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Chapter 101: Yveline’s Magic Tower

A young man wearing a long grey robe leaned against the window on the second floor of the magic tower. His purple eyes hazily gazed towards the two-horned magic towers from a distance. The world of wizardry was opening its arms, inviting him to discover in this world of mystery.

It was the second day that Abel had settled at Yveline magic tower. He was no longer wearing his luxury clothing and gowns. As a student of Sam, a rank five intermediate wizard, the magic tower demanded him to wear a long grey robe. He abandoned all the luxuries and status he used to have. Now, he was just an ordinary student of wizardry.

The management of Abel’s castle was entirely given to the hands of the Lord of Marshall. Steward Ken remained at the mansion in Triumph boulevard, taking care of the day to day of Loraine and Black Wind. The 20 knight servants had returned to Harry’s castle as guards. Lastly, the ten black armored warriors remained as guards of the mansion in Triumph boulevard. Since head commander Hoover had promised, the mansion in Triumph boulevard was now one of the safest places out there.

“Poor Newton. He just became a novice wizard. Now, Mr. Sam kicked him out,” a voice of a young man came through a corner.

“I heard that Mr. Sam kicked Newton out because he wants to reserve the spot for a new follower,” Said another voice of a young man.

“I haven’t seen Newton in the empty fields outside the past few days, wonder where is he now!”

“Of course, he won’t be outside the Yveline magic tower. Do you remember how he had treated the other wizard students outside when he was in the magic tower? Now he’s been kicked out. He’ll have a taste of what he deserved.”

“How can so little amount of magic power being leak by the magic tower, be enough for those wizard students, who gather outside every day to practice.”

“It’s better than nothing!”

“You’ve got a point.”

At that moment, two young men around the age of 18 or 19 also wearing long grey robes had appeared from the corner. When they suddenly saw a shadow of a man standing beside the window, they immediately got ready to bow. However, they then realized Abel was also wearing a long grey robe, so they stopped and stood up straight again. One of the young men with a tall and thin built shouted at Abel, “why are you standing here? Trying to scare people?”

The other young man, who had more of a fuller built pulled on the robe of the tall and thin young man, telling him to calm down. He then stepped up to Abel and asked: “Are you the new student of Mr. Sam?”

“Yes, my name is Abel,” Said Abel to the young men as he bowed.

“You don’t need to bow to me. I am a follower of Mr. Redd. My name is Cody,” said the young man with a fuller built. He then pointed towards the still a bit irritated young man with a tall and thin built and said: “this is the follower of Mr. Carlo. His name is Ethan.”

“From now on, you’ll sweep the floors from this level and below.” Said Ethan, his voice sounded a bit stiff.

“Ok.” Abel did not reject it. It was only a bit of physical labor. At mos,t it would only take away some of his free time. On top of that, the 2nd floor was Mr. Sam’s accommodation anyway.

The owner of the Yveline magic tower was a wizard, Yveline. He was a rank six beginner wizard, that’s why this magic tower had six stories. The base-level was a public s.p.a.ce for visitors, and the top-level was where Wizard Yveline lived himself. Other than that, all the other levels were where his four disciples lived.

Every disciple had the right to allow one student of wizardry to enter their level to do housework and take care of them. Although they are called wizard followers, they were actually just servants of the disciples.

However, this position had already made those students of wizardry outside the magic tower fight for it. When Mr. Sam was brung Abel into the Magic tower, eyes of envy and jealousy could be seen all around.

Seeing the honest att.i.tude of Abel, Ethan had calmed down a bit. He handed the broom to Abel and turned to Cody, “let’s get back upstairs. Mr is in the laboratory. He might need me.”

“See you later Abel, I admire that you can be Mr. Sam’s follower,” said Cody, ignoring the confused expression of Abel as he turned and ran upstairs

Abel quickly cleaned up level 2 of the magic tower. Without anything else to do, he soon realized the sky became dark. Now, it was time to do his Mount enhancement spell to his spiritually bonded Black Wind, which he had already informed Mr. Sam earlier.

Mr. Sam was shocked to realize that a young man like Abel could already own a mount wolf. Wizards also needed a mode of transport. Although mount wolfs are shaky when they run, they were still one of the most popular options when it came to a mount for a wizard. Therefore, Mr. Sam did not have a single problem with Abel dedicating a small part of his day to socialize with his mount wolf. No matter for an official wizard or a novice wizard, a good mount was very important.

Abel gently tapped on the front gate of the magic tower, it automatically opened. When Abel first entered the magic tower, Mr. Sam had bonded Abel’s spirit with the tower. Therefore, he would have the freedom to enter the 2nd story of the tower freely.

The moment he stepped his foot out of the magic tower, Abel felt like he was under the gaze of thousands. He looked around his surroundings, he realized outside the security fence of Yveline magic tower were around 30 wizard students. They were either sitting or laying down, but they all had one thing in common, they all stared at Abel with a sense of longing. However, they soon realized Abel was not the person they were looking for; most of them went on with their business. There are a few people who remained staring at Abel, but their gaze had changed from longing for a sense of envy, jealousy, or some similar expression.

Abel did not care about those other wizard students. All of them were trying to take advantage of the magic tower anyway. Every day, the magic circle within the magic tower would absorb the magic power from the surrounding. When they gathered around the magic tower, a small amount of those magic power would be leaked outside. These small amounts of magic power became a crucial resource of meditation, for those students of wizardry who could not enter the tower. This could be due to their magical talent or connections. This behavior had been done for countless years. It had been approved but the unspoken rule of the Wizard union. Therefore, no wizard would try to drive off those students of wizardry that gathered outside every day.

There were a few low-level novice wizards among that group of students of wizardry. Those low-level novice wizards were not satisfied being in the same group as other novice wizards who left the tower. Those who left had also dedicated many years of effort to say outside the magic tower, as soon as they became an official novice wizard, they would immediately go to join a family as a consecrate, or go somewhere to explore, hoping they could have a breakthrough once again.

All of those low-level novice wizards were also hoping one day they could be picked by one of the four disciples of wizard Yveline to be their followers although it was just a Wizard follower position. The one who had been picked would still have a much brighter future than the one who left.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr!” Said a plump wizard student wearing the same grey long robe, as he blocked Abel’s direction. This was the first student of wizardry that Abel had seen where he could truly call him fat. His face was a bit round like Cody, but the designed to be relaxed long robe on his body somehow came across as very tight. Abel couldn’t help but wanted to laugh at first glance.

“Hey, what’s up?” Said Abel somewhat confusingly, he shouldn’t know anyone here.

“My name is Finkle. I am a rank one novice wizard, I am very close to Mr. Coby, Mr. Ethan, Mr. Church, and Mr. Newton. If you need to buy anything, I can be very happy to help.” As Finkle was speaking, the fat in his body began to shake. Abel could not believe a man of this size could help people buy stuff.

“Finkle, my name is Abel. It seemed like you have not heard the news. Newton had left the tower, and I took his position.” said Abel with a smile.

“My G.o.d, is this true? Newton still owes me a lot of money!” The fat face of Finkle filled with despair, but he suddenly began to smile again. “Mr. Abel, you can trust me to buy stuff for you. I can find the best prices.”

“Finkle, you will have a much brighter future as a businessman than a wizard!” Said Abel with a funny expression, seeing at Finkle pretending to be closed to him.

“How did you know my ambition? I want to be a businessman for wizards. A wizard businessman.” Said Finkle with eyes full of yearning.

“Ok, Finkle, if I need anything, I’ll find you.” Abel liked Finkle quite a bit, if someone could help him do things, it would surely free up some of his time.


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