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Chapter 739: Formula

“I’ll take you to see the potion formula now!” Master Alfred asked enthusiastically again. He was acting very respectfully. He deeper respected what Abel had done.

“Master Alfred, you first!” Abel gently bowed and said. He didn’t know why Master Alfred had become so respectful all of a sudden.

Master Alfred led Abel out of the dining hall and walked alongside the alchemy union hall. They then came across the stairs and arrived at the second floor.

When Master Alfred led Abel into the library, everything made sense. All the potion formulas were stored in the library.

The old elf did not stand when he saw 2 master alchemists by honor entering. Instead, he kept his head low and minded his own business.

Master Alfred bowed at the old elf and kept leading Abel towards the racks.

“Who is he?” Abel softened his voice and asked.

He was inquisitive about that old elf’s ident.i.ty. Even Master Alfred had bowed at him.

“That is Master Peter!” Master Alfred said with a face full of respect.

“How come I never heard his name before?” Abel was still confused.

Although Abel had never seen all the master alchemists by honor in the alchemy union, he had heard their names. Master Peter was not one of them.

“Master Peter is my senior. 100 years ago, he tried to change his elite alchemy pattern to a master alchemy pattern, but he failed and damaged the pattern during the process. From that day, he had come to the library. He swore to find the reason for his failure, hoping to level up in the future!” Master Alfred lowered his voice.

Therefore wasn’t any actual master alchemist in the elves, or even in the entire Holy Continent, because transforming an elite alchemy pattern into a master one was extremely difficult. Once you failed, the pattern would fall apart.

Therefore, even those alchemist masters who fulfilled an elite alchemy pattern would rarely try to transform it into a master one.

There were actually a few master alchemists who successfully obtained a master alchemy pattern in the history of the Holy Continent. Still, their number was so low it was almost hopeless. Also, most of them were elite alchemists approaching the end of their lives, so they had nothing to lose.

Abel had a deep respect for Master Peter’s situation. His alchemy pattern was destroyed, but he did not give up. Instead, he stayed in the library and investigated for 100 years. He dedicated his life to alchemy. Abel went back in front of Master Peter and bowed. It was a show of respect for him as a senior, but also for his dedication.

“Master Bennett, the books here are divided into categories. Novice alchemists are forbidden since there are too many problematic findings in these books. Without a good foundation, it could lead them down the wrong path!” Master Alfred pointed at the books upfront.

Abel suddenly realized there were actually other alchemists that spotted the mistakes in these books.

“Then why do we still keep the problematic ones around? Wouldn’t actual alchemists get affected as well?” Abel asked in confusion.

“Not everyone is gifted in alchemy like you. You can discover everything for yourself, and you can end up with a few formulas even without any resources!” Master Alfred said with a laugh.

Although he didn’t know how old Abel was, he could sense this young elf’s liveliness and youthful behavior in front of him.

What was he doing when he was at Abel’s age?

Back then, he only had one potion formula and had a decent chance of successfully making it.

As for Abel, he was already a master alchemist by honor. Master Alfred needed a few hundred more years to reach this level.

If a normal alchemist didn’t read these books and rely on their own experience to discover potion formulas, the resources, gold coins, and time they would need was unbearable for most.

Abel had no comment. His process of becoming an alchemist was way too easy. He had never gone through what Master Alfred had experienced.

Especially since he had the sight and data a.n.a.lyzing ability of the world stone, he could perfectly control his movements and make a potion without making a single mistake in the process. He had made countless potions in the dark world.

“Master Bennett. These few racks of books are only accessible by intermediate alchemists or above. You need your alchemist badge to take them out, and some union credit points will be deducted each time you do so.

As for these few racks, they were for elite alchemists. You need to present your elite Alchemist badge to access it. They take union credit points as well!” Master Alfred walked along the shelves and explained.

“Union Credit? How can I get that?” Abel quickly asked as he thought of the credit points in Liante City and the War Glory in Miracle City.

“I can’t believe no one has explained this to you. As a master Alchemist by honor, you have unlimited union credit. You can freely pick and choose any book you like. As long as you don’t waste any resources, it will be fine!” Said Master Alfred proudly.

“So the formula I am looking for is here?” Abel stared at the racks of books in front of him. Although there were not many, it would still take him a lot of time to s.h.i.+ft through all of them.

“All the books on this shelf are formulas. You can take a look at any you like!” Master Alfred pointed at a shelf.

The shelf was located in the elite alchemist area. One needed an elite alchemist badge to read these books.

Abel reached his hand towards the shelf and grabbed a piece of leaf. The moment his hand made contact with it, a wave of energy scanned his body and vanished. It had recognized his honor master alchemist badge.

The leader he got was as green as any other one. Large amounts of information were written on it.

“Strength potion” can forever increase strength. It can only be used once in a lifetime, and it can not break through the limit of a species.

Although this was not too useful to Abel since he had already broken through the limit of human long ago, he could still use his on the knights in his Duchy, or maybe even wizards.

Power was the biggest weakness of a wizard. This potion could definitely a.s.sist them.

However, Abel’s face quickly turned strange as he picked up another piece of leaf.

“Agility potion” can forever increase speed. It can only be used once in a lifetime, and it can not break the limit of a species.

He kept proceeding to the next formula and closely examined their ingredients. He looked even more confused.

The following ‘vitality potion’ and ‘will potion’ could also forever increase attributes, only used once in a lifetime, and can not break the limit of a species.

However, what caught Abel’s attention the most was the ingredients.

“Master Bennett, most of these potions are from ancient times. They are only here for elite alchemists to find inspiration. You might need to subst.i.tute the ingredients to make them!” Master Alfred saw the confusion on Abel’s face, so he explained.

“Master Alfred, did you say most formulas here are ancient formulas? Were there alchemists in ancient times?” Abel had no idea when it came to the history of alchemy.

“Yes. Alchemy was pa.s.sed down from the elite elves. Ever since they vanished, the elves had inherited their potion-making knowledge while the dwarfs inherited their forgery knowledge. Most of the ingredients used in these formulas are extinct, but countless generations of extremely gifted alchemists still managed to find subst.i.tutes and made new potions.” Master Alfred Explained.

Abel listened carefully. He really knew nothing about their history.

“For example, the ‘power explosion potion’ and the ‘speed explosion potion’ are both alterations of these ancient formulas.


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