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Chapter 390: Suppressed (Part Two)

Disciple: “If that’s the case, then Senior Brother Ace of Spades is being suppressed! If he doesn’t want to be tracked, then he must throw his weapon away. But once he throws his weapon away, then the opponent wouldn’t even need a tracker to kill him!”

Those researchers were a bit confused. “But even if the Ace of Spades doesn’t abandon his weapon, the opponent doesn’t seem like he could do anything to him. It might work against ordinary people, but it does seem a bit weak against masters of the same level as him.”

At that moment, the disciple suddenly said, “Then what if six bullets work at the same time?”

Everyone was slightly shocked.


Asmodeus slightly smiled, and he fired three more shots in different directions. At once, all four bullets flew towards the Ace of Spades as if they had eyes.

The Ace of Diamonds put the iron stick up front to block, but no matter where the bullets were deflected too, they would turn around right away and fly back at the Ace of Spades. Having to constantly worry about bullets flying at him from all possible directions was the most difficult part, and one of the bullets sc.r.a.ped past his arm as his defense speed slowed down slightly and could no longer match the speed of the bullets. Blood gushed out.

“That’s indeed the case.” The researchers narrowed their eyes and immediately said to the mic, “Ace of Spades, the opponent’s got microchips installed in the bullets and can track whatever it hits! Your stick is suppressed!”

Hearing this, the Ace of Spades’s face immediately became more serious and he gritted his teeth and said, “But if I abandon my weapon, I would be at even more of a disadvantage. I will try to break the bullet and shatter the chip inside.”

As he said that, he smashed forward with his stick as hard as he could at a bullet that was flying at him, like he was swinging a bat at a baseball!

However, just as the bullet was shattered, followed by a loud boom, a detonation directly blasted the Ace of Spades away!

The research scientists all stared at the screen in shock.

“There are explosives inside the bullets!”

The apprentices all looked at the ruined battleground on the screen and said worriedly, “Hope Senior Brother Ace of Spades is okay!”

Asmodeus revealed his big white teeth, looked at the direction the Ace of Spades flew at, and said in disdain, “Too young, too naive! My bullets can detonate on their own, and it could also detonate when the sh.e.l.l breaks! Originally, I wanted to have more fun with you, but you asked for this yourself.”

Then, he pressed a device on his pistol and all of those bullets returned back to his hand and he put them back into the clip.

Then, he said into his mic, “This Ace of Spades guy is too trash, is he a counterfeit? What a disappointment, Boss, this is the mysterious force of the Eastern world, the Dragon Division?”

Outside of the building in the van, the elder in the Satan mask said, “The real master already died two weeks ago!”

Speaking of this, the elder seemed to also have a hint of sadness in his voice. Then, he coldly said, “Just finish it fast, destroy this place, and take all the data files we can find here and we will get out of here. If we drag this on, Yanjing’s military region will come over to reinforce them.”

Asmodeus nodded. Then, he turned around and walked further into the building. Just then, with a loud vibration in his ear, he saw the iron stick flying towards him like a missile.

Asmodeus caught the stick with his bare hands, and the momentum of the stick directly caused him to slide a few meters back. It was enough to show the arm power of the Ace of Spades, which sank Asmodeus’s face a bit.

He turned around and saw, in the ruins, the Ace of Spades’s whole body was black and most of his skin was burned, but he still managed to stand up with his teeth clenched!


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