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Chapter 1272: Third Dragon Couple

Headmaster Eugene did not dwell for long. Soon, he returned to the teleportation circle accompanied by Abel and the 4 dragons.

“Finally, I can’t even breathe with him around!” Black Dragon Prague let out a big breath of relief.

Gold dragon Kemble did so as well, but just when he was about to make fun of black dragon Prague, the teleportation circle in front of them sparked again. Was it Headmaster Eugene again?

“Brother Abel, are you all here to welcome us?’ It was blue dragon Hurley and blue dragon Maria. They immediately laughed when they saw so many dragons in front of them.

“Hurley, what brings you here? Ain’t you nurturing your egg on the dragon island?” Gold dragon Kemble asked in confusion.

However, he soon noticed a small box filled with a magic pattern on Blue dragon Marty’s hand.

“Haha I heard the golden castle is good for our child. Since brother Abel and us are both blue dragons, of course we want the best for our child!” Blue dragon Hurley smiled.

“Hurley, did you run into headmaster Eugene?’ Gold Dragon Kemble asked.

“No, is he here?” Blue dragon Hurley quickly looks around.

“The headmaster just left and Brother Abel agreed to build 2 more nests in the golden castle!” Gold dragon Kemble added.

Those blue dragons were lucky.

“Then we are right on time, I’ll take a nest!” Blue dragon Hurley laughed. Although a room was not bad to live in, it was definitely not big enough for a dragon.

Since there were 2 new nests, it was the only right thing for the blue dragon to stay there.

“Hurley, the golden castle still needs to alter the nests for a bit. Give me half a day and you can move in!” Abel said.

He didn’t care what dragon took the nest anyway, so it was even better to give it to someone he knew.

“That’s amazing, brother Abel left the safety of this place to me from now on!” blue dragon Hurley laughed.

“Brother Abel, don’t listen to him. headmaster Eugene is his father. There is no way he is here by coincidence!” Black Dragon Prague gazed and said.

Those dragons were all great friends, so it was natural for them to go at each other.

“I knew it, Headmaster Eugene had returned because of you!” Gold Dragon Kemble added.

“That doesn’t matter at this point, the nest is mine!” Blue dragon Hurley said proudly.

Abel contacted the magic circle spirit to alter the golden castle. Since there were already 2 golden nests on the side of the castle, he could only put those new ones in the front and back. This way, everyone can maintain their privacy.

At the same time, those nests formed another layer of defense besides the star light protection circle.

Of course, it might take days for all 4 of the nests to fully take their place, but Abel already had the third nest fully formed in his portal bag.

Before the sunset, the blue dragon couple arrived at their new home.

Abel, on the other hand, paid a visit to gold Dragon Kemble. He had something to ask this good brother of his.

“Brother Abel, what’s up?” He was called to the hall alone, so he asked directly.

“Brother Kemble, I want you to tell me something about G.o.ds. If I have someone on my side forming a holy body to create a holy kingdom, are the dragons going to help me?” Abel whispered.

It was best for him to ask early. He almost had all the conditions met, but he was just uncertain about the wizard union’s att.i.tude.

“Brother Abel, you want a holy body?” Gold Dragon Kemble frowned and continued, “G.o.ds are very powerful, but the times of G.o.ds have pa.s.sed long ago and the wizard union are making sure the remaining G.o.ds have nowhere to go. If you just slowly train your dragon bloodline, you might be even more powerful!”

“Brother Kemble, I’m not talking about myself. I’ve taken a totem pole the Evil Kingdom tried to steal from the Battlecry Plateau. Afterwards, my Beamon beast was recognised as its owner and the Barbarians faith was cleansing it ever since!” Abel hesitated and told his secret.

There was no way he would say it if he did not trust Gold Dragon Kemble.

Also, gold Dragon Kemble underwent a different school of training, and he was already at the peak of a half G.o.d. So he wouldn’t get greedy about this.

“Your summon is about to become a G.o.d?” Gold Dragon Kemble was in disbelief. It was crazy.

“Yes!” Abel nodded.

“Brother, are you sure you can maintain your contract once that summon becomes a G.o.d?” Gold Dragon Kemble lowered his voice.

He just wanted to warn Abel about the risk.

“Brother Kemble, I am certain. Doff will listen to my commands even without a contract!” Abel said with confidence.

Doff’s soul was cultivated by him personally, so its locality was beyond any contract.

“Ok, do you know holy crystals are a must for creating a holy body? I have a few friends that will exchange them with you for some top level gems, but they don’t have many!” Gold Dragon Kemble asked again, but he changed his tone. He just wanted to help.

“About that, I have another avenue, it will be enough for Doff!” Abel replied.

“Good, if you are confident, then your summon basically belongs to the dragons as well. Headmaster Eugene will keep his promise!” Gold dragon Kemble waved and laughed.

He suddenly thought of the rumors that the G.o.ddess of moon had intervened in the attack on the Barbarians, and he was always wondering why Abel had so many connections within the Barbarians.

But all of this meant no harm to the dragons, and Headmaster Eugene had promised Abel to give him protection, even if it was from the Wizard Union.

“Also, I will also let the wizard union know that this is the affair of the dragons. If they have a problem, they can find the dragons!” Gold dragon Kemble added.

“Thank you so much brother!” Abel quickly said.

“It is nothing. A promise is a promise. After all, you are not planning to take over the continents!” Gold Dragon Kemble laughed and waved.

At that moment, Abel truly got a taste of what it was like to be in a top level power. The dragons really were a dignified bunch. Just think about the elves. They couldn’t even stand up for him against the wizard union, even with the G.o.ddess of moon as support.

Of course, this was only what Abel thought since he had already taken down 2 rank 28 wizards.

If the wizard union knew his summon was becoming a G.o.d in the past, they would have ordered to kill immediately.

Gold Dragon Kemble left the golden castle early the next day. No need to explain. He was heading towards the Wizard Union headquarter.

He didn’t want to start a war with the wizard union, so it was best to have a chat. Afterward, he returned right on time for lunch.

“Brother Abel, I’ve negotiated with Wizard Brennan. If your summon is becoming a G.o.d, then it is a part of us dragons!” Gold Dragon Kemble laughed as the strange dishes were put on the table.

“Abel, your summon is becoming a G.o.d?’ Gold dragon April gasped as though as she was seeing a gold mine.

What kind of resources would it take to create a G.o.d? She knew very well. Those holy crystals were rare even among half G.o.ds,

“So wealthy!” Black dragon Prague sighed.

“Brother Kemble, will this give the dragons more trouble?” Abel ignored the other dragons and asked.

“I’ve told you it is nothing. The wizard union have a few G.o.ds on their side anyway! Us dragons just never had any because we only accept beings with our bloodline” Gold dragon Kemble laughed again.

“Exactly, I hate double standards!” Black dragons nodded.

“Brother Abel, I’ve also told Headmaster Eugene about this!” Gold dragon Kemble spoke again.

He actually didn’t, but he left a message in the dragon temple.

Little did he know, headmaster Eugene still did not leave the dragon island and he saw the message.

“Headmaster Eugene is here!” Just when Abel was about to say something, his teleportation circle began to spark.

The golden castle would be the nurturing ground for dragons, so it was a part of the dragons. Although it was Abel’s property as well, giving out access to his teleportation circle was a must.

Still, the magic circle spirit would announce anyone who decided to teleport.

“Father, what brings you here?” Blue dragon Hurley quickly bowed, the dragons and Abel followed.

“Can I not? This is the first time us dragons are constructing a base on land and we are having a new G.o.d on our side. Although the wizard union has given blue dragon Abel the Battlecry Plateau, do you think the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d in the wizard union will let it happen so easily?” Headmaster Eugene waved and took a seat.

“The old b.a.s.t.a.r.d in the wizard union?” Gold dragon Kemble just came back from the wizard union but Wizard Brennan was the one he chatted with.


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