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On the next day, Su Jianan woke up unexplainably early and could not fall asleep again after turning over from side to side on the bed several times.

She just got up to freshen up and checked the time—it was forty-five past seven.

“If I go out at this time, I will encounter Lu Boyan, right?”

When she opened the door, sure enough, Lu Boyan just came out of his room. His suit jacket was hung on his arms bend casually, and he went to the stairway with his long legs while doing b.u.t.tons on his sleeves.

Every man could perform the hurried but not hasty action, but he looked extremely elegant when he did so and easily attracted other’s attention.

His appearance and outline looked so handsome that they could take away the breath of everyone who looked at him.

It took Su Jianan a long while to regain her thoughts, and when she was thinking about how to greet him to eliminate the sudden and strange embarra.s.sment between them that lasted from yesterday, he had walked past her facelessly and went downstairs without looking back.


“Was he playing a cool guy?”

“Well, let’s continue the cold war. After all, we had many cold wars between us before.”

Su Jianan slammed the door and went back to bed. Though she was hungry, she didn’t go downstairs for breakfast. She struggled to stay in her room until 9 o’clock. When she went downstairs, Lu Boyan had gone to work in her expectation.

In the past, If Lu Boyan knew that she was awake, he would ask her to go down for breakfast.

Suddenly, Su Jianan felt upset and didn’t want to stay at home anymore. She drove out carrying her bag and went around the villa area, which was as big and beautiful as the ecological parks. After seeing enough green mountains and clear water, she finally called Luo Xiaoxi.

“Well, I didn’t expect you to be free to call me.” Luo Xiaoxi was exercising on fitness equipment, therefore, she talked breathlessly. “You don’t need to go to accompany your Boss Lu?”

“Can you ask for a leave now?” Su Jianan’s voice was low. “Come out.”

Having been a friend of Su Jianan for a dozen years, Luo Xiaoxi could tell that there was something wrong with Su Jianan from her tone. “Okay. I’ll meet you at the place we used to go after taking a shower.”

“Okay,” Su Jianan answered. She took off her Bluetooth headset, smashed the gas pedal, and sped up to the exit of the villa area.

They arrived at the cafe shop almost at the same time.

Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Jianan for a long while, whose bright eyes were dark at this moment. Su Jianan’s eyelashes hung low, and she scratched on the surface of the table confusedly with her slender fingers, looking as if she did not know how to start a conversation.

Luo Xiaoxi directly asked, “What happened to you and Lu Boyan?”

Su Jianan stopped scratching the table and looked at Luo Xiaoxi with surprise and confusion. “Why did you ask so? Couldn’t it be that I have a trouble in my work?”

Luo Xiaoxi took a sip of her milk tea and expressed her disdain. “If you have problems with your work, you will go to fight against the corpses. Who else can affect you now except Lu Boyan?”

Su Jianan bowed her head and started scratching the table with her fingers again. “Even you could tell that, why he couldn’t see it? Xiaoxi, what do you say… if I take a risk to tell him that I love him? What will happen between him and me?”

“What… the h.e.l.l.”

Luo Xiaoxi was scared by her words and almost fell off the sofa.

When Su Jianan was ten years old, she was fascinated by Lu Boyan. At the age of sixteen, she knew that she fell in love with him. She married him at the age of twenty-four. During the whole fourteen years, she had buried her feeling for him deeply inside her and even hadn’t told her best friend, Luo Xiaoxi.

She always gave an aloof feeling to those who she didn’t know much and had so many pursuers when she was in high school and university, but she had gently and firmly rejected those boys and returned their love letters back politely without opening them.

However, the more she acted like this, there would be more boys pursuing her. As a result, some girls envied her and said secretly that she was pretending to be lofty.

But in fact, no matter it was a science man who used a formula to prove that he loved her or a rich second generation who drove a car to her with the flowers transported to City A by air in his hands, she kept the same att.i.tude to refuse them; she was really not waiting for another better and richer man.

When she heard someone satirize her, she would fight back without mercy. After a long time, the girls finally believed that Su Jianan really did not want a relationship and knew that this girl was actually prouder than anyone else despite that she looked aloof.

Only Luo Xiaoxi knew that Su Jianan loved Lu Boyan as much as she was proud.

At the same time, she was humble inside as much as she loved Lu Boyan.

She felt that the gap between Lu Boyan and her was too big, so, she never dared to think that there would be any chance for Lu Boyan and her to fall in love. She could only carefully hide the secret that she loved him. Even if she became his wife, she still always remembered that they would get divorced at last.

But now, she actually said that she would tell Lu Boyan that she loved him.

Luo Xiaoxi widened her big eyes and asked, “Why do you suddenly want to tell Lu Boyan that you love him? Do you lose your mind?”

Su Jianan pondered for a while before replying, “No. It’s just that I became greedy. When I fell in love with him in secret, I felt that if I could just see him in the magazine, it would be enough. When I married him, I felt that I could live with him under the same roof for a few years and I should be satisfied with it. But, I don’t know since when I’ve begun to be jealous. I don’t want to divorce him. I want to be his wife forever and stay with him…”

“I used to be able to remain calm when facing the affairs between Han Ruoxi and him. But now, I can’t imagine that he stays with someone else.”

When Su Jianan spoke, she looked very upset like a child who did something wrong but didn’t think she was wrong and didn’t want to apologize.

Luo Xiaoxi sighed. “You have this idea because you love him very much. How can this be greedy?”

“… We met Han Ruoxi yesterday, and then we fell into the cold war inexplicably.” Su Jianan stirred the milk tea in her cup and watched the red beans float up and down in the fragrant tea. “We have been married for more than three months, but we have cold war twice because of Han Ruoxi. Han Ruoxi… makes me feel threatened.”

Luo Xiaoxi thought about it for a while and said, “Actually, I don’t agree with you. I’m the best example—I told your brother my feelings about him as soon as I fell in love with him. I have been rejected by him countless times, and my dad complains every day that I bring shame to my family. In short, you can permeate his life, staying beside him and making him get used to having you in his life. Then, If he doesn’t take any further action, you should follow the suit, but if he does, you should take the initiative to accept him. It’s easy! As for Han Ruoxi, I believe that you can deal with her.”

Su Jianan felt that it was less possible for Lu Boyan to take the initiative…

After a break, Luo Xiaoxi took Su Jianan to go shopping.

“As the wife of a wealthy man, you should spend a lot of money on shopping to make the money Lu Boyan earns valuable,” Luo Xiaoxi profoundly said to Su Jianan. “Believe me, as rich as Lu Boyan, he will never be lack of money even if he lives ten times longer than others. He will feel proud if you can use his money. By the way, did he give you any secondary card of his credit card?”

Su Jianan took out the secondary card of Lu Boyan’s black card and told Luo Xiaoxi seriously that she gained it from making dinner for Lu Boyan. Her remuneration of making dinner for him for two years was 480,000 yuan.

“Puff…” Luo Xiaoxi folded up while laughing. “Su Jianan, how can you be so foolish? You have the secondary card of a n.o.ble black card. Lu Boyan gave it to you which means that you can spend it as your will. He does not care whether you spend 480,000 yuan or 48 million yuan.”

Su Jianan suddenly remembered that when she returned the card to Lu Boyan, he was angry.

Was it that… Luo Xiaoxi was right? Lu Boyan was angry because she did not appreciate it?

He was too boring…

“Don’t think about it. Just buy what you want to buy today, and even if Lu Boyan knows it, he will still not care about it.”

Luo Xiaoxi took Su Jianan into a store that sold underclothes and walked straight to the pajamas counter.

“Do you want to buy pajamas?” Su Jianan asked.

“Not me but you!” Luo Xiaoxi selected for a while before she picked up thin and short nightclothes with thin shoulder straps and a low V-neck. She then said with a sly smile, “How about this one? It will make you amorous and suits to Boss Lu’s taste.”

Su Jianan instantly understood what Luo Xiaoxi wanted to do, and her cheeks became rose red. She pushed away Luo Xiaoxi’s hands to put the clothes back. “Don’t be ridiculous, Lu Boyan and I, we…”

“This is still in the daytime, and Mrs. Lu is planning to seduce her husband?”

Hearing the slightly ironic female voices, Su Jianan only felt that the voice sounded somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t recall who it was at the moment. Looking back, she saw Chen Xuanxuan and Han Ruoxi.

Han Ruoxi tied up her curly hair and wore large and a black mask when she appeared, and the clothes she wore were also very unattracted. Others must be very familiar with her to recognize her at a distance.

On the contrary, Chen Xuanxuan was much more attracted as she was in Chanel dresses with a disdainful look around the tip of her exquisite brows. She looked just as same as she provoked Su Jianan and scoffed that Su Jianan was just a medical examiner at the party.

“After what happened the last time, this girl still hasn’t learned to be clever?” Su Jianan frowned as she thought. Lu Boyan and she were justified and legally-protected couples, therefore, whether she wanted to seduce Lu Boyan during the day or night had nothing to do with Chen Xuanxuan.

When Su Jianan was about to speak, she was held back by Luo Xiaoxi.

Luo Xiaoxi always had a way to deal with the people like Chen Xuanxuan. “Xuanxuan, are you jealous that Jianan has a such good husband? Of course, you are jealous. Your parents are anxious to marry you to someone, but no one is willing to marry you. You can only envy others!”

Chen Xuanxuan and Luo Xiaoxi didn’t get along well with each other for a long time, therefore, Chen Xuanxuan fought back at once with saying, “Luo Xiaoxi, what are you proud of? Everyone knows that you have been rejected by Su Yicheng many times. Oh, you may not know that Zhang Mei is my aunt’s daughter and going to be Su Yicheng’s girlfriend. It’s you who are jealous!”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled coldly and said word by word, “Becoming Su Yicheng’s girlfriend also means that she is about to be abandoned by him. Have you ever seen any woman stay with Su Yicheng for more than half a year?” “Don’t go out and show others how much you are stupid, and it is bad to let people see it.”

Chen Xuanxuan’s expression changed slightly, and Han Ruoxi finally took off her and said, “Miss Luo, at least, those who were abandoned by Su Yicheng were once his girlfriends, but you are nothing. You don’t seem to be qualified to degrade others.”

Luo Xiaoxi lifted the corner of her lips. She had to think about how to respond since she was quarrelling with a big star.

“Miss Han, you are even less qualified to degrade others.” Su Jianan suddenly said. “You have carefully made up the affairs between you and Lu Boyan since your debut. The rumor has spread for so many years, and you can deceive your fans and the netizens, but can you deceive yourself and Lu Boyan?”

“You told me the things about the diamond and wanted me to misunderstand Lu Boyan, didn’t you? Unfortunately, I won’t. If Lu Boyan really likes you and pampers you, according to his character, he would have already married you. He won’t let his woman be nameless. He has nothing to do with you, and he told me this personally, so you don’t have to bother to provoke me anymore.”

“You didn’t get it wrong that when Lu Boyan and I got married, we really agreed to divorce two years later. However, although two years are not long, there still are many things that may happen. What will happen between Lu Boyan and me is not up to you in the end. But I’m sure about one thing that even if Lu Boyan and I get divorced, he will not be with you. It’s possible for Xiaoxi and my brother to be in love, so, isn’t it you who are the less qualified one to say that?”


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