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Chapter 242

After having a meal with Emily, Kyle, and Sarah, Kei went home . As he was updating his database, he noticed something weird . The usual flow of traffic was different . Usually this wasn’t something to be concerned about, since no one could predict if some sort of accident might happen changing the flow of traffic .

Yet Kei noticed today that the flow of traffic, was heavier than usual, and there were no reports of an accident in the area . Not only that he noticed while he and Emily were following Kyle, he noticed that the former empty condominiums had actual people in it, even without going inside he noticed some movement inside the rooms .

It wasn’t just that, he also noticed that there were many unfamiliar faces in the streets, as he was walking . It was true that Kei doesn’t have anything like an eidetic memory, but still Kei had a very good memory . He has been walking around the city since he was seven years old and the people he meets everyday were usually the same, with some differences every now and then . Those different people he sees every now and then, were sometimes tourist, or people visiting from a different city . Yet today, it wasn’t just a few people that Kei didn’t recognize, but a lot of them .

This sudden flow of strangers was abnormal, since there were no events in the upcoming days to warrant such a crowd . Kei feeling something was amiss started to investigate .

. . .

While Kei was doing his investigation, back in the Samaritas home Litth was playing . Lilitth who was watching a cartoon a few minutes ago, suddenly wanted to do something she saw on T . V .

She wanted to play with Emily and her mother Michel, and so she called them to her room . Of course Michel and Emily were always happy to play with Lilitth . Especially Emily who had quite a c.r.a.ppy day because of her brother . Playing with the cute little Lilitth would make her feel better since the little lady always brightens the mood .

Carlo who saw Lilitth calling for playmates approached his daughter in her room .

“Lilitth how about tou-chan? Can tou-chan play with you?” Carlo smilingly pointed at himself, as he acted cutely in front of his daughter .

“Sorry tou-chan, no boys allowed . This is for girls only . ” When Lilitth said this, Carlo simply stood there, not moving his smile not leaving his face . Michel who was on the other side of the door smirked at Carlo .

After saying what she said, Lilitth closed the door, and after a few seconds you could hear the three girls giggling inside the room . Alex who was watching from the sidelines wondered what the three of them could be playing .

It was then Alex noticed something weird, his dad Carlo was simply standing there, in the same position he was in when he asked Lilitth if he could play with her . Feeling something was wrong Alex slowly approached his dad .

“Dad are you alright?” There was no response, as Alex got a bit closer he could here his dad mumbling something .

“She doesn’t want to play with me . She doesn’t want to play with me . She doesn’t want to play with me . She doesn’t want to play with me . She doesn’t want to play with me . She doesn’t want to play with me . “

Carlo kept on repeating the same thing over and over again . Alex who heard his mumbling wanted to back away, but the moment he did so, Carlo suddenly s.h.i.+fted his attention towards Alex . He then proceeded to hug his son .

“Alex! Li-li-littth said she doesn’t want to play with me! She said she wanted to play with that b*tch of a mother instead . ”

“That’s your wife dad . ”

“Who cares! d.a.m.n it! How come no boys are allowed? Should I perhaps have my s*x change?”

“You’re not thinking straight dad . ”

“But, but, but Lilitth, I want to play with her . Tou-chan wants to play with Lilitth . ” Alex seeing his dad act like this made him sigh . What happened to the calm, cool, and suave merc called the messenger of death? He turned into something like this . If the soldiers, mercs,, and political figures he killed were to see him now, they would question how someone like this was able to take them down .

. . .

After complaining to Alex for a few more minutes, Carlo suddenly had an idea . He then approached the door of Lillith’s room and knocked .

“Lilitth, it’s tou-chan, I have something I need to tell you . ” The door then opened revealing Lilitth wearing a cute dress .

“What is it tou-chan?”

“Why are you wearing that?” Carlo who was holding himself back from suddenly hugging Lilitth asked .

“Oh this, we’re playing fas.h.i.+on model . I’m trying on different dresses of kaa-chan’s design . ” When Lilitth said this, Michel once again smirked at Carlo . Seeing that smirking face of Michel, made Carlo really want to attack Michel . What kind of wife keeps on provoking her husband like that! Carlo held himself back and continued to smile in front of Lilitth .

“Oh that’s wonderful Lilitth . Tou-chan actually wants to do something with you, Kaa-chan, and Alex . So how about we take a family picture . ”

“A picture! Let’s do it! Tou-chan, kaa-chan, onii-sama, and I will take a picture, as a family . ” Lilitth was so happy she suddenly jumped towards Carlo hugging him . As Lilitth was hugging him, Carlo looked at Michel and did the exact same smirk as hers . This made Michel a bit angry as she gritted her teeth .

. . .

After the butlers were done setting up the cameras the four Samaritas were trying to decide their positions . At first Carlo and Michel were trying to get Lilitth to sit beside them, after they compromised and made Lilitth sit in the middle, the little girl a suggestion of her own . She wanted to sit beside her onii-sama . When the two doting parents heard this, they had conflicted feelings .

As parents they liked Alex, but they adored Lilitth . At this moment they were a bit angry, jealous, and a bit happy . Still in the end they decided that the two children should sit down beside each other on chairs, while the two parents would be standing up behind them .

The Samaritas were very happy as they took this picture, especially Lilitth who finally had proof that they were truly a family . Unknown to the Samaritas that this was the first and last time, they could take a family picture with everyone in it .


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