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Chapter 646 F*ck, Beautiful Things Are Illusions!

Xiao Yunyun rushed into the hospital by covering her face with a bag.

Dr. Xu saw her from afar and called her, “Yunyun, what’s the matter with you?”

Xiao Yunyun laid down her bag and looked at Dr. Xu with a pair of beautiful eyes. Then she looked away guiltily. “Nothing.”

After that, she covered her face again with the bag and rushed into the office.

The day had just begun, but she had already felt the despair followed by embarra.s.sment.

Today was definitely not a nice day!

Seeing Xiao Yunyun’s complicated expression, the colleague laughed and said, “Yunyun, what are you going to do with that expression?”

Xiao Yunyun turned her back, took a clean white coat and put it on. She said firmly, “I’m going to do something great!”

The upmost despair and the greatest shame in this life were nothing!

The most important thing was that she would never be defeated by those feelings!

After getting dressed, Xiao Yunyun took the folder and went to make rounds around the wards with Doctor Liang in high spirits.

She was a doctor, so she knew how to cure cardiac diseases. How could she not get out of despair?

“If I really can’t shake off that, I’ll just take a few more steps!”

This kind of stimulant hypnosis made Xiao Yunyun manage to be in a normal state day after day.

Su Yunjin was still worried. From time to time, she would have breakfast with Xiao Yunyun or pick her up for dinner after work.

Xiao Yunyun looked more normal when she saw Su Yunjin.

Holding Su Yunjin’s arm, she jumped up and down vigorously. Occasionally, she complained about the pressure or that it was too difficult to deal with the new patient’s family members in the department because they had no trust in the interns. Even so, she and her colleagues could not lose their temper and had to explain to those family members amicably.

Neither of them mentioned the thing that Su Yunjin was going to announce after the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi.

It seemed that Xiao Yunyun had already forgotten about that thing.

Therefore, she looked even more unsuspicious.

Su Yunjin finally felt relieved and told Shen Yuechuan that there was nothing unusual about Xiao Yunyun, so they could reveal his family background after the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi.

Su Yunjin had already mentioned it before. Shen Yuechuan had guessed that there would be nothing unexpected, so he had little reactions. He was just in a trance for the whole afternoon.

When he got off work, Lu Boyan came to Shen Yuechuan’s office and told him something about work affairs. Only then did he find that Shen Yuechuan was not in a good state at all. He asked, “What’s the matter?”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Lu Boyan. “How long is it… Before the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi?”

“There is still a week left, and the dinner is being prepared.” When it came to the two little babies, Lu Boyan unconsciously wore a gentle and tender look. “Do you have any suggestions?”

“Jian’an’s aunt… Has decided to reveal my family background after the dinner.” Shen Yuechuan forced a smile, but could not hide the bitterness in his smile. “You will have to call me cousin soon.”

Shen Yuechuan had mentioned it before, but this time, it should have been confirmed.

Lu Boyan automatically ignored Shen Yuechuan’s teasing. “So, are you ready?”

Shen Yuechuan looked down and shook his head regretfully. “In fact, not yet. But I think I probably won’t be able to be ready for the rest of my life. So, it would be better to face it as soon as possible.”

Lu Boyan knew how to speak several languages, but he didn’t know what language in the world could be used to comfort Shen Yuechuan, so he just put his hand on Shen Yuechuan’s shoulder quietly.

They had known each other for so many years that they were too familiar with each other.

Most of the time, they liked to tease each other when facing the problems because they knew that there would always be a way to solve them and that there was no need to worry about it.

But this problem was the blood relationship between Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun.

It could only be solved by rebirth.

Unfortunately, mankind could only live once and could not be reborn.

Shen Yuechuan tried his best to force a smile, so as to make Lu Boyan rest a.s.sured. “Let’s talk about work.”

Lu Boyan frowned. “You should have a rest for a few days.”

“… Trust me, I need to work more now.” Shen Yuechuan said, “If I have something to do, at least I can let myself be distracted from that. If I don’t work now, I really don’t know how to live.”

Lu Boyan had once felt the same feeling as Shen Yuechuan.

Indeed, it’s a good way to divert oneself with work.

However, because he had once experienced it, he knew that it would only make him even more tired.

At this time, it was the best choice for Shen Yuechuan to take a vacation.

Shen Yuechuan saw through Lu Boyan’s mind at a glance and made a “stop” gesture. “I’m not interested in traveling now. I won’t go even if you ask me to!”

Lu Boyan’s face darkened and said, “Yuechuan…”

He wanted to persuade Shen Yuechuan but was interrupted by the latter as soon as he spoke.

“Well, I’ll save this vacation first. I’ll go on vacation one day whenever I want. Now, let’s talk about the cooperation with MR Group.”

MR Group was one of the Fortune Global 500, with its headquarters in the United States. This time, it sent Xia Mili back to China to negotiate tie-ups with Lu Boyan.

They had reached a tie-up, but another project was still in negotiation.

Once the agreement was reached on the second project, the current situation of the industry would change, and Lu Enterprises and MR Group would be mutually benefitted.

The key problem was that if they made the deal, Lu Boyan and Xia Mili would be in touch for a longer time.

For now, Lu Boyan did not believe in Xia Mili.

Shen Yuechuan asked, “So, should we agree to cooperate with MR, or refuse them and only carry out the previous project?”

Lu Boyan was lost in thought, and his dark eyes seemed like a bottomless black hole.

No one could tell what he was thinking.

“Cooperate with them.”

After thinking for a moment, Lu Boyan made his final decision.

Shen Yuechuan did not hide his surprise. “Aren’t you afraid that Xia Mili will play tricks on us?”

There was a piercing and chilling light reflecting in Lu Boyan’s deep eyes. “I just want to see who is behind her.”

“In that case, this cooperation will be interesting!” Then, Shen Yuechuan reminded him. “By the way, Jian’an knows about Xia Mili. Do you need to tell her about this matter?”

Lu Boyan never hid anything from Su Jian’an about Xia Mili and her feelings for him. Before signing the first contract with Xia Mili, Lu Boyan even asked Su Jian’an if she minded it. If the answer was “yes”, he would have given up the project.

Su Jian’an had just replied, “I trust you.”

Because of trust, Su Jian’an didn’t mind Lu Boyan’s work-related contact with Xia Mili.

Thinking of Su Jian’an’s smiling eyes, the gloom and dangerous expression on Lu Boyan’s face were swept away. Instead, there was a faint smile on his face.

“No need.” After a pause, Lu Boyan added, “But I will still tell her.”

Because Su Jian’an trusted him, he needed to confess everything to her.

A strong relationship required not only the trust of one party but also the honesty of the other party.

In Shen Yuechuan’s impression, Lu Boyan rarely spoke in such a brisk tone, so that his words sounded full of gratefulness and favor.

Shen Yuechuan smiled and said, “You’re right. With Jian’an’s character, she will never consider that, let alone care about your contact with Xia Mili.” After a pause, he said with a sigh, “In fact, it’s really fate for us to meet each other.”

Lu Boyan didn’t really understand. “What do you mean?”

Shen Yuechuan began to explain as if he was saying tongue twisters. “Su Yunjin is Jian’an’s aunt. The former abandoned me, and the latter met you. And, I know you.

“When Jian’an was in college, you asked me to pay attention to her situation and help her with all kinds of troubles. Later, because her brother was going to get married, Su Yunjin recognized me as her son at the airport.

“Then, I just know that the girl I secretly observed and helped for so many years is actually my cousin. And I have already known her husband for a few years. Isn’t it fate?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows to indicate that he agreed with Shen Yuechuan’s words.

Shen Yuechuan smiled, but the smile disappeared from the corner of his mouth bit by bit. “When I first met you and Mu Qi, I secretly thought that it would have been better if I had gotten to know you earlier. Or that I would be happier if I were your family.”

Lu Boyan: “…”

Shen Yuechuan spread out his hands and said with an unknown emotion, “It turns out that we’re destined to be a family.”

However, as a result, he could not be with the girl he liked.

He paid a big price for being Lu Boyan’s family.

Shen Yuechuan was not said, but he absolutely couldn’t be happy.

“I should have helped you find your family earlier,” Lu Boyan said, “If I had known that Yunyun was your sister from the beginning, maybe…”

Lu Boyan did not go on, because the fact was determined and it was meaningless to consider other possibilities.

Shen Yuechuan sighed and said, “It’s all my life.”

Just like the fact that he had lost his father after he was just born, it could not be reversed. He could only accept them.

Lu Boyan thought for a moment, but still did not say— Sometimes, fate could be changed.

“Well, Xiyu and Xiangyi are waiting for you at home. Don’t disturb my work here.” Shen Yuechuan didn’t want to continue this topic anymore, so he asked Lu Boyan to leave. “Go home quickly!”

Lu Boyan looked at the time. It was twenty minutes later than his usual time to go home.

He didn’t say anything more, left the company in a hurry, and went home.

Shen Yuechuan couldn’t help complaining, “It seems that you are much worried about me. But when it comes to your wife and children, you’re in such a hurry, aren’t you?”

“However, it’s normal, isn’t it?”

Just as the old saying went, nothing could be better than a wife, several kids, and a white picket fence.

He used to be ready to be an unruly person like the free wind and take root nowhere. Later, he met a girl. Finally, he wanted to treat a person, just the way Lu Boyan treated Jian’an. Moreover, he wanted to have a home where there would be a person who would make him become deeply concerned with it.

But now…

“F*ck, beautiful things are just illusions!”


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