

True Qi surged and erupted like a volcano, trapping the war machine in place.

The Zenith Heaven Path Sect was true to their words and goal.

They truly only dealt with the war machine.

They ignored everything else.

As long as the war machine was in their hands, the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty would no longer be able to suppress them.

After the war machine was suppressed by the people of the Zenith Heaven Path Sect, the others who came to destroy the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty became even more fearless and daring.

The young master of the Murong Family directly used the move ‘Stellar Transposition’ and rushed into the Forbidden City’s palace, wanting to kill Emperor De in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, Emperor De wasn’t around.

Only Princess Yulin…

And what awaited him was Princess Yulin’s sword.

Flying Sword Technique, the sword technique of the Millennium Sword G.o.d of the old era.

Her move was tremendously powerful.

Not only was it peerlessly sharp, but it also contained Princess Yulin’s domain.

With one stroke, everything seemed to wither around her.

But the people from the Murong Family simply retreated.

Their bodies were like that of dragons as they moved freely through the air.

“Today, the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty shall cease to exist!”

The young master of the Murong Family shouted.

The King of Rogue Cultivators also appeared.

He pounced directly at the young master of the Murong Family. He did give him the chance to make another move.


But in an instant, the other dozen or so Boundless Realm cultivators charged into the Forbidden City.

Even if Emperor De used all of his trump cards, he still wouldn’t be able to stop these people.

Even Monk Fusan was forced to come out of his seclusion.


“I’ve really suffered a loss this time!”

“I thought that I was here to retire peacefully in the imperial capital, but now, trouble after trouble suddenly came one after another. I’m so busy that I can’t even think of anything else…”

Monk Fusan complained in his heart.

He regretted adding a few more years of protection for the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty back then.

He barely stopped three Boundless Realms on his own.

He chanted Buddhist proclamations and Buddha light shone brightly above him.

But under the attack of ambitious and desperate people, Monk Fusan’s actions seemed to be in vain.

Emperor De’s condition was a great opportunity for these people.

But the thoughts of rebellion in these people’s minds weren’t new.

It was just that due to the prosperity of the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty, none of them wanted to be the first to strike, in fear of being focused on by the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty.

But this time, Emperor De was critically ill.

None of them had to strike first to create an opportunity for the others to exploit.

They were all doing the first strike for the sake of elevating their importance after the siege.

After recognizing an opportunity, these people decided to kill the two cornerstones of the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty.

One was Emperor De, the other was Princess Yulin.

If these two died, the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty’s influence in the world would plummet.

Thus, they came to the imperial capital.

Some of them even made arrangements beforehand…

For example, the people from the Zenith Heaven Path Sect made appointments with a few ambitious people to come and attack the Forbidden City together.

The Seven Great Sages of the Monster and Demon Race had also promised to take part.

If not for Lin Jiufeng’s deterrence, they would probably be at the Forbidden City right now.

A few rogue cultivators also came on their own, wanting to take a bite of the delicious pie known as the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty.

Simply put, the Forbidden City was thrown into chaos.

Numerous experts emerged at once from out of nowhere.

Some of the Boundless Realm powerhouses were blocked by people from the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty’s side, but there were also those at the Boundless Realm who turned a blind eye to the life and death struggles in their surroundings.

They directly walked towards the Forbidden City—towards the throne.

The first person who did so was the young master of the Murong Family.

“The world is ever-changing, a dynasty cannot last forever. People will take turns to sit in the position of the Emperor, and today, it’s my turn!” Young Master Murong smiled proudly.

Ignoring the war raging behind him, he came to the Forbidden City’s Great Council Hall on his own and looked at Princess Yulin who was standing before him.

He said those words arrogantly.

“Aren’t you afraid that you aren’t capable enough to satisfy the expectations of the people of the world?” Princess Yulin held a longsword in her hand as she looked at this Young Master Murong.

“It’s fine!”

“As long as my Murong Family remains powerful, the throne will naturally be stable.”

“As for the common people you are speaking of, their lives are like weeds can be trampled on as I please. They grow faster than leeks. If I become the Emperor, why is there a need for me to satisfy their expectations?”

The young master of the Murong Family sneered in disdain.

From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t take the common people seriously, let alone mind their expectations of him.

“Treating the common people like this, no wonder your Murong Family had never been able to become the Emperor.” Princess Yulin sneered.

Young Master Murong’s face turned cold.

He looked at Princess Yulin impatiently. “You are not even at the Boundless Realm, yet you dare to mock my Murong Family…”

“You’re courting death!”

Young Master Murong directly used the move ‘Nebula Boundary’ and sent it boring down on Princess Yulin.

A rumble reverberated and a stretch of stars seemed to condense in his palm.

The way the stars twinkled coldly looked extremely terrifying to the eyes.

Moreover, Young Master Murong executed ‘Nebula Boundary’ in fury.

Its might was nothing to scoff at and it wasn’t something that Princess Yulin could withstand.

Recognizing the danger she was in, Princess Yulin acted decisively and followed the footsteps of Emperor De.

She forcefully drew out something from the air and in the very next moment…

The Golden Dragon of Destiny appeared.

But in Princess Yulin’s hand, it was a sword of destiny.

She drew out this sword to kill.


Princess Yulin, who had yet to reach the Boundless Realm, wielded the longsword that represented the destiny of the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty. A single move from her directly shattered Young Master Murong’s move.

Young Master Murong’s heart seemed to have shattered along with his ‘Nebula Boundary’.

“You s.l.u.t! I’ve shown you a path to heaven, but you decided to walk down to h.e.l.l instead! You will die a miserable death in my hands!” Young Master Murong was unable to restrain his anger anymore.

His toes tapped the ground, and his entire body became like an arrow that left its bowstring.

He charged at Princess Yulin.

Princess Yulin’s expression was solemn.

Seeing this scene, she drew her sword and welcomed the attack.

Although she wasn’t confident, she couldn’t take a step back.

Behind her were the citizens of the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty.

Thus, she gripped the sword tightly.

Her expression was grim as she stood rooted.

In front of her, the flames of war raged.

The Forbidden City even began to show signs of damage.

The battles of the Boundless Realm experts were each stronger than the others, the sight of their fights was unbelievable, to say the least.

Princess Yulin could see all of these—but before she could think about anything else—she had to face the furious Young Master Murong.

Imperial Capital, Cold Palace.

Lin Jiufeng observed the chaos from beginning to end.

He saw many Boundless Realm experts from the various hidden factions.

But most of them were just at the early stages of the Boundless Realm.

They were not very powerful.

“Aren’t you going to make a move?”

The white cat looked at the Forbidden City that was already in a mess.

She couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“I’ve already made my move,” Lin Jiufeng calmly replied.

He stood in the Cold Palace.

Dressed in white, he looked handsome and was tall, but his cold expression betrayed his grace.

He had already made his move.

From beneath his feet, a huge domain silently spread towards the imperial capital.

In less than a minute…

Lin Jiufeng’s G.o.d Domain expanded to the point that it encapsulated the entire imperial capital.


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