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Chapter 1015: On The Move

When Abel, Frankenstein, and Wizard Hal arrived at the giant teleportation circle of Loy City from Abel’s place, 5 law-defying wizards were already gathered.

Loy city was the closest city with a teleportation circle from Battlecry City. Since Battlecry City’s condition was bad, the wizards could not directly flash there.

They needed a flying mount. Although a sky sparrow’s speed wasn’t ideal, it was the only thing with the ability to fly such a distance.

Abel had a sky sparrow in his monster bag, and summoning it would come in handy.

“Master Bennett, Wizard Hal, Wizard Frankenstein. Good to see you. We still need to wait for a few more law-defying wizards who accepted the mission!” The Frozen ground’s Wizard Chestnut stepped up and bowed.

Actually, his main reason here was to form a good relations.h.i.+p with Abel. He asked Abel to make potions for him in the past, so they recognized each other. Then, he began to introduce the other law-defying wizards to Abel.

Of course, the other law-defying wizards were familiar with Abel’s name as well. A master with the ability to make potions that were effective on them was definitely number 1 in the Central Continent. They had to show respect.

“Wizard Chestnut. Thank you for your kindness!” Abel knew how powerful his status was, so he smiled at the law-defying wizards and bowed.

As the law-defying wizards were interacting with Abel, the teleportation circle of Loy City flashed again, and 5 more law-defying wizards stepped out.

Although the wizard union had listed the mission and notified all big wizard organizations, most law-defying wizards still had their own missions. For example, guarding their organization’s resources, headquarters, and most of all, battling in the front and second line. The resources in those battlefields were much more important than Battlecry city.

Therefore, not many law-defying wizards were actually free to join–especially since they would normally enter a retreat when they had free time.

Abel was just the same. If he hadn’t come back from the Dark World in time, Wizard Hal’s efforts would amount to nothing.

“Ok we are all here, let’s go. Master Bennett, please summon the sky sparrow!” Wizard Hal said when he saw all 12 of them.

Wizard Hal connected with the Wizard Union through the teleportation circle. Since the Lightning Clan were powerful and were the closest with Master Bennett, he was the leader of this mission. Every law-defying wizards on the spot had to listen to his commands.

Abel let White Cloud out of his Monster ring, but this time it did not land. Instead, it allowed the wizards to flash on to it.

Abel couldn’t move in a flash himself, but Frankenstein was by his side.

“Master Bennett, here’s the map. Please fly to the marked location!” Wizard Hal handed a map to Abel.

He scanned it and transferred it to White Cloud through the soul chain.

Abel was not planning to hide White Cloud’s ability. It immediately vanished from the ground and reappeared hundreds of meters from the sky in a flash.

“Master Bennett, your sky sparrow can move in a flash?” Wizard Hal’s eyes widened, and he gasped.

Of course, he was not the only law-defying wizard with his jaw dropped.

“Yeah, it’s name is white cloud. It has the talent to become an elite spiritual beast!” Abel wouldn’t say anything about h.e.l.l, so he just smiled.

A mix of envy and admiration emerged within the wizards. Both Abel’s sky sparrow and Doff the Beamon could move in a flash. Master Bennett was too lucky.

Although the move in a flash did not have any attack ability and was only an intermediate spell, it was the most important spell.

Its speed was what allowed the wizards to become the rulers of this world, even with a weak defense.

This was also why each move in a flash scroll was astronomical in value.

“Maybe we can give those evil knights a big surprise!” Wizard Hal lowered his voice.

At this speed, they could arrive in Battlecry City in no time. The Barbarians must be extremely weak if they couldn’t even sustain themselves until that time.

Abel sat on the back of White cloud and looked at the expression on those wizards’ faces. His extraordinary senses allowed him to see that even those wizards were jealous, but there was not a single bit of bad intent.

That made sense with his current status.


In the second layer of Battlecry city, Mad knight Mead couldn’t think too much. His attention was fixed on the battle.

Half of his 500 knights were down, and they hadn’t even reached the halfway point.

Those Barbarians kept entering into a state of madness for the safety of their land. If the first layer was a hustle to the knights, the second layer would give them a good beating.

There was no return for mad knight Mead. He knew it was not only his formation that had taken a big hit but the other 9 formations as well.

At the end of the day, he still held authority in the Holy Kingdom. He didn’t expect the Barbarians to be so strong.

The Barbarians who fought for their families and land were completely different from those on the front line.

They were willing to sacrifice some resources in the front line, but for Battlecry City, they were willing to sacrifice everything.

The Holy kingdom had underestimated their power. Although Barbarians would go mad in past battles, only small amounts had done so.

However the Barbarians in Battlecry city knew they had no choice but to die with the knights when they saw the Holy Freeze aura.

Battlecry City looked like h.e.l.l with hundreds of brown and white soul beams shooting up from both sides, signifying the dead warriors.

“Glory to my lord!” Mad knight Mead yelled, and holy energy exploded from his body as he accelerated.

He was sure. He couldn’t slow down at this rate. Their target was the temple’s totem pole, not those crazy Barbarians.

He regretted yelling ‘genocide’ outside the city. If he could go back in time, he would have definitely entered in a more low-key way.

Invading at night was even better, but now all they could do was sacrifice themselves and open up a path.

They were running into big trouble. They were using up too much energy. Even the recovery aura was not doing the trick.

Recovery aura was a top-level aura of a mad knight. It utilized the souls and dead bodies of your dead enemies to generate energy.

However, the Barbarians knew this, so each of them would blast their body into pieces after they died.

The totem pole would also absorb their souls. Just as they said, they returned to the arms of G.o.d.

Although a few normal Barbarian dead bodies were left over, it was far not enough for Mad knight Mead’s recovery aura to do much.

Mad knight Mead ignited another charge forward.

When he was about to encounter another rock, 3 elite Barbarians jumped out from a building by the side with a speedy jump attack technique.

No matter how fast Mad knight Mead was, he could only block one Barbarian at a time.

The 3 Barbarians were all mad, and they b.l.o.o.d.y were glowing in crimson red as they fearlessly jumped towards the knight formation.

Mad knight Mead slashed within his sword, a long white flash emerged and landed on a Barbarian in mid-air.

That Barbarian immediately self-destructed, and his flesh exploded, acting as a cover for his 2 fellows.

The other 2 Barbarians successfully landed in the center of the knight formation and unleashed a ‘Battlecry.’

Countless knight swords swung towards the 2 Barbarians, but their mission had been completed. Before they die, their bodies baste open.

It was chaos, and the knights’ defense dropped after the Battlecry, but the true danger was yet to come.

They lifted their s.h.i.+eld, and 10 war machines were ready to strike outside of the range of the Holy Freeze Aura.

Crossbows, city arrows, and giant stone-throwers were unleashed at once. They were all operated by professional Barbarians. It was not something you could block easily.

In a short amount of time, the special patterned arrows of the dwarfs were shoot out as giant rocks landed on the heads of the Holy Knights.

The ones operating those machines were all low ranks Barbarians. They knew they only had one chance to strike. Even with their distance, a mad knight could reach them in a few breaths.

Mad knight Mead wanted to take down every incoming arrow and rock, but just like the many times he felt helpless that day, there was only so much he could do.

Those arrows were made for striking down professionals, and they were never used on such a scale before.

If Abel saw those powerful arrows, he would start to regret not contacting the dwarfs earlier.

Those arrows could break the scary defense of an elite Holy knight. If it was installed onto Abel’s bursting crossbows, it could give his long-forgotten war puppets a new life.

The only downside of these giant arrows was their speed. A powerful profession could easily dodge it.

Since the rocks trapped the knights, their movements were limited.

The knights had only made it so far because of their formation. Once it was broken, they would take an even bigger hit.

The arrows poured down like rain and broke their s.h.i.+elds, and penetrated their armor. Finally, pinning them on the street.


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