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Chapter 766: I’ll give you a spot in the game if you don’t kill me (Part Two)

Xu Cheng: “You really want to know?”

Okami was curious. “Of course, I have defenses set up all over the walled courtyard of this house, and there’s no way you could come in undetected.”

Xu Cheng said, “Then how about this. You tell me about the Capital Society, and I’ll tell you how I got in.”

Okami’s face changed instantly as he questioned, “You’re not an! Who are you!”

“Indeed, I’m not,” Xu Cheng said that as he disappeared on the spot.

The swordsman didn’t even get to make a move before Xu Cheng kicked him into the pool. When he wanted to get out, Xu Cheng simply sent a strong powerful electrical current down.

The swordsman’s whole body was. .h.i.t by more than 100KV in the pool, and he twitched as he died in just three seconds.

The six security guards aimed their guns at Xu Cheng, who disappeared on the spot again. He rushed to the security guards and threw them a few hundred meters high in the air and stood in front of Okami who was preparing to run away.

“Don’t make a move, and don’t shout. I could snap your neck, so you behave and sit back down. You’re a leader of the Mitsui Clan, please don’t crawl on the ground like a dog, okay?” Xu Cheng squatted down as he said to Okami, “Now do you think I’m able to kill you or not? Not only am I able to kill you, I have a hundred ways to do so.”

Okami was sweating profusely and didn’t look anything like how spirited he was before; he raised his head with difficulty with his forehead all wrinkled together.

“Are you misunderstanding something? I don’t seem to have anything against you, right?”

Okami was placed on the chair like an object as Xu Cheng held him by his collar in one hand. He sat down knowing he had no way to resist and tried to argue his way through.

“You don’t have anything against me.” Xu Cheng sat across from him and whispered, “But the Capital Society does. So tell me, how much information can you give me about the Capital Society? That will determine your chances of living.”

Okami: “If you know about the Capital Society, then you won’t kill me. Believe me, it’s an organization that you have to look up to, and I’m one of the seven Continental Lords! Do you know what that means? I control the entire Capital Society’s funds in Asia, and if I want, the Prime Minister has to bow when he sees me. I can even decide who will be the next Prime Minister. Most of the military’s equipment comes from me, the entirety of the marine and aviation industries in the Wei Nation are under my Clan, and the annual tax revenue from us can support half of the self-defence force in the Wei Nation! If I sneeze, then the Wei Nation will catch a cold. I am powerful enough to override a country, and the Capital Society I’m in is capable of ruling the world. Morgan, Rothschild, and Rockfeller, these ancient Clans all belong to the Capital Society, and yet we’re still only a small part of it. We’ve gathered more than half of the wealthy tyc.o.o.ns all around the world, and if we wanted to, we could mobilize half of the world’s money. That’s more than a few trillion dollars! Do you understand this concept? If we make all the companies under our name stop working for just one day, the entire global economy will be affected! If we wanted to manipulate the economy of a developing country, it’s also as easy as it could be because we control the stocks, set the prices and write the rules of the trades. I’m telling you all this so you will understand that you are doing a stupid thing. You can not change the world and killing me is useless, so why don’t you calm down. I see you are very capable, and I can introduce you to the Capital Society and give you a spot in the game. Have you ever felt the thrill of controlling this world? If you are willing to let me go, we can talk about it. There are no eternal enemies in the Capital Society, only eternal benefits!”

“Continental Lord?” That was the only keyword Xu Cheng heard as he asked, “According to what you mentioned, the Capital Society has power in all seven continents, right?”

“That’s right. The Capital Society has been the largest financial plutocratic organization since the beginning of this century. We share global resources, and whoever we want to die will die! If we want to detonate a bomb in an area to generate profit, then that’s where the bomb will be detonated! This is capital supremacy, and even wars are made by us.”


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