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When Jiang Xiao Tian arrived at Yan Zifu place, it was after the lunch hour. Because of that, the restaurant was not as crowded. There were only a few occupied tables. Yan Zifu immediately went to greet Jiang Xiao Tian and ushered him into a private room when she heard of his arrival.

A servant walked in with a tray of refreshment and retreated immediately. Only then did Yan Zifu bowed. “Master,” Yan Zifu greeted.

“You can be at ease,” Jiang Xiao Tian spoke. He poured himself a cup of tea and took a sip. “How was the progress of our investigation? Did any of our spies sent any words?”

“The spies you sent to accompany the princes have all returned,” Yan Zifu said and continue to brief Jiang Xiao Tian the reports sent by each spy. According to the spies, there were no unusual activities from the princes during their stay in Da Cheng.

Jiang Xiao Tian nodded and stayed in silence as he thought over Yan Zifu’s report.

“Master,” Yan Zifu broke the silence. She waited for the Second Master Jiang to give her permission to speak before she opened her mouth again. “The spies who stayed to watch Prince Lu Wei of Qian Rong reported something. According to him, the Prince received a letter from someone through a small bird. Should we pursue further?”

“Did Prince Lu Wei sent out a reply?”


“Intercept his letter when he sent out a reply,” Jiang Xiao Tian said. “Continue to observe him and report to me immediately once there are any unusual activities from him.”

Yan Zifu nodded. “Yes, master.”

“Have you found out anything about disappearing person?” Jiang Xiao Tian asked.

“The others visited the Government Office in each state of Da Cheng to look into this matter,” Yan Zifu spoke. She put her hands into her full sleeve and pulled out a rolled paper. “I have compiled the stories where a person disappeared into thin air. There were only a few. The others are working to look further into this matter. But, Master, why are you looking into this?”

Jiang Xiao Tian took the rolled doc.u.ment from Yan Zifu and narrowed his eyes. “You don’t need to know about this. Just do as you are told.”

Yan Zifu lowered her gaze. “Understood. Forgive my impertinence.”

Jiang Xiao Tian unrolled the doc.u.ments and started to read. After a while, he placed the papers on the table and sighed with frustration. He did not find many clues from the stories. “Help me to destroy these doc.u.ments.”

“Yes, Master,” Yan Zifu stepped forward to retrieve the doc.u.ments.

“Tell the others to continue and find out about these stories.” Jiang Xiao Tian finished the tea in his cup and stood up to leave. He caught sight of a servant rushing to his direction as he stepped out of the door. The servant bowed to Jiang Xiao Tian and moved to Yan Zifu to whisper something into his ear. The servant bowed again and retreated.

“What is it?” Jiang Xiao Tian asked.

“The servant reported that Young Master Yang Yun is here in his usual private room,” Yan Zifu said in a low voice. “However, he was alone. Speaking about this, I haven’t seen Mingyue for a while. Is she well?”

Jiang Xiao Tian pursed his lips and clenched his fist. He did not reply to Yan Zifu’s question. “Lead me to Yang Yun’s room.”

Yan Zifu nodded and led Jiang Xiao Tian to the private room where Yang Yun was. Once Yan Zifu retreated, Jiang Xiao Tian knocked on the door twice before he let himself into the room. “Mind if I join you for a drink?”

Yang Yun looked up and was surprised to see Jiang Xiao Tian at the door. He immediately stood up. “Second Brother. When did you return?”

“I arrived yesterday,” Jiang Xiao Tian said. “I heard from Yan Zifu that you’re here. Thus I decided to join you. I hope you do not mind.”

Yang Yun gestured towards an empty chair. “Please Second Brother, have a seat.”

Jiang Xiao Tian sat down and peeked at the food on the table. His gaze softened when he saw that each dishes was Mingyue’s favorite.

“Mingyue loved this place and especially these dishes,” Yang Yun said.

“I have instructed my men to look into this matter,” Jiang Xiao Tian said. “We will find a way to bring Mingyue back.”

Yang Yun smiled as he helped to pour a cup of drink for Jiang Xiao Tian. The two of them proceed to drink quietly.

“Second Brother, I have a favor to ask,” Yang Yun said after a few cups of drink.


“My team has been a.s.signed to a mission in Western Border by His Majesty,” Yang Yun said. “It would probably take me about one month before I return. I hope that you can look after my family while I am away.”

Jiang Xiao Tian smiled. “You don’t have to worry about this. We are a family. Even if you did not say it, the Jiang would surely look after your family.”


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