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Chapter 261: Diversion (Part one)

– Urban area, Franka Group’s highrise –

On a pickup truck, Bei Shan retracted his telescope and said to Xu Cheng, “It’s not that you can’t perform the mission tonight, but the intelligence provided to you is very limited. You should think about it.”

Xu Cheng: “There’s no time. After I finish the mission, can I quickly get those cultural relics off my hand? At a little cheaper price is fine too, just transfer the money to my account in M Nation, and I’m flying to Las Vegas overnight.”

Bei Shan frowned. “What are you doing there? Gonna gamble?”

“Playing heartbeat.” Xu Cheng: “I have no choice. It’s better to rely on myself than others. I’m facing the biggest obstacle right now, and if I can’t make it, I will have one big regret for the rest of my life. I need to save the Lin Family, save my wife, and also finish the mission. This is the first mission the Division has given me, and I can’t let the old man down. So, not one of those three can fail!”

Bei Shan checked his precise mechanical watch. “It’s 11:30 PM right now, half hour to the shift change for the patrolling security guards. This would be the best time for you to cut in. Originally, my plan was for you to mix into the company first during the day and make preparations and then perform the mission tomorrow night.”

Xu Cheng directly got off the car. “There’s no time. Don’t be in a rush to leave yet, just wait here for me.”

Bei Shan pa.s.sed a mask and a pair of gloves to him. “Wear these. You want to get yourself exposed? How will you get back to the country when you get put on the wanted list?”

Xu Cheng took them and ran across the road towards the Franka building.

On the car, Bei Shan muttered, “Wait for you my azz, who performs missions like this? Isn’t this basically the same as you robbing them head on…”

Xu Cheng didn’t make any preparations and just went. He was just too anxious, and it was basically courting death in Bei Shan’s opinion. However, Xu Cheng didn’t think so.

He directly went to stairway. At this time, there were still many employees working overtime, and this was a public area, so the people at the surveillance center won’t keep an eye on a place like this, at least the people that are guarding the relics tonight wouldn’t pay attention to here.

Xu Cheng looked up at the topographic map of the entire building. After memorizing it, he went directly to the security room.

On the way there, there was a surveillance camera. From far away, Xu Cheng could already see it with his penetrating vision and he stopped right before its vision range. He looked around and saw a security guard coming out from the elevator on his way to the bathroom, so he quickly went into the bathroom first.

When the guard was peeing, his mouth was suddenly covered from behind and then he was dragged into a stall. After a short while, Xu Cheng came out in his uniform and hat. He had locked the stall from the inside and climbed out. In front of the bathroom mirror, he took out the silicone mask given by Bei Shan. He put it on bit by bit and when he was done, his whole face had the skin tone of an European.

At this moment, a staff member walked in and went straight for a urinal. Xu Cheng glanced at him, at his employee card in his pocket to be exact.

Administration Manager.

That t.i.tle was good, the authorization this t.i.tle carried would be enough. This card could probably allowed him to go into many work areas. Xu Cheng walked up and patted him on the right shoulder. The guy subconsciously turned to the right, and Xu Cheng quickly pulled out his employee card from his left pocket. When the guy turned around and saw Xu Cheng, he asked, “May I help you?”

Xu Cheng: “Sorry, my bad, wrong person.”

The administration manager continued to pee.


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