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“Young Miss, Young Master, I will take you in,” the butler said with a huge smile on his face. He had not thought that after a few years, there would be good news in the Jiang residence. The last time they had good news was when Jiang Xiao Xian’s wife gave birth to the small young master.

The butler was about to usher them in when he noticed another silhouette stood behind the two. The butler paused as he gave the stranger a scrutinizing glance. “And who is this?”

“Butler Xia, this is my friend, Li Ran,” Mingyue introduced.

The butler watched him with his eyes wide. A smile grew on his face as he bowed. “Young Master Li, welcome.” He greeted politely. Then, he escorted them into the hall and instructed the maidservant to prepare some refreshments for the guests. Only then did he led Mingyue and her husband to her parent’s courtyard.

Mingyue took a deep breath as she stood in front of the door. He waited outside while the butler informed his master that a few guests wanted to meet him.

Knowing that the butler will not lead just anyone into their residence at a time like this, General Jiang quickly agreed to meet with the guest. Just as he stepped out of the room, General Jiang saw two silhouettes stood in front of his courtyard. Because the two guests had their back facing him, General Jiang could not guess who they were.

General Jiang Huan cleared his throat to get their attention. Just as the two turned around to him, the general’s expression quickly changed. His face paled, and his mouth agape as he took a step forward. General Jiang narrowed his eyes to get a clear look. “Mi-Mingyue?”

“Father,” Mingyue looked at his father with teary eyes. She had not seen him for a few years, and it looked like his father had gotten really old. “Father, it’s me.”

Jiang Huan felt his knees weakened. He took a few staggering steps before his daughter reached his side. Only when he felt Mingyue’s warm hands holding his arms, did Jiang Huan felt that he was not dreaming. His daughter was really standing in front of him!

Jiang Mingyue nodded furiously. Her tears streamed down her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but only a whimper came out. She could not utter a word. In the end, Mingyue bit on her lips to stop herself from crying.

The father and daughter held each other in an embrace for a long time. None of them noticed that the mother stood behind them with tears welled up in her eyes.

“Mother,” Yang Yun was the first to notice that his mother-in-law was ha walked out of her room.

The father and daughter turned around simultaneously. Their eyes grew soft as they watched Mingyue’s mother, Han Yunyi, leaned on the wall to stand up.

Mingyue stretched up her hand, “Mother.” Her voice turned hoa.r.s.e.

Han Yunyi sobbed as she heard her daughter’s voice. Her legs gained strength as she stepped forward to her husband and daughter. Mingyue pulled her mother into a hug. The two women continued to cry, releasing their grievance and yearning for each other.

Yang Yun stood at the side, watching the family of three reunited after six years. Yang Yun turned to butler Xia and asked him to send someone to inform the others of Mingyue’s return.

Butler Xia wiped his tears before he ran to call a few others to send the news.

When Yang Yun turned around, Jiang Huan stood at his side. His father-in-law patted his shoulder and thanked him for bringing back his daughter. Mingyue and Yang Yun were then taken into the Jiang’s couple courtyard, and they had their meals together after a long time.

Later that night, the Jiang family, Han Zhenting and Yang Yun’s mother and sister, gathered in the Jiang’s residence as they celebrated Mingyue’s return. Jiang Xiao Xian had to ask for emergency leave to come home. The house was filled with tears and laughter as Mingyue and Yang Yun had returned. Even Li Ran had joined in the fun. Because he was both Mingyue and Yang Yun’s friend, General Jiang, had offered him to stay with them for as long as he liked.

Han Zhenting sat beside his granddaughter with a broad smile on his face. Earlier, Mingyue had told them the stories of how she survived in the other world. Now that the grandfather and granddaughter were left alone, Mingyue naturally wanted to talk to him about the medical advance from the different world and what she had learned.

“I’m happy that you live well there. Later you should teach me a thing or two,” Han Zhenting said after a while.

Mingyue nodded. “Of course. Grandfather, I brought along some of their surgical equipment. Later I will teach you how to use them.”

Han Zhenting let out a laugh. Then, he looked at his granddaughter and smiled. “Mingyue, it has been a long time since Grandfather saw you. Let me check on your pulse to see how you are doing.”

Mingyue hesitated for a while before she held out her hand.

Han Zhenting placed his fingers on Mingyue’s wrist as he tried to feel her pulse. A slight frown appeared on his face after a while. When he looked up after a few minutes later, Han Zhenting gave a surprised look to Mingyue

“Mingyue, you-” Han Zhenting paused when he saw that Mingyue had put her hand on her lips.

“Grandfather lets keep this a secret for a while longer,” Mingyue whispered. “I will tell the others once the baby had reached three months.”

Han Zhenting glanced at Mingyue’s flat stomach before he finally nodded.

“What are you two discussing?”

Mingyue was startled as she heard a voice behind her. She turned around and smiled at her second brother, Jiang Xiao Tian. “Second brother. We were only discussing some medical knowledge I learned from the other world.”

Jiang Xiao Tian looked at his sister with his eyes full of doting. “Should I inform Her Highness that you have returned? When you went away, the Princess was worried and had been blaming herself. She would be happy to know that you have returned.”

“Second brother, can you take me into the palace?” Mingyue had a mischievous smile on her face. “I’d like to give her a surprise.”


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