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Chapter 77: Change of Clothes

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Abel was about to draw the “12# SOL Thor” rune on to the s.h.i.+elds. It stated that it could absorb impacts. Not only that, But Abel had discovered its ability to absorb impact was greater than the game had suggested.

It took another day until Abel could finish drawing the runes, and installing diamonds on to all 20 of these s.h.i.+elds.

When he threw the s.h.i.+eld into the Horadric cube, these statistics appeared:

Absorption round s.h.i.+eld (normal)

Defense: 5

Durability: 12/12

Absorb physical impact -3

Although the blue font suggested that this was a magic s.h.i.+eld, it could not fully unleash the power of the rune and achieve the ultimate “absorb physical impact 7”.

Abel thought that this was a bit strange. According to what Master Sorin Oakens.h.i.+eld had said, this s.h.i.+eld should be considered as a golden weapon. But the Horadric cube still showed that it was a normal magic weapon. Abel guessed, maybe this was due to the different interpretations of 2 worlds.

Abel tried his best to resist his exhaustion. He opened the front door of the operation room and demanded that the 20 knight servants come inside.

The 20 knight servants excitedly entered the legendary blacksmith master operation room. Immediately, they were stunned by the single-handed long sword and round s.h.i.+elds that were scattered on the floor. Before they had entered, they already knew that everything in here was a magic weapon, but still, it was the first time they had seen a pile of them together. It was also the first time they had seen someone just carelessly put these magic weapons on the ground.

Everyone began to pick up their long sword and s.h.i.+eld from the ground. Although they all looked similar, every knight could clearly identify their own weapons due to their intermediate relations.h.i.+p with their weapons.

Abel began to speak “All of these long swords were been turned into ice magic swords. When you strike your enemies with it, it will not only slow them down but also hurt them with ice magic. In regards to the round s.h.i.+elds, they now have the ability to absorb physical impacts. So as long as you have this s.h.i.+eld, an elite knight or below will not be able to hurt you.” Abel was still a bit unsatisfied with these s.h.i.+elds. They were only 80 skills after all, which might not be able to withstand the attack of an elite knight, but it should be fine against anyone with an intermediate occupation.

“Thank you, my lord. I will pledge my life to protect the castle,” the 20 knight servants shouted in unison as they kneeled on one knee. Their eyes flashed with a fiery pa.s.sion of excitement. No matter what occupation, every fighter held an ultimate pa.s.sion for their weapons. Let alone a magic weapon, no, 2 magic weapons, one for attack and one for defense.

“Let’s keep it a secret!” Abel added. From the outside, it’s very difficult to tell that these weapons were magic weapons. Their effects would only unleash during battles.

There were actually 2 reasons why Abel wanted to keep this secret. One reason was that, if people realized even knight servants could attain a piece of magic weapons, they might think they were very easy to make. Therefore, causing a drop in market value. Another reason what reason was that it was better to catch the enemies off guard, that way these weapons could fully take advantage of its power.

Abel let the 20 knight servants go back to defending the castle, while he went back to his room. Just like that, he rested for half a day, the intensive rune drawing session had drained almost all energy in his body. He had pushed his power of the will to the ultimate limit.

When Abel had woken up again, it was already night time. Immediately, he went back to the operating room. There were still 3 exploding big swords and 1 super exploding big sword he needs to finish.

He already had all the material required on the spot, there was around 10 big sword of 120 skills with gem holes, just casually lying on the ground. All he needed to do was to rank up the rune ink. After he converted a bunch of them into intermediate rank, he began rune drawing. The process was simple as always. As he was guiding the runes he purposefully added some more random rune paths to it. He only installed the red gem in the last step.

Abel had gotten a lot more creative this time around, he intentionally picked a fire magic sword to increase its exploding power, he also purposefully chosen the intermediate rune ink to help the fire magic spread more easily.

Most of all, he had chosen the 120 skills iron base because it could make the explosion more vicious. According to the experience he gained from Prince Wyatt, the previous version of his exploding big sword could already penetrate the defense of an elite knight. Therefore, after these upgrades of the better iron base, high-quality rune ink, should be able to badly injured an elite knight, if not blow the life of them.

Abel emptied his Horadric cube. He took out the scroll of town portal and locked it in a box. He began guiding the exploding big sword with his power of the will, as soon as the sound of shattering gla.s.s began to appear. Abel quickly shoved the exploding big sword into the Horadric Cube. The Horadric cube could freeze time, which allowed the big sword to maintain at a state before the ma.s.sive explosion.

At first, Abel was a little skeptic when it came to making this super exploding big sword. Despite his previous one being made with a 100 skills iron base, it already had an earth-shaking power of the explosion. This time, he would need to make one with a 120 skills iron base. If something had gone wrong, the entire Harry castle would be blown into pieces.

But Abel had no choice, he was on the road of no return. If things had gone wrong, at least he could end in mutual destruction with the enemy. In regards to Harry castle… he no longer cared. Abel clenched his teeth, he began to draw a fire rune on to a big sword of 120 skills. At this point, it was easier for him to draw a perfect rune than intentionally drawing one incorrectly.

Abel then took out a perfect red gem and stared at the gorgeous brilliant red color of the gem. Who could have guessed, in a flash of a second such beauty could turn into a nightmarish force of destruction.

The super exploding big sword he made last time was an ice magic one. This time, it was a fire magic one, so Abel was fully aware of its power of destruction. If he could not control its power properly, the only purpose for this super exploding big sword was to give mutual destruction for him and his enemy. This thing was way too dangerous, it might even injure innocent people.

Abel gave out a sigh and placed the perfect red gem into the gem hole. As he was guiding it with his power of will, a ma.s.sive amount of fire magic power rushed towards his power of the will like an exploding volcano. If he was still an amateur, or if his power of the will had never developed, it might get completely blown away by this ma.s.sive amount of fire magic power. Soon, the super exploding big sword began to s.h.i.+ne in white light. It seemed like it was about to be completed, but Abel did not relax in the slightest bit. He unwaveringly locked his power of the will on to the super exploding big sword.

The white light flashed for a few more times before it turned into red light. The red light intensified. It was so bright Abel could no longer even open his eye to examine the condition of the super exploding big sword. Luckily, Abel still had a lot of power of the will leftover, he continued to ruthlessly lock it on to the super exploding big sword. He felt that everyone was still under control.

Alongside the blinking red light, the originally rigid body of the big sword of 120 skills began to vibrate. It seemed like with was trying to withstand this vicious force of fire magic. Although the 120 skills iron base had already exceeded the strength limit of iron, it was still normal iron. These types of materials were essentially not a match for this ma.s.sive amount of fire magic. As the vibration intensified, Abel sensed the surface of the sword was beginning to crack through his power of the will.

A quick jerk with his power of the will, the super exploding big sword had completely disappeared. Soon, it reappeared in the Horadric Cube.

Abel let out a breath of relief, this thing was very different from normal exploding big swords. Although normal exploding big swords were very powerful, he still felt confident about escaping its explosion, but this thing…. it was beyond Abel’s imagination.

During the making process, Abel had already sensed that this fire magic super exploding big sword was a lot more destructive than his previous ice magic one.

Abel still did not know how perfect red gems like the one just used could even exist. If a wizard had seen how he had just treated one of them, the wizard would definitely choke Abel to death.

These perfect rank gems, especially the ones combined with the Horadric cube was considered as the most powerful, pure, irreplaceable gem in this world. Therefore one could say, the number of gems like this could be produced was hopelessly small.


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