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The two families had dinner together while the elders were discussing matters about the marriage. After dinner, Han Yunyi took Yang Yun’s mother to her courtyard for a walk while talking about various things. Mingyue took Yang An to her room for a chat while the boys gathered together in a room.

Jiang Huan was playing a round of chess with Yang Yun with Xia Liang forced to observe their game while Xiao Xian and Xiao Tian continued their conversation from early on. The brother’s conversation halted again when a knocking sounded. Soon, Xiao Xian’s wife walked with a servant behind her carrying a tray of refreshment.

Jiang Xiao Xian’s expression lightened up when he saw his wife walking towards him with her protruding belly. He stood up and walked to his wife’s side. “Why are you here instead of resting?”

Xie Wen Ji tilted her head up as she was shorter when she stood side by side with Jiang Xiao Xian. Her pale face regained some colors when she saw her husband. “I brought some refreshments for everyone. I thought you might be thirsty,” she answered. Xie Wen Ji turned to the servant and motioned them to put the tray of refreshment on the table. Then, she turned to look at her husband again. “Don’t worry. I will return and rest after this.”

Jiang Xiao Xian tensed as his gaze landed on his wife’s stomach. Her health was not too good since she got pregnant and Mingyue had advised her to rest a lot. Xiao Xian reached for Wen Ji’s hand and was surprised to feel her cold skin. “I’ll send you back.”

“I’m fine. I have the servant accompanying me,” Xie Wen Ji patted her husband’s hand to rea.s.sure him. “You should continue your talk with Second Brother.” She turned to Xiao Tian and nodded as a greeting.

Jiang Xiao Xian watched as his wife’s figure disappeared behind the door. Only then did he return to his seat.

“How much longer until sister-in-law give birth?” Jiang Xiao Tian asked.

“In another month,” Xiao Xian answered. He frowned as he thought about his wife again. He was excited as this will be their first child, but he was worried about his wife’s condition. It was a good thing that His Majesty had summoned him back to the capital. Although he was busy with the preparation for the Spring Hunt, at least he could frequently watch over his wife.

Jiang Xiao Xian shifted his gaze to Xiao Tian and said, “When will you and Xiao Liang bring home a wife and settle down?”

The tea in Xiao Tian’s mouth almost spilled out at his brother’s question. He cleared his throat and looked at Xiao Xian with a scowl. “Elder brother, what are you saying?”

“Even our younger sister is getting married in a few months,” Xiao Xian said with a shrug. He raised a brow when a thought crossed his mind. “You’ve been traveling around under His Majesty’s order,” he lowered his voice and teased, “It is possible that you have fancied a girl and gotten married in secret.”

Jiang Xiao Tian glanced at his father who was concentrating in his chess game. “Please. I don’t want to get killed by our father.”

Jiang Xiao Xian laughed. He drank his tea and the smile on his face faded. He looked at Xiao Tian and spoke softly, “Regarding the matter we discussed earlier, don’t worry. I will pay attention to them.”

“Thank you, Elder Brother,” Xiao Tian said.

Xiao Xian chuckled. “But, I don’t think it’s wise for you to keep meeting the princess or others might suspect something.”

“I know that.” Xiao Tian said. “But I don’t have other choices. Next time if I have to communicate with Her Highness, I will have to ask Mingyue to deliver my messages.”

“Forget it. Don’t involve Mingyue into this.”

“Why not? Our sister can be quite cautious. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.”

Xiao Xian glanced at his father and said, “The old man will not like it. The Jiang’s family will always support the Crown Princess. But, whatever it is that we planned to do to help Her Highness, let’s leave Mingyue out of this. If anything happened to us, at least Mingyue will have the chance to survive.”

The corner of his lips curved into a faint smile as he recalled the conversation with his old man.

At that time, they have decided that Mingyue will marry Yang Yun. His sister was beautiful. Naturally, there were a few reputable families came to meet their parents to ask for Mingyue. Surprisingly, Jiang Huan declined them and chose to let Mingyue marry Yang Yun. Later, Jiang Xiao Xian met his father and asked why he had chosen Yang Yun over a family that could help the Jiang family to thrive further.

Jiang Huan’s answer surprised him.

“With your mother’s as the Empress’ sister and our military power, the Jiang family is already at the highest peak. However, getting too close to power is never a good thing,” Jiang Huan had said. “Because of our family status and military power, many wanted to bring us down. If that happened, the whole of Jiang’s family would be implicated. I only wish for someone to protect your sister. Yang Yun is a good kid. Although his family is not as powerful as ours, he did have a good background. I think he will be able to protect your sister well.”


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