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Chapter 48 Besiege

“Young Master, go deal with that arrogant youngster. We’ll besiege this purple eyed one! Since they’re both criminal sc.u.m, we have no need to lecture them about morals!” The person speaking was the first Elder. At this moment, he was staring at Xue Yunge as he, the other two elders, and the white clothed emissaries moved to surround him.

Xue Yunge’s lips lifted into a sneer and his demonic, purple eyes gleamed. They were stupid and reckless things. Even if they all ganged up on him, he, Xue Yunge, wouldn’t be scared. It was truly ridiculous! Mu Yalun was just about to open his mouth and refute the idea, but he was suddenly attacked by Xue Zhuyue and became wrapped up in battle. Perhaps his thoughts stemmed from teachings he was taught since he was young, but in his eyes, the act of besieging was a disgraceful move for any martial artist to do. n.o.blemen should always fight in a one on one challenge! Xue Zhuyue saw through his way of thinking and had deliberately attacked him at this moment, preventing him from opposing the idea. In his heart, he disdainfully laughed at these so-called n.o.blemen’s way of thinking. In his eyes, it was extremely false. Whoever beat who was the rightful king, this was this world’s unspoken rule. Those so-called upright individuals looked honorable on the surface, but inwardly, they were extremely filthy. What they had gone through was enough proof that this world was filled with darkness. How were they supposed to express the ruthlessness built up in their heart? Slaughtering people, aside from slaughtering people, there wasn’t any other way!

The anger and killing intent that surged up from the bottom of Xue Zhuyue’s heart caused his actions to become fiercer and fiercer. On the other hand, Mu Yalun held no killing intent in his heart, so he didn’t use all his strength to resist the blows. The longer he fought, the further he retreated. His actions caused Xue Zhuyue to become even more angered. Did he think that he would fall over from just one blow? He even went as far as to give in to him and retreat backwards? Mu Yalun thought too highly of himself!

Watching as his opponent became more and more vicious, Mu Yalun turned serious. They had reached a critical point now, he shouldn’t continue following those regulations in his heart. At this moment, he realized that this person wasn’t a good person, he didn’t need to let him off leniently.  However, he was aware that his opponent’s martial arts were equal to himself, it could even be said that he was a bit higher than himself. The concerns in his heart didn’t need to exist.

Xue Yunge’s red whip flew in the air with a gorgeous red streak trailed behind it. All the white clothed emissaries that attempted to near him were hit by the whip. Not wanting to give up, the few people rushed over again. Xue Yunge sneered at their efforts and began to condense internal power in his fingertips. He neared those few people and ruthlessly scattered his internal power over. Those people ran away at the sight of danger and only gained a few bloodstains on their cheeks. The white clothed emissaries rejoiced over the fact that they escaped danger, but not long after, they were incessantly crying in pain. All people saw was their faces turning black. Slowly, the black spread down until it had fully festered and turned their entire body black. Pained shouts ensued as they all began to scratch and claw at their own skin, leaving behind horrifying scars from their fingers. In the end, their body became rotten and they died. This was an extremely severe way of killing someone, it was really too cruel!

Mu Yalun saw this devastating scene and his heart throbbed with grief. Suddenly he heart felt unstable and he slowly went in a downward spiral under Xue Zhuyue’s attacks. Seeing this opportunity, Xue Zhuyue reached for his soft sword. A silvery light flashed as he swiped his soft sword directly at Mu Yalun’s throat. Mu Yalun’s tender face flashed with terror. He took the opportunity to quickly bend down. Narrowly avoiding the soft sword, he stagged back a few steps.

“You’re despicable!”

“Heng, what despicable or not despicable. When I kill you, I want to see if you’re still spouting about that so-called justice!” Coldly smiling, Xue Zhuyue continued his attacks.

Ink colored air flew in the sky alongside the red colored whip’s jumping motion. Seductive purple eyes that confused people and graceful yet vicious killing intent. If it weren’t for the corpses littering the floor and the blood splatters everywhere, this scene would’ve definitely the scene of a gorgeous dance! Beauty was sometimes disastrous, it was sometimes the cause of disasters, and it could also sometimes be the most ferocious weapon. It could recruit people, or it could invisibly kill people. The two seductive youngsters used their picturesque bodies to create their own death dance in Blue Snow Stronghold.

Most of the white clothed emissaries were already dead, even though there were a few still laying on the floor, moaning in pain, they were like an arrow at the end of it’s flight; they were hopeless. Some Elders were lucky and were able to suppress the poison from spreading in their body. They strenuously dealt with Xue Yunge’s increasingly brutal attacks and had already recoiled back many steps, now they completely lacked any strength to move any longer. The few people who had faced their enemy head on spit out a mouthful of blood as they staggered along. Upon seeing this, Mu Yalun wanted to immediately tear away from his fight with Xue Zhuyue and go save them.

How could Xue Zhuyue let him have his way? He turned around and blocked Mu Yalun from going further. Xue Yunge stood in front of Mu Yalun with an enchanting smile etched on his face. His smile was full of ridicule and despise, it looked as if he was laughing at him for his powerlessness. Mu Yalun saw that Xue Yunge’s eyes looked as if he had, had all of his wishes fulfilled. It caused Mu Yalun to go into a rage, he was unable to control himself anymore.

Mu Yalun really lost control over himself now. He looked at the white clothed emissaries, that were like his brothers, dying and watched as his Elders suffered under the brothers’ attacks. He felt so powerless, his heart twisted, producing an aching pain. It was okay to call him weak, it was fine if he didn’t possess the imposing aura that a Young Master possessed; he, Mu Yalun, was just an ordinary person. Ordinary people experienced feelings of love and regret. Even though he acted aloof at times, those were the people that had stayed by his side for years, the people he had always interacted with. It was impossible not to feel something, to not feel affected. This was his weakness, he was too kindhearted, he cared too much about others’ lives. This was a valuable trait, but it was Mu Yalun’s mortal flaw.

However, even at the consequence of losing his own life, he didn’t feel regret. When he thought of that slender figure, that angel-like face, and that faint smile, he felt unwilling to part with that. In that split second, he didn’t want to continue living for his brothers, or even for Blue Snow Stronghold; he only wanted to do it for her, for the smiling expression between her brows. This way of thinking became more and more intense each time it appeared, it caused him to feel restless. How could be so selfish? To let Blue Snow Stronghold lose it’s life and fade away, to possess such greed? His entire life had been dedicated to protecting and preserving Blue Snow Stronghold, how could he let himself indulge in such things now?

All these complex thoughts flooded his head for only a split second. In this moment, Mu Yalun had already given up on himself. Even though he felt much reluctance, to give up that figure, in his heart, he decided to do the better thing. He was going to let her go; to give her freedom and happiness. Even if that person would never be his. He was very clear in his heart that it had been his own wishful thinking from the beginning. That greedy way of thinking matured, until the point where he could no longer control it. It grew so strong that he didn’t even know when these intense feelings appeared, to the extent that it would be so hard for him to get rid of them.

In the second he was absent-minded, Xue Zhuyue had already left a cut mark from his sword on him. Fortunately he recoiled in time and Xue Zhuyue’s sword only cut the corner of his clothes. While this happened, Xue Yunge’s long whip finally swept in front of the Elders. Accompanying this was the sound of blood-curdling screeches. The Elders were no longer able to stand it and fell to the floor. They could no longer help Mu Yalun. Mu Yalun raised “Broken Cherry” and put all his strength into one blow. Surprisingly, he was able to leave a streak of blood on Xue Zhuyue’s beautiful face!

Xue Zhuyue turned away from Mu Yalun and bent down. He didn’t look at him for a long time before finally turning around. He deeply looked at Mu Yalun and with a heavy voice, he asked, “You cut my face?” His face was most beloved by Yi Yi, Yi Yi loved to stroke and kiss his face the most, yet it had actually been damaged by this person!

Anger appeared on Xue Zhuyue’s face. His faintly b.l.o.o.d.y and beautiful face was actually so incomparably sinister and extremely ruthless. Mu Yalun was obviously unclear as to how cutting his face was such a big matter, he only concerned himself with the safety of his Elders and didn’t see or sense any abnormality within Xue Zhuyue. On the other hand, Xue Yunge, who was standing to the side, saw all of this very clearly. A flirtatious smile appeared on his face, clearly showing he was taking joy in disaster. Although Yue seemed incomparably cold and pure, he was actually the most impatient, bad tempered, and irritable. If someone offended him, only himself and Yi Yi could calm Yue down! This time, he was afraid Mu Yalun would have to suffer his own consequences and walk the road of disaster. Yi Yi loved to stoke that face of his the most because it was very soft and smooth. Even though Yi Yi most likely only enjoyed doing so because she enjoyed the touch, Yue treated it very seriously and cared for his face greatly. And now, Mu Yalun just happened to make the biggest offense to Yue possible.

Completely calm despite the impending doom, Xue Yunge cupped one hand in the other and stood there, no longer bothering to chase after those old men. This gave Mu Yalun the opportunity to go over to them, but Xue Zhuyue was even faster than him. His gorgeous sword swung at them and those few Elders instantly lost their lives.

Translator Note wow, hard to believe that there’s only 10 chapters left in this first volume.. (there are 2 volumes with around 100 chapters in total)

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