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Chapter 610 Rewards

A strange grey sparkle emerged from Abel’s arrow, but soon it was surrounded by his gold combat qi.This was his last chance. If he failed, he would need to dodge and think of another solution later.

That strange grey sparkle wrapping in his combat qi was his only dimensional force. It was the first time he had cast a dimension force onto an arrow. However, with his precision and control, he had successfully locked the dimensional force down.

The arrow flew out from the Riphook and did swirl in the sky towards Radament’s forehead. This was the strongest part of Radament’s body. As a Wizard altered by h.e.l.l, it’s body was at least a few times stronger than human wizards.

A strike of lightning flashed as the arrow made contact with Radament’s forehead. A dark burned spot opened up. Afterward, the grey dimensional force rushed in that spot along with the golden combat qi.

Abel heard the sound of a bottle opening, against the dimensional force, Radament’s thick skull was like a piece of paper. In a flash, a hole opened up on its forehead.

The dimensional force directly shot through its brain and came out from the back. This strike had cleared out all of its life, and the roaring stopped. A smile of relief emerged on its ugly face. Although that smile was still quite ugly, Abel could tell it was coming from the heart.

As a half altered product of h.e.l.l with some remaining memories of its past life. No one could imagine how Radament had made it through these tens of thousands of years in here after being given up.

Although h.e.l.l had left, the law of its body remained. He could not leave the 3rd level of the sewer, not even the corner of this small tunnel.

Everything had finally come to an end. The moment before Radament died, it was liberated from the law of this place. It felt freedom. Even if this freedom only lasted for 1 second, it was still worth it.

Abel did not have time to look at the dead Radament or that giant grey shadow that flew into his Horadric Cube. At this moment, those skeletons in formation in front of him had finally awakened again.

Red fireb.a.l.l.s, green poison b.a.l.l.s, blue ice b.a.l.l.s, and white lightning b.a.l.l.s flew at him at once.

“Black Wind!” Abel yelled.

In a flash of white light, Black Wind flashed away with Abel on its back and reappeared behind the spirit guardian knights.

The spirit guardian knights rushed towards the skeleton formation and began their ma.s.sacre. This time, they could no longer resurrect, so their number was decreasing at an alarming rate.

Abel didn’t even need to look at the battle, he was sure of the outcome. Instead, they walked towards the dead body of Radament to check his rewards.

Abel did not pay too much attention to the magic robe Radament wore. Although it was extremely luxurious and lively with a golden hue and tens of s.h.i.+mmering gems scattered on top, by this point, it had basically turned into little strings after being struck by 8 rune word Iron relentlessly. It was a pity. But at the same time, Abel knew this magic robe was not something extraordinarily precious. If it was, it wouldn’t be damaged this easily.

Abel’s gaze was then fixed on the hand of Radament. It did not let go of its short magic staff even after it died.

Abel harshly s.n.a.t.c.hed that magic staff from the hand of Radament and focused his attention on it. It was made out of bones, and soon, some statistics appeared.


Bone wand

One hand damage: 3-7

Durability 15/15

+2 To Necromancer Skill Levels

Adds 4-8 Cold Damage, Cold Duration: 3 seconds

5% Mana Stolen Per Hit

+25-50 Mana

+10 To Dexterity

+10 To Strength

+50% damage to undead

A Necromancer was basically an orc priest in the Holy Continent. Although there were slight differences between these 2 occupations, most aspects were the same.

This was another overpowering magic wand. If Abel was a professional priest, this bone wand could do wonders for him. However, he was a wizard. He could use spells even when he was summoning his spirit guardian knights.

Even if he didn’t use a spell, he could attack with his knight skills. Why would he ever hold this bone wand in his hand?

Increasing a priest’s level by 2 levels could technically allow Abel to add an extra spirit guardian knight to the battle while simultaneously increasing the skill level of all of them.

However, even if he had summoned his 9th spirit guardian knight, that 9th spirit guardian knight would die without power as soon as he put this Gravenspine away.

On top of that, the attack power this Gravenspine could add to his spirit guardian knights were nowhere as good as the fire enchantment of his Leaf magic staff. Therefore, there was only one use of this bone wand at the end of the day. Put it on a shelf.

Abel shook his head and put the Gravenspine in his portal ring. Afterward, he kept searching Radament’s body.

Since its magic robe had been damaged, the dark gold sparkle of its belt sifted through. This belt was still in top condition after all the attacks. It seemed like it should be good.

Abel then took it off and focused on his gaze to find out the attributes of this belt.

Night smoke

Belt [normal]

Durability: 16/16

+50% extra defence

+15 defence

+20 mana

Resistance +10

-2 physical damage

50% damage turns into mana

This was a dark gold belt, so Abel quickly took off his snake ego belt and put this night smoke belt on.

The best thing about this belt was not its long list of attributes but that it had 4 extra slots. It could hold 12 bottles of potions at once and unleash it at immense speed.

Every single attribute of this nightsmoke belt was also very useful to Abel, so he was very happy with it.

The search on Radament’s body continued. Just when Abel decided there was no more valuable stuff on it, his gaze was attracted by a nearby box.

It was a gold box, just like the one Bartoli was guarding. Inside should be placed with the rewards for any challenger who won against Radament.

Abel stepped forward and used his rune word iron to p.r.i.c.k out the box, exposing the stuff inside.

The first thing that caught his eyes was a book s.h.i.+ning in dark gold. This book looked way too pretty; it screamed luxury at first sight.

‘Skill book.’ This was a reward for anyone who won against Radament. As soon as you open this book, you could get an extra skill point.

Abel held the skill book in his hand. There were countless strange patterns on the cover of this book, and every line was filled with dark gold energy.

He quickly opened it to look at the details inside. As soon as he made this move, a dark gold s.h.i.+mmer plunged into his body.

At that moment, another glowing ball of skill emerged from within. As long as he concentrated his power of the will on this ball, he could freely select any skill he wanted.

Abel had an idea. These glowing b.a.l.l.s with the ability to increase the skill of any spell were extremely useful. It would be a waste if he used it at that moment.

He trusted his intuition with all his heart. But most importantly, his ability to increase spell levels was extremely quick. With the time difference of the Dark World, Abel basically had a lot more time to practice spells than any other wizards in the Holy Continent.

With the strength of his power of the will and his 2000 points of mana, he would rarely need to fully deplete his mana. Therefore, his spell practice had gotten faster and faster.

Of course, as his wizard rank increased the mana he would need for his spells would increase as well, but that was still miles away for Abel.

The battle had ended, not a single h.e.l.l creature was still standing.

Abel did not rest after he returned to Lut Gholein; instead, he rushed out the gate with his spirit guardian knights into the Rocky Waste. He needed to clear out the h.e.l.l creatures here so he could continue with his journey.

Along the way, Abel ran into countless long distance attack stone monsters, Carrion Birds in the sky, speedy Sand Leapers in the sand, close body attack Huntress, slingers, and Flying Scimitar that could shoot lightning.


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