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Chapter 1132: Resources

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Teacher, how many wizards does the Harry family have now?” Abel poured a gla.s.s of water spirit fruit juice for WIzard Morton.

Abel had prepared a lot of juice for his teacher. Since they went bad quite easily, Abel turned them all into ice blocks and stored them in his portal bag.

“Abel, you can finally meet them now. The Harry Family has 223 wizards. Most of them are personally trained by me so they are very loyal. There are also 800 apprentice wizards!” Wizard Morton replied.

“I’m sorry for bothering your training!” Abel bowed.

“Haha, I have more than enough training resources to become rank 20!” Wizard Morton smiled and waved.

“Morton, your goal is too low. Abel is already rank 21!” The Duke of Marshall interrupted with a laugh.

“Abel, you’ve become a law defying wizard?” Wizard Morton jumped up. He was stunned.

He was not The Duke of Marshall. He knew what a law-defying wizard represented.

“Yes,” Abel nodded.

He wasn’t going to show his energy. Wizard Morton was still not powerful enough to bear it. He would need to be rank 17 at the least.

“Abel, did you join the Lightning clan?” Wizard Morton asked again.

Wizard Morton was a member of the Lightning clan, and he followed his teacher to the Holy Continent, so the Lightning clan always had a strong place in his heart.

“Err..” Abel paused, but then he decided to tell the truth “teacher, I am living as elf Bennett in the Central Continent!”

“Abel, did you get in trouble again?”The Duke of Marshall and Wizard Morton frowned simultaneously.

They understood Abel’s personality. There must be a reason he was living as an elf. There was probably a reason he was living as an elf.

“Teacher, Uncle, I didn’t know stone giants were so popular in the Central Continent. I’ve only taken it out once and the law defying wizards are after me!” Abel explained helplessly.

“I’m glad you are fine. But didn’t the Lightning clan back you up?” Wizard Morton knew the Lightning clan would not let his disciple get bullied.

“There was a crazy law defying wizard, but the past is the past. I’m living very well as an elf, and I’m still training everyday!” Abel smiled.

He was planning to tell them that he killed the law defying wizards trying to hunt him down and turned him into his monster.

That would lead to a rabbit hole of questions!

“Oh right, teacher, I’ve brought some more resources for you. Where do you want me to put it?’ Abel asked.

“How many are you going to give me, just put it here!” Wizard Morton said.

He gained 2 extra levels in his magic tower, and he wasn’t taking in many new disciples, so he had 5 empty floors.

“Teacher, this place is too small. I need a big inventory!” Abel explained.

“Abel, who did you steal from this time?” Wizard Morton sighed. He then immediately added, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the main inventory!”

Abel then followed Wizard Morton out of the magic tower with The Duke of Marshall.

This place has changed a lot since he left. There were many more wizards and more than 220 new magic towers.

Only a wizard restaurant chain monopoly like the Harry family could do something like this with their credit points. No other power in the Holy Continent could even come close.

As more and more wizards joined, their standards increased. Cultivating apprentice wizards seemed easy, but they took a lot of resources and time.

“Abel, how is it!” Wizard Morton said proudly as he saw Abel look around.

Hearing it was nothing like seeing it in real life. More than 220 magic towers basically filled up every inch of land around them.

Magic towers could be built anywhere. Of course, they needed a specific location that strengthened the 6-star magic circle and have enough mana and defense.

Luckily Abel built a large mana gathering circle back in the days, so mana shortage was no longer a concern.

“Teacher, it seems like my resources came in handy!” Abel laughed.

Abel’s return spread quickly around the WIzard Circle. They were spotted on their way to the main inventory. So, the wizards began to gather.

“Abel, see if this place is big enough!” Wizard Morton stopped in front of a new inventory. It was originally used to store crops, but it was now empty since the temperature had returned to normal and the food shortage was over.

It was a 20 meters tall 1000 square meters inventory. It was huge.

Abel nodded and began taking things out from his holy portal bag.

Those resources were from a dirty source. They were everything the wizard union and big n.o.bles in the Lance Continent had.

Wizard Morton saw Abel kept waving his hand as resources began to stack up. It had everything, from potions to crystal cores.

Considering the size of this inventory, it was enough to sustain all the wizards in the Holy Continent for the next 100 years.

After all, it was what Abel wanted as well.

Finally, the inventory was filled to the brim, and Abel organized them with his power of the will.

At that moment, Wizard Morton was puzzling how much time it would take for his wizards to divide them into categories.

It might take months, and he might need to build a few more inventories.

After all, he couldn’t just keep those resources stacked for 20 meters like this.

It was the ha.s.sle of too much wealth!

Suddenly an idea struck. “Flora, add security to this inventory. Don’t let anyone else enter.

The Flora spirit was everywhere in the 6 star magic circle, so it responded to Wizard Morton immediately.

When Abel, Wizard Morton, and The Duke of Marshall stepped out of the inventory, there were already 10 little war puppets with bursting crossbows on their hands.

Wizard Morton immediately locked up the inventory. He was planning to keep them a secret.

After all, their source was unknown. It might attract the wizard union’s unwanted attention.

Since Abel didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to give Abel more trouble.

As for organizing the resources, he could just leave it to the Flora spirit. He laughed at himself. How could he not have thought about this earlier?

Just when the three were planning to return to the magic tower, they realized a large group of wizards had gathered outside of the inventory, and they all bowed at Abel.

“Abel, seems like the news is out. These are our wizards!” Wizard Morton smiled.

Abel saw more and more wizards gathered, and they all lined up in ranks. There were 3 rank 17 wizards at the very front. They all signed a contract with Bartoli, so their loyalty to the Harry family was indestructible.

Of course, that was until the day Bartoli died.

Bartoli was one of Abel’s most important contracts, and she lived in the magic tower under a mountain. It was separated from the world. Considering Bartoli’s immortal body, she should be able to live forever.

Wizard Dena was the most powerful wizard of the 3 rank 17 wizards. He was forced to sign the contract when Abel was only an emperor of the Kingdom of St Ellis, but now he was glad he did. He had a wealth of resources and a 17 stories magic tower. Moreover, he was living extremely well.

That was why they looked eternally grateful.

Although there were many wizards from the back Abel had never seen before, he could sense their loyalty with his power of the will.

They were filled with curiosity and respect but not a single ill intent. After all, Abel was the first powerful emperor with enough might to keep the wizards loyal.

Abel was attracted the most by the new official wizards. They were all cultivated by the Harry family, and he could sense a strong hint of pa.s.sion and excitement in their emotions as well.

For someone with the intellect of a wizard, pa.s.sion and excitement were extremely rare.

Then was a sea of apprentice wizards behind the official wizards. Their gazes were mostly filled with grat.i.tude since the Harry Castle was the only large mana gathering circle opened to the public.

Normally apprentice wizards would only get the mana needed for their training if an official wizard took them in, but the Harry castle had given them a path to success.

As long as they were not lazy and did missions, they would be able to exchange resources.

Abel saw the wizards gathered. He then gently sifted out a tiny amount of energy. The power of a law defying wizard immediately lashed out like a mountain pressing against the wizards.

In an instant, all the wizards, from the weakest to the most powerful, sensed immense pressure. They could not move, not even twitch.

“I am Abel from the Harry family, the emperor of the Kingdom of St Ellis, a grandmaster blacksmith, as well as a rank 21 wizard!’ Abel’s voice spread through the area.

Although most of them had a hard time grasping the idea of a law defying wizard, they could understand what rank 21 meant. The 3 rank 17 wizards were speechless, and immense respect emerged from their faces.

“The Harry family is not lacking in resources. As long as you are loyal and work for us, you will be treated accordingly. Even if you don’t want to leave the Holy Continent after you become an elite wizard, we will have enough resources to turn you into a law defying wizard!” Abel said loudly.

The 3 rank 17 wizards were filled with excitement. Normally 18 was the pinnacle of existence in the Holy Continent due to limited resources, but Abel’s words had broken this rule.

Wizard Morton was also stunned because the resources for rank 18 and above resources were not taken out by Abel yet.

After all, the reason why Wizard traveled into the unknown was for resources. If their home had enough resources, who wouldn’t want to stay?

What they didn’t know was that Abel brought back an ancient garden with enough resources to create the potion needed with the 3rd G.o.ddess spring water,

As a potion maker, cultivating powerful wizards in the Holy Continent wouldn’t be a problem.


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