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Chapter 513: Auction House (Part One)

After making it back to Lin Chuxue’s apartment, Xu Cheng was taking a shower in the bathroom.

After getting out and changing into new clothes, he saw Lin Chuxue in front of the computer watching a video.

It was a soliloquy of a cancer patient.

Watching how engaged she was with the video, he asked, “What is this?”

“It’s a guy that had been posting his diary on his battle against cancer, and there are many people following him. You know as well, what the M Nation has the most is the hero of individualism, so many netizens have donated money and raised money for him. But, just as he felt there was no hope left with all the treatments available, someone apparently saved him. I checked and it led to a medical lab that also recently posted on twitter saying that they’ve developed a drug that can save cancer. Do you believe someone really conquered the cancer case?”

Xu Cheng said, “Why wouldn’t it be possible? Mankind will eventually reach that stage, sooner or later. Why are you suddenly concerned about this?”

Lin Chuxue pointed at the drug description posted by the lab and said, “I’m following because it says that this can also maintain youth. Which woman wouldn’t mind staying young for a few more years?”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment.

Oh right, even he forgot that aside from prolonging a person’s life through resuscitating the cells, this also indirectly maintained one’s youth.

If it can allow a woman’s beauty and adolescence at the age of 20 to be maintained for another 20 years, which woman wouldn’t be crazy over it?

It seemed like he underestimated the point.

“It’s fine, my wife will still be very beautiful when she’s older. Even if you get very old and can’t travel anywhere anymore, I will still be accompanying you and taking you to places on a wheelchair,” Xu Cheng smiled and said.

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at him. “Let’s not talk about old age, we will live until then first and then worry about it.”

Then, she got up and walked towards the washroom as she said, “Come with me to the auction, I want to see how much this medicine can go up to. If it’s too much then I won’t get it. Wait for me to take a bath first.”

Xu Cheng turned around to look at the computer. Wasn’t this the auction that he instructed Lin Dong to plan to test out the market’s demand for cancer treatment?

There was no way he would fully promote this technology first. Once that happens, the capitalists would utilize the law to force him to give up this technology, and that would be very dangerous. But since he already developed it, he obviously had to make money with it, right? Aside from occasionally treating some people that would be helpful to him in the future and acc.u.mulate favors, the other doses he makes would obviously be taken out to sell for some money.

Then, there was only one way left, and it was to promote the scarcity of this medicine and auction it, telling the public that the technology was still not mature and they could only make a few syringes worth of this medicine every few years. This would allow the wealthy men that were also afraid of death to fight over for it. On the other hand, aside from testing the marketing positioning price, Xu Cheng also wanted to see if there were people with ulterior motives for this drug.

Before Xu Cheng left, he had already left this in Lin Dong’s hands to prepare. So, he went to his first patient in the M Nation to be the inspirational icon, getting him to speak and endorse the lab.

The description and development of the drug had been broadly marketed for a while and the comprehensive medical report of this inspirational icon from his hospital also went viral online and caused a heated discussion

In addition, the lab directly explained a series of difficult issues it was facing at the time in terms of ingredients, technology, and other obstacles. The implication was to tell the netizens that producing and pushing it on a ma.s.s scale was unlikely, at least in the near term.


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