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541 Map

This was a typical move by h.e.l.l. Even though the souls of the h.e.l.l demons had left, their body was still there for the world stone to control.Every challenger who fought with a world stone h.e.l.l demon felt like they were fighting against the entire Dark World. That was the power of the world stone.

Although that tiny bit of scattered world stone did not possess the power of their world, it could still change the energy of a particular area.

Abel reopened his eyes. The way the world looked had become very strange to him. It was almost like he had become one with it–like he was the G.o.d of this world.

By this point, he remembered Andariel’s ability or her ability after merging with a piece of the world stone. At that moment, Abel felt like he had the same ability.

It was the power of G.o.d!

Although Abel had never seen G.o.d before, he knew he could change this place by just saying a few words. This was not the power of Wizards; they could only unleash powerful elemental attacks by merging mana and the power of will.

Andariel’s ability commanded the world to serve her–like a G.o.d.

Abel looked around; he wanted the dimly lit hall under the eternal flames of h.e.l.l to get brighter, so he mumbled with his soul twitching, “I want light!”

Afterward, Abel immediately felt a large chunk of energy being drained from his strong body, almost 20%. Although he had not examined his current physics, he knew it was definitely beyond the limit of 50 points.

Abel also realized that this ability was not made for his current level. Just a few words had drained so much energy from him.

“I want light! I want light!” As these words left Abel’s mouth, they began to echo in mid air. It was triggering every bit of s.p.a.ce in the hall.

All of a sudden, the hall was shone in bright light. It was as if they emerged out of thin air.

Abel was stunned. Even though he knew how mysterious wizards were, he couldn’t have imagined a power like this. If there was an enemy in front of him, they were powerless before him.

Abel knew what it was like to have the world turned against him. It was a depressing and lonely place with no mana. Sometimes the world might even hold him down.

Afterwards, Abel began to imagine himself flying. “I want to fly!” As soon the words left his mouth, he felt his body gently lifting from the ground.

Although he was blocked by the ceiling, he was in full control of where he wanted to fly. He felt like he was above and beyond.

At that moment, he felt confidence exploding within him. He felt like he was the G.o.d of this world. There was nothing he couldn’t do, and no one could stop him. He wished there were more demons in front of him, so he could demolish them one by one.

As Abel’s confidence grew, all the energy in his body was used up. He fell down from the sky, and the cold hard floor woke him up.

“What was I doing?” Abel thought to himself.

Power had made him lose himself. This power was not meant for humans. If he had unlimited energy, he wouldn’t even know what kind of stuff he would do.

He drank down a bottle of Full Recovery Potion, and all his energy was back immediately. However, by that point, he no longer wanted to test out those power that did not belong to him again.

“Black Wind!” Abel yelled. He was a knight. Other than the Rogue Encampment, he would always keep Black Wind by his side in the Dark World.

Black Wind dashed towards him in a strike of lightning. But under his gaze Black Wind’s movements had turned very slow, and a bunch of statistics began to emerge in his mind,

“Speed: 41.66667 meters per second. Will arrive in 0.1 second,”

Abel jumped, by the point Black Wind reached him, he landed exactly on Black Wind’s back. It was almost like they had practiced this countless times. He didn’t waste a single bit of time.

Although Abel had seen things in slow motions before, his body could not match it no matter what. Until now.

He barely even put much effort, but he still matched his speed to what he wanted. He could go even faster.

He couldn’t help much touching the spot between his eyes. There was a crack, almost like a new eye.

Abel thought that he needed to cover it up with something every time he went outside. Still, at the same time, he also admired how powerful this little piece of world stone was. Even though he could see the world in slow motion in the past, there wasn’t much he could do about it if an attack was already coming his way.

Now, his body could finally match it up.

This was how Andariel could dodge his attacks so easily. No matter how fast her enemies were, nothing could escape her eyes, and she could control her body anyway she liked to match up.

By this point, Abel felt like the knight skills he had been so proud of all this time had lost meaning. This new ability was basically invincible.

But was it really invincible? Andariel’s body was much more powerful than him, yet he still killed her. Then this ability was just another technique, like spells or knight skills.

Abel looked at the glaring hall of light. The light didn’t seem to be taking much energy. It had sustained itself all this time, and Abel felt like it could sustain a lot longer.

This was the final stop of the Rogue Encampment. The trace to the desert city Lut Gholein should be near.

When Abel stepped forward, that skull chair Andariel was sitting on caught his attention. It reminded him of the countless souls locked within Andariel’s body again.

He took out a big sword from his portal bracelet and heavily struck down. Since Andariel had died, this chair was smashed into pieces the moment it made contact with his sword.

However ,within the scattered pieces, a blue portal door emerged. It was s.h.i.+mmering like crystal.

Abel scanned it with his portal with his power of will, and he got some data with the world stone.

“The external portal door to the Rogue Encampment!”

Abel was shocked for a moment; he didn’t expect the world stone to be this powerful. How much more power was it hiding?

At that moment, he wasn’t planning to go back to the Rogue Encampment. He walked around the door and came in front of a big wall in the hall. The hall was still brightly lit, and he could see the painting on it clearly.

It was a map, a map from the Rogue Encampment to Lot Gholein. Abel had his eyes fixed on it, trying to remember the important details. It was not a complicated map. Just memorising the important messages and directions should be fine.

According to the map, Abel needed to pa.s.s through a huge desert to reach the human city within it, Lot Gholein.

Abel was very confused. He knew the entire Rogue Encampment very well, but he never saw any deserts.

The map was pointing towards East. There was a huge mountain range there. Abel needed to bring Flying Flame into the Dark world to find the way to Lut Gholein.

While he was thinking, he waved the 8 spirit guardian knights back to his monster ring and entered the external portal door with Black Wind.

After they left the underground tomb, they reappeared from a new external portal door in an open field of the Rogue Encampment.

Just when Abel wanted to get on with his mediation today, he felt a heartwarming feeling rush towards his soul. It was the oak tree trying to connect with him, which was rare. He had been in the Dark World countless times, and it was always him who went to the oak tree.


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