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Chapter 925 There Must Be a Reason for Abnormality (1)

Although Mumu was just five years old, he had already understood the difference between life and death.

A person’s death meant that he went to a place where others could neither see nor find him, just like Mumu’s mommy. Mumu would never be able to see his mommy, and neither could his mommy live with them.

Death meant a person stopped breathing and his heart.

Uncle Mu and Auntie Youning’s baby hadn’t been born yet. How could daddy say that the baby was dead?

“You lied!”

Mumu pounced on Kang Ruicheng and struck Kang Ruicheng’s thigh with clenched fists.

The little guy protested against Kang Ruicheng for the first time. He scratched Kang Ruicheng and cried loudly, “You are a liar! I won’t listen to you anymore. I hate you!”

Xu Youning knew that Mumu liked the baby.

Maybe it was because he grew up alone and all his cla.s.smates had younger brothers and sisters. Therefore, he hoped someone could grow up with him.

That was why he liked Xiyu and Xiangyi very much and looked forward to the birth of Xu Youning’s child.

However, Kang Ruicheng was so cruel to tell him the child was gone.

After all, the little guy had always been unwilling to face “death” because of his mommy.

Mumu was even sadder than being told the sky was about to fall. He pushed Kang Ruicheng away with all his strength and turned around to Xu Youning.

Xu Youning looked at Mumu with her eyes already red.

The child had been undergoing sufferings and tests since he came into being. Now, it was even hard to tell whether he was alive or not.

However, the child had always been very good. Even though Xu Youning was at an unstable stage that would cause vomiting, the child did not make her uncomfortable.

Xu Youning had a feeling that the child would go through difficulties with her.

Therefore, except for the first time when she heard from Doctor Liu that the child had no signs of life, Xu Youning had never cried.

She believed that she and Mu Sijue’s child should inherit Mu Sijue’s strength and her strong character.

But Xu Youning didn’t expect Mumu would cry so sadly.

She felt like her heart was stabbed by a thorn, which brought a sharp pain.

“Auntie Youning.”

Mumu found Xu Youning and ran to her with tears in his eyes.

Xu Youning held the little guy in her arms. She wiped his tears with the back of her hand and comforted him softly, “Mumu, don’t cry.”

This time, Mumu didn’t listen to Xu Youning. His tears welled like water running from an open faucet.

The little fellow grabbed Xu Youning’s arm and cried, “Auntie Youning, is what daddy said true?”

Kang Ruicheng stood by the door and angrily ordered Xu Youning, “A Ning, tell him the truth.”

Without taking a look at Kang Ruicheng, Xu Youning smiled at Mumu and denied, “No. The baby is fine. Daddy lied to you.”

Mumu had always trusted Xu Youning unconditionally.

Hearing Xu Youning’s words, the little guy stopped crying in a second and made a face at Kang Ruicheng. “Blah, I know you lied to me! Auntie Youning’s baby is fine. I won’t be fooled by you, humph!”

Kang Ruicheng knew that at this time, Mumu believed in Xu Youning more than him.

He glared at Xu Youning, blaming her for not telling Mumu the truth.

He had had enough of Mumu paying so much attention to Mu Sijue’s child!

If Mumu really liked children so much, he and Xu Youning could have a child who was related to Mumu by blood!

He didn’t need Mu Sijue to do this kind of thing for him!

Mumu, of course, noticed the expression in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes. But he just thought that Kang Ruicheng was angry because Auntie Youning told him the truth.

However, he could not understand why his daddy lied to him that Uncle Mu’s baby had gone to his mommy’s world.

“Is daddy a bad guy?”

Mumu pursed his lips, turned around, and buried himself in Xu Youning’s arms.

He hugged Xu Youning and acted cute, saying, “Auntie Youning, I don’t think Uncle Mu’s baby wants to see my daddy, because daddy is a bad guy. Please let him go!”

Xu Youning raved in her heart that although Mumu was young, he was really good at pa.s.sing the buck!

She gave Kang Ruicheng a look, indicating that he should leave first.

Kang Ruicheng glanced at Mumu. But the little guy didn’t want to see him, showing him the back of his head.

Kang Ruicheng could only leave the room and help Xu Youning close the door.

After confirming that Kang Ruicheng was gone, Mumu raised his head from Xu Youning’s arms and asked in puzzlement, “Auntie Youning, why did daddy lie to me?”

Xu Youning felt that if she didn’t provide an explanation, Mumu would haunt her for a long time.

After thinking for a while, she came up with a barely acceptable excuse, saying, “It was because of jealousy.”

Mumu blinked and asked, “Auntie Youning, what is jealousy?”

Xu Youning explained in detail, “Do you know that your daddy doesn’t like Uncle Mu?”

Mumu nodded and said, “I know, and then?”

“Then Uncle Mu is the baby’s father, so your daddy doesn’t like the baby. But you kept mentioning the baby, which made your daddy unhappy. He doesn’t like you focusing too much on the baby. So he lied to you that the baby was gone.”

Xu Youning pretended to be serious as if she was telling the truth.

Mumu was stunned when he heard this. After a long while when he completely understood Xu Youning’s words, he frowned and said, “Daddy is so childish. How could he tell such a lie?”

“…” Xu Youning chose to be silent and didn’t comment.

“Ah! I remember!” Mumu widened his eyes very excitedly, “Sister Yunyun said that it was called insecurity!”

Insecurity was used in the relationship between a man and a woman. Although it was not exact, the logic was the same.

Xu Youning coughed and said awkwardly, “Just regard the baby made your daddy insecure…”

Mumu snorted and touched Xu Youning’s belly which was not yet obvious. He said, “Baby, my daddy just felt insecure. Don’t be angry! I’ll take care of you when you come out!”

Xu Youning was stunned.

The little guy cudgeled his brain and even thought of insecurity just to help Kang Ruicheng explain?

Anyway, the blood relationship between the little guy and Kang Ruicheng could not be broken. No matter how much he disliked the way Kang Ruicheng acted, he still loved his daddy.

Hopefully Kang Ruicheng deserved the child’s love.

Xu Youning took Mumu’s hand and said, “Let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

Mumu patted his stomach. He seemed to be really hungry.

He stood up straight and pulled Xu Youning out, yelling, “Okay!”

When going downstairs, Xu Youning suddenly thought of something and asked Mumu, “Did you ask the nurse to help you contact Sister Yunyun this time?”

“Yes!” Mumu jumped up and answered with a sense of accomplishment, “I’m super lucky to meet the nurse who helped me last time. She called Sister Yunyun for me again!”

Xu Youning was completely relieved.

Mumu contacted Xiao Yunyun in person. Xiao Yunyun would definitely contact Su Jian’an as soon as possible. At this time, Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan must have arrived at the hospital.

She no longer had anything to worry about.

The dishes were what Mumu and Xu Youning favored, which gave Mumu a good appet.i.te. He jumped up, climbed onto the chair and began to eat without waiting for Kang Ruicheng.

The little fellow had an adequate reason, “I’m a child. I need to eat when I’m hungry. Otherwise, who will be responsible if I don’t grow tall?”

Seeing Kang Ruicheng not move, Xu Youning walked over and called him, “Dinner is ready.”

Kang Ruicheng leafed through the newspaper in his hand as if he didn’t hear Xu Youning’s words.

Only then did Xu Youning realize that Kang Ruicheng was angry.

She asked directly, “What do you want?”

“Obviously, you lied to Mumu,” Kang Ruicheng quickly closed the newspaper, “A Ning, why did you give him a hope that will never come true? How would you explain to him if he doesn’t see your child in the future?”

“I don’t want to lie to him. You can only blame yourself for making a mistake,” Xu Youning sat down in the chair opposite and stared at Kang Ruicheng coldly, “even if you want Mumu to know that Mu Sijue’s child is gone, I should be the one to tell him.

“As long as I give him a good explanation, he will accept the fact. But you suddenly said that the child was dead. Don’t you know he hates to hear the word ‘death’ because of his mom?

“Kang Ruicheng, I don’t know how you became a father!”

“…” For a moment, Kang Ruicheng was speechless.

Xu Youning continued to rebuke him, “You don’t know anything about Mumu. You just want to control him. In this way, Mumu will be further distanced from you. Besides, Mumu has his own ideas. You can’t control him.”

Kang Ruicheng covered his face with his hands and looked very distressed. He asked, “A Ning, what should I do?”

Xu Youning said, “I could only tell you that you should listen to Mumu’s words carefully in the future.”

Before Kang Ruicheng could understand this, Xu Youning got up and walked to the dining room to eat with Mumu.

After a while, Kang Ruicheng also came over.

Mumu glanced at Kang Ruicheng reluctantly and finally said, “Daddy, come to eat.”

Kang Ruicheng replied with an “okay” and casually put some food in Mumu’s bowl.

Mumu hadn’t been treated by Kang Ruicheng like this for a long time. With a sweet smile on his face, he generously and directly gave Kang Ruicheng a chicken wing.

This was his favorite dish today!

After the meal, Kang Ruicheng reminded Xu Youning, “Check your body again sometime.”

Xu Youning nodded and took Mumu to play games.

In the middle of the game, Mumu suddenly sighed.

Xu Youning asked confusingly, “What’s wrong?”

Mumu held his chin and said like an adult, “Auntie Youning, has Uncle Lu and Auntie Jian’an met Granny Tang?”

Xu Youning looked at the time and answered smilingly, “Don’t worry, they must have already seen each other! Don’t forget, Uncle Lu is very powerful!”

Agreed with Xu Youning’s words, Mumu tilted his head and said, “I’m powerful too!”

After saying that, the little guy fired at Xu Youning with his toy gun.

Xu Youning caught on and hurriedly played with him.


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