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Chapter 2: He’s My Husband

It already sucked to not be able to join the Dragon Division, and his physical stats and capabilities also significantly declined to the point of below normal soldiers. Was Xu Cheng really fine with all that?

He just didn’t want to shed tears in front of his comrades, and his insistence to leave was just to protect the last bit of dignity he had left. He didn’t need the pity and sympathy of others. There was nothing he wanted to say, because as a loser, whatever he says would be wrong. Reality was cruel, and the only option that laid before him was to recover in peace and make his return when he gets back to A level.

After returning to Shangcheng, Xu Cheng went out to a club to get drunk at night. The crowd on the dance floor was swinging and dancing to the chaotic electronic beat, but Xu Cheng was immersed in his own emotions.

Sitting by the bar, he took shot after shot, and it wasn’t long before a gorgeously dressed woman came up to him and flirted, “Not going to buy me a drink?”

Xu Cheng pretended to be deaf. This woman took a closer look at his muscular 6’3 tall body. On top of the s.e.xy lines that even clothes weren’t able to cover up, the sharp and firm look from his eyes gave off an even manlier feeling.

Women at nightclubs loved this type of mature and strong man the most. Only insecure women would try to look for an emotional harbor in such a place, and this woman was clearly attracted by Xu Cheng.

“Give him a gla.s.s of whiskey, it’s on me,” said the woman as she gestured to the bartender.

When the whiskey was placed onto the table, the woman seemed to slip a pill into the drink and smiled at Xu Cheng, “Then I will buy you a drink.”

“Although I’m a bit drunk, my brain can still function.” Xu Cheng sneered at her actions and yelled, “Get lost!”

Unwilling to invite more humiliation onto herself, the woman snorted and walked away.

After consecutively taking a couple more shots, many unhappy emotions were gradually forgotten under the influence of alcohol, and his consciousness also slowly faded.

When the bar was about to close, the bartender came over and lightly shoved him, “Sir… sir? Wake up.”

His head was against the table, and the batch of empty bottles in front of him was enough to give away the fact that he could not be drunker. The bartender couldn’t wake him up no matter what, so with no better options, he asked two staff members to help hold him as he searched for a phone on his body.

Unlocking it with the drunk man’s finger, he got to the contact list. It was pretty vacant, as only a few people were saved.

The first number to appear was one labeled as “Wife”, and the bartender dialed it immediately.

The phone rang for awhile, but no one picked up. The bartender dialed again, and after a long wait, someone finally answered.

A very ethereal and beautiful woman’s voice answered. Although the tone was quite cold, her voice was really soft and soothing.


The bartender was dazed for a second, but then he quickly asked, “h.e.l.lo, are you the wife of this number’s owner? So what happened is, this gentleman got drunk in our bar, and we couldn’t wake him up.”

The other end of the line became silent for a moment.

“You got the wrong number,” the voice spoke again.

“But…” the bartender took another look at the contact name and number and continued, “but this gentleman did save this number as ‘Wife’… Anyways, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, maybe there’s been a mistake.”

Huadu Entertainment Company –

The beautiful woman at the company’s annual c.o.c.ktail party was wearing a beautiful long dress, and her wavy hair perfectly complimented her. Her name was Lin Chuxue, and she was recognized as the national G.o.ddess, both intelligent and gorgeous. Since her debut, that beautiful face of hers, which could pull the heartstrings of everyone in the country, gave her a big boost in attracting fans. Through her talents in acting and singing, she was able to capture the hearts of more and more fans, which allowed her to become one of the most famous celebrities in recent years. Coming from a mixed family of English and Chinese, another layer of mystery and n.o.bility shrouded over her ident.i.ty, and she was called the blue-eyed princess by her fans. Despite her foreign nationality, she chose to develop her career in Huaxia.

Originally, she was indifferent towards Xu Cheng’s call, but hearing the last few words of the bartender, she sighed. Just before the bartender was about to hang up, she opened her mouth again and asked coldly, “Where’s your bar?”

“Uh…” The bartender was obviously a bit caught off guard after the long pause, and then he immediately replied, “It’s on 81 West Street, called the ‘Old Place’ Club.”

Then, the call ended. The bartender pouted, feeling that the woman on the other end was acting a bit weird.

After hanging up, Lin Chuxue hesitated for a bit, and then she said to her a.s.sistant who was clinking and entertaining guests in the corner, “Get the car, and come to a place with me.”

The a.s.sistant nodded. She excused herself from the guests and left with the car keys. Lin Chuxue pushed off the party and followed her to their RV.

“Go to 81 West Street, to a pub called ‘Old Place’.”

The a.s.sistant nodded, turned the car on, and said to Lin Chuxue with a smile, “Sister Lin, many fresh celebrities signed by the company wanted to ask for advice from you, why did you decide to leave so early?”

“It’s boring, aren’t there already enough c.o.c.ktail parties like this?” Lin Chuxue looked at the night cityscape moving past her window.

“Sister Lin, it’s already pretty late. What are we doing going to a pub?”

Lin Chuxue didn’t talk. Quietly, her face was turned to the window, and her slender eyelashes didn’t move. She was that kind of quiet and elegant woman, where no matter which corner you put her in, her existence would be too dazzling to overlook. Whether it was in everyday life or in front of the public, she always gave off the feeling of a G.o.ddess who was not longing for anything in this world, content with staying silently as her beauty bloomed.

Arriving outside of the ‘Old Place’, it was not convenient for the public figure she was to appear, so she said to her a.s.sistant, “Lan, go inside and retrieve a gentleman named ‘Xu Cheng’.”

Lan was a bit shocked, but she still did what she was told.

Not long after she went in, she came out, struggling to help the unconscious and drunk Xu Cheng get to the car. It took a while, mainly since this Xu Cheng was too troublesome to handle, tossing himself left and right. In the end, Lin Chuxue had to get off the RV and help him onto the car together with her a.s.sistant, before throwing him onto a sofa.

“Back to my condo.”

“Sister Lin, you never bring men back to your place…” Lan was worried that it wouldn’t be appropriate.

“Go.” Lin Chuxue didn’t want to repeat herself.

Lan had no choice but to start the car. On the way back, she couldn’t help herself but ask, “Who is this man? I’ve never seen him before.”

“He’s my husband,” looking at the drunk Xu Cheng, she said without a hint of emotion. “The type that’s only in name.”

“Husband?” Lan’s eyes widened in shock. “Sister Lin, aren’t you still single?”

Lin Chuxue replied, “It was arranged by our parents before our birth, so I couldn’t reject it at that time. We’ve been married for three years now, but we have never lived together. To us, it is as if the other one doesn’t exist.”

There was a tsunami in a.s.sistant Lan’s heart, as the revelation had completely dumbfounded her. How young was Lin Chuxue? She was only a little over 20, and as the a.s.sistant that had followed her boss since their debut three years ago, she had never heard about her boss being married!

If this piece of news was to leak out to the media and the fans, wouldn’t they be heartbroken, and wouldn’t her career be over? In the entertainment industry, especially actresses, youth was an important driving factor in popularity, and many celebrities were most afraid that they would marry too early and then lose popularity. As her a.s.sistant, Lan was very concerned.

Lin Chuxue knew what her a.s.sistant was worried about, and she said, “It’s okay, we kept the secret from the public for three years already, so we shouldn’t have a problem hiding it for any longer. If the public does find out then there’s nothing we can do. We did register already, although it’s only nominal.”


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