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Chapter 243: Banned (2) (Part two)

The president pointed at the computer, his whole body trembling in rage. “You take a look at what the netizens are calling you right now! They are all saying you are sc.u.m! Also, ask your agent, ask him how your Weibo account is doing and how many people were calling you names on there! Your follower count dropped from 5 million all the way down to 700 thousand! You tell me, is it just those photos? What is this recording then? Let me tell you, maybe Li Wen’s picture can be fake, but every woman you laid your hands on can take out a picture with you. Are they all fake too?”

Yan Xian fell into his chair, his head going blank.

The president took in a deep breath and said as he lifted a stack of doc.u.ments, “These are all of the notices given by advertisers asking to withdraw your endors.e.m.e.nt. Spit out the money you took from them, and the company will also take out our share too. Those advertisers already told us that they don’t need us to pay any liquidated damages, but they need the money we got paid returned right away.”

Yan Xian became anxious. “But… President Zheng can you chat with them? We already inked the contracts and everything, wouldn’t it be merciless to ask for a full refund? How about this? I will lower my price and charge them less, how about that? They aren’t getting the short end of the stick that way, but if they want me to pay them all back, then where will I go to find that money?”

President Zheng was furious. “Let me tell you, Yan Xian, they already said that if you return the money right away, they won’t go for liquidated damage. You should read the contract yourself, it clearly states that if during the period of endors.e.m.e.nt that your reputation and image affects the brand image of the company endorsed by you, then the contract is defaulted, and you will have to pay double the compensation. Each of your endors.e.m.e.nt deals is ten million for two years, so with seven deals, that’s 70 million. They were doing me a favor by just asking you to pay them back the endors.e.m.e.nt fee. You give me your 30 million, and I will handle the rest.”

Yan Xian began to panic. “But where would I get 30 million though, can you talk to them again? After the few movies that I invested in air and make big money, I will for sure pay them back. President Zheng, please help me out with this.”

President Zheng sneered. “Your movies? You mean those few that you invested in with Ou Li?”

Yan Xian nodded. “I know that my scandal could affect the box office, but those movies are indeed pretty good, and I should at least be able to break-even on those.”

President Zheng continued to reply with a sneer, “Yan Xian, you have been in this circle for so long now, don’t you know that you were already playing with fire? All of this happened so fast with the purpose of destroying your career, so do you think the person you offended has a simple background? Right, you are correct, if it was just for this scandal, those businesses wouldn’t be ending the contract with you right away, yet they did it all at the same time. Don’t you sense something fishy going on? Also, I just got a call from the director of the State Administration of Media and Entertainment. He said that celebrities have great effects on the teenagers, so those celebrities with scandals shouldn’t be allowed to partic.i.p.ate in films, shows, or ads, as otherwise, they would have the wrong influence on society. I have been in this circle for a long time, yet it’s my first time getting a call from the director. I was truly honored, yet it was a call to scold me and it was all because of you, do you know that? After this, other celebrities under our company might also get treated with a bad impression. Lin Chuxue had been in this circle for so long yet no one dared to touch her, so I’m just super curious, where did you get the b.a.l.l.s to get your hands on her? Now, look at what happened, a big fish appeared, a fish that could shock the entire entertainment industry, and you only got the company burned too! You tell me, what should you do?’

When President Zheng got to the end, he was almost roaring. He directly threw a doc.u.ment at Yan Xian’s face and shouted, “Take your f-cking contract with the company and get the f-ck out! I can’t afford to have a celebrity like you! Let me officially announce to you right now, our employment relationship ends right here!”


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