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=Ak Tepe=, Turkestan. 36N. 62E., 45

=Ak.u.mi-Shima=, Lu-Chu Is. 27N. 127E., 89

=Akune=, j.a.pan. 32N. 130E., 89

=Akuseki Is.=, Lu-Chu Is. 30N. 130E., 89

=Akyab=, Burma. 20N. 93E., 67

=Alabat=, Philippine Islands. 14N. 122E., 77

=Alacham=, Asia Minor. 42N. 36E., 46

=Ala Dagh=, Asia Minor. 40N. 33E., 46

=Aladana=, S., N.W. Frontier Provs. 35N. 72E., 58

=Ala Kul=, Asiatic Russia. 46N. 82E., 94

=Alamaguan=, East Indies. 18N. 145E., 75

=Ala Shan=, Inner Mongolia. 38N. 106E., 82

=Alaya=, Asia Minor. 36N. 32E., 46

=Alaykan=, Burma. 20N. 95E., 67

=Alazeisk Mts.=, Siberia. 67N. 150E., 95

=Alazeisk River=, Siberia. 71N. 154E., 95

=Albay=, Philippine Islands. 13N. 124E., 77

=Albistan=, Turkey in Asia. 38N. 37E., 46

=Aldan, River=, Siberia. 60N. 135E. 95

=Aldansk=, Siberia. 62N. 134E. 95

[*]=Aleppo=, Turkey in Asia. 36N. 37E. 46

=Aleppy=, Madras. 10N. 76E. 63

=Alexandretta=, Turkey in Asia. 37N. 36E. 46

=Alfonso XII.=, Philippine Is. 6N. 121E. 77

=Alibagh=, Bombay. 19N. 73E. 57

[*]=Aligarh=, United Provs. 28N. 78E. 59

=Ali Khel=, Afghanistan. 34N. 70E. 58

=Alingar River=, Afghanistan. 35N. 70E. 58

=Aliwal=, Punjab. 31N. 75E. 58

=Allahabad=, N.W. Provs. 26N. 82E. 60

=Allahabad=, Punjab. 29N. 71E. 59

[*]=Allahabad=, United Provs. 25N. 82E. 60

[*]=Allah Shehr=, Asia Minor. 38N. 29E. 46

=Allanmyo=, Burma. 19N. 95E. 67

=Allas Strait=, East Indies. 9S. 116E. 74

=Almora=, United Provs. 30N. 80E. 60

=Alon=, Burma. 22N. 95E. 67

=Alor Star=, Malay Pen. 6N. 100E. 68

=Alupu Cape=, Asia Minor. 36N. 28E. 46

=Alutgama=, Ceylon. 7N. 80E. 63

=Alwar=, Rajputana. 27N. 77E. 59

=Alwye River=, Madras. 10N. 76E. 63

=Amadnagar=, Bombay. 24N. 73E. 56

=Amaga, River=, Siberia. 62N. 134E. 95

=Amakusa Nada=, j.a.pan. 33N. 130E. 89

=Amakusashima=, j.a.pan. 32N. 130E. 89

=Amallapuram=, Madras. 17N. 82E. 62

=Amalner=, Bombay. 21N. 75E. 56

=Amamioshima=, Lu-Chu Is. 29N. 129E. 89

[*]=Amarapura=, Burma. 22N. 96E. 67


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