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Chapter 201 Some Red-Cloaked Wizards in a Teleportation Circle

“He came pretty quickly,” Wizard Morton squeezed his eyes and frowned.

“Oh,” Abel replied and asked, “Are the red-cloaked wizards here yet, Sir?”

“Yeah. They are pretty fast, aren’t they? Wait here first. Leave once I’ve dealt with them.”

As soon Wizard Morton said that his presence vanished from the ninth floor of the magic


Abel stood up and looked around him. It was going to be a while before he got the chance to study here again. That was okay, though. At least Finkle would still be around. He would around to take care of the matters here.

Finkle was pretty popular in the Morton Magic Tower. With Carlos almost being his best friend here, Abel wouldn’t have to worry if he was going to be treated badly here.

With that out of the way, Abel just had to visit his family one more time before he left the Duchy of Carmel. But unfortunately, Zach’s wedding was two or three months away. There’s no way he could attend by that point.

Abel was really starting to feel the hate towards Wizard Cliff. He didn’t want to miss out on the most important event of his brother’s life, but someone just had to get in the way to ruin things for him.

There were about three red-cloaked wizards on the first floor of the Morton Magic Tower. From what Wizard Morton saw, two were novice wizards, and one was an intermediate wizard. Forget about rank three wizard; this team was enough to take on an official wizard. These guys were dead serious about capturing Abel.

The red-cloaked intermediate wizard said to Wizard Morton as they were separated by a defense circle, “Wizard Morton, by my t.i.tle as the law enforcer wizard of the Wizard Union, I demand you to hand Abel over to me!”

Wizard Morton’s eyes were fuming with rage, “So you come to MY magic tower and order me to give you MY student. Hey, f******, how about this? By my name as up-yours-Morton, I demand you to tell me who the f*** send you over here!”

“Are you trying to go against the Wizard Union?” the red-cloaked intermediate wizard spoke in a louder, more threatening voice.”

“DON’T YOU PLAY WITH ME!” Wizard Morton screamed resentfully, “Everyone knows what’s going on here! I don’t care if you’re trying to find a scapegoat for your dirty work, but how dare you use my disciple for that! And to have the b.a.l.l.s to come here and tell me that. Tell me, do you law enforcer wizards think that you’re above the law?”

The red-cloaked intermediate wizard persisted, “Think carefully, Wizard Morton. This is a direct order from Master Cliff.”


With a defense circle between them and Wizard Morton, there was no way that the red-cloaked wizards could be attacked. That being said, while they were standing on a teleportation circle inside the magic tower, Morton could always just send them away with his command.

As soon as Wizard Morton finished screaming at the intruders, the entire first floor was starting to flash out in white. Because of how scary it looked, the younger red-cloaked wizard quickly covered himself up with a defensive spell.

“Stop! Don’t use your spell!” the red-cloaked intermediate wizard screamed. Yet, he wasn’t fast enough to stop the younger wizard from activating his “frozen armor.” Soon, his entire body was covered in thick ice.

With Morton forcibly activating the teleportation circle, the three red-cloaked wizards were instantly kicked out of the magic tower. Soon, they all disappeared from where they were standing.

One voice remained, though. It’s from the intermediate wizard. “I’ll be back!” it said as it vanished from the scene.

Wizard Morton sneered at that last warning. If his mentor wasn’t busy training right now, these red-cloaked enforcers would have no business coming here. By the same logic, however, if he wanted to confront these scoundrels, he would have to wait for his mentor to finish his training first.

At a magic tower somewhere inside the Duchy of Thunder, three-red cloaked wizards appeared inside a teleportation circle.

A mechanical voice announced from the inside of the teleportation circle, “A spell wave has been detected. One pa.s.senger inside this teleportation circle has released a spell. The emergency evacuation mode has been switched on. Permission to activate the defense circle has been granted. By rules that were set by the Wizard Union, this magic tower will be granted permission to retaliate against an invasion. The Attack mode has been switched on. Permission to activate the defense circle has been switched on. To avoid an immediate attack from this magic tower, please transfer thirty thousand gold coins for an emergency evacuation.”

Rule no. 1 of using a teleportation circle that’s set inside a magic tower: do not, under any circ.u.mstances, release any spells. If a trace of spell wave was detected, the entire security system would be switched to defense mode.

Obviously, a warning would be announced first, and the pa.s.sengers would have the option to leave immediately. However, such an option was not free of charge. If the demanded amount was not paid upfront, the magic tower would have the freedom to launch a full-on attack in retaliation.

Taking a full-on attack inside closed s.p.a.ce, even for intermediate wizards, wouldn’t be pretty at all. Because of how little s.p.a.ce inside was, the red-cloaked wizards couldn’t even dodge with their “instantaneous movement” spell.

“We’ll pay for it!” the red-cloaked intermediate wizard screamed in a pitiful kind of way. He took out his magic gold card, and after swiping in the air for a bit, thirty thousand gold coins were transferred for an emergency evacuation.

After a white light flashed by inside the teleportal circle, the three red-cloaked wizards disappeared from where they were standing. This time, it was at a magic tower somewhere inside the Duchy of Laka, which was north of the Duchy of Thunder.

The same thing happened. Since the “frozen armor” would last for about several minutes (by this point, 30 seconds have pa.s.sed since the spell was activated), these red-cloaked wizards would have to pay before they got attacked by the security system there.

After paying another thirty thousand gold coins, the three were teleported to the Duchy of Koror, which was west of the Duchy of Laka. The same thing happened. They were threatened, then they paid for the evacuation fee, then they were teleported somewhere else.

Next, it was the Duchy of Laka’s magic tower, and so on. For the three minutes that the “frozen armor” lasted, the three red-cloaked wizards were forced to teleport themselves for a total of six times. When they finally stopped at a teleportation portal inside the Duchy of Koror, the red-cloaked intermediate wizard yelled at his subordinate in rage.

Drops of saliva came out of the intermediate red-cloaked wizard’s mouth as he cursed, “Are you a pig, or you just plain stupid? Wha-what, tell me, what was going inside your head when you activated a spell inside a teleportation circle? Hey-hey! Look at me when I’m talking! You didn’t know that the defense circle was going to protect us?”

With his eyes looking down, the younger red-cloaked wizard stayed quiet as he let his superior finish ranting. In his defense, he didn’t have much experience in actual fighting after joining the law enforcement team. While it had to do with the fact that most of his jobs were done indoors, most of it had to do with how everyone just backed away from angering a law enforcer wizard.

Because of what he did just then, this young red-cloaked wizard was probably not going to get a mission like this in the future.

“If we can’t get a refund this time, you’ll pay for all of that, got it?” the intermediate red-cloaked wizard pointed his finger at the younger wizard.

That was thirty thousand gold coins multiplied by six. While eighteen hundred thousand gold coins was not a lot by itself, it wasn’t a small sum either. It was certainly true for any individual wizard, at least.

Right after the intermediate red-cloaked wizard paid for another thirty thousand gold, he was told that the teleportation circle had lost its connection to the Morton Magic Tower.

“Give me back my money then, d.a.m.n it!” the red-cloaked intermediate wizard kicked the sidewall of the teleportation circle, “I said cancel! Get us out of this magic tower!”

“Yes. The teleportation circle will be opened now. Enjoy the rest of your day and please, come back here when you have the time! Thank you.”

While the owner of the magic tower recorded this message in the most friendly voice that he could do, it just sounded extra infuriating in the ears of the intermediate red-cloaked wizard.

When they got out of the magic tower, the red-cloaked intermediate wizard turned back and said to the younger wizard, “If I can’t get a refund for that, that’s another thirty grand on you.”

The younger red-cloaked wizard lowered his head again. While he was just as silent this time, he didn’t think that it was fair to be charged an extra thirty thousand gold coins like this. But what choices were there? He did something wrong just then. Besides, the intermediate red-cloaked wizard was his boss. If it wasn’t for that, there was no way that he would be so successful as he was now.

Back to Wizard Morton. After kicking those three intruders out, he had no idea what happened to them afterward. He just switched off the teleportation circle inside his magic tower. Besides, it would have to take at least several days before these three got back to Bakong City.

“You’re free to leave now, Abel,” Wizard Morton called with his tower card, “I’ll open the teleportation circle now.”

“Yes, sir!”

When Abel went from ninth to the first floor, he could see that Wizard Morton was waiting for him.


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