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Chapter 326

While Alex was feeling the hopelessness and despair engulfing him, Richter finally received a piece of good news . The most important guest has finally arrived . Samuel had already brought her to the detention room near Alex’s .

Richter excitedly headed towards the room, where he saw Samuel guarding the outside . In one look Richter could guess what kind of difficulty Samuel and the others had to go through in order to capture Rachel . The wounds were treated, and the ones that could be seen outside of the uniform were all covered up . It was obvious that his subordinates were hiding how disappointing they were .

Still Richter didn’t bother to reprimand Samuel, he would do that later when all of them were here .

“You’re dismissed . . . Samuel, in light of recent events I expect you to train harder than before . ” When Samuel heard what Richter said, his body started to tremble in fear as he saluted the old man and then retreated from his position . Once Samuel was gone from his sight, Richter opened the door to Rachel’s room .

Upon entering the room Richter saw a girl laying on the floor asleep . It would seem that Samuel was forced to drug her . Richter slowly approached Rachel’s body, but when he got close enough the lifeless body suddenly bounced awake and attacked Richter .

Rachel was in her basic RELEASE form as she attacked Richter, but even with that, Richter was able to easily catch Rachel’s punch . She then saw the old man in front of her smiling at her .

“Oh, that’s a pretty good punch . Your power is a bit lower than your father’s, but with that one punch I can sense that you would surpa.s.s him eventually . “

Rachel didn’t bother talking to Richter, as she tried to pull her hand away from Richter’s grasp, but couldn’t . Rachel was shocked to learn even in her RELEASE state she couldn’t overpower the old man in front of her . With what she has seen, Rachel had now a good guess on who she was facing at this moment .

“You’re Alex’s grandfather . ” Richter hearing what Rachel said smiled as she tossed the girl back .

“Very good, now little girl show me more of what you’re capable of . ” Richter stretched his arms outward giving himself a lot of openings to exploit . When Rachel saw how Richter acted, she felt that the old man was mocking her . Still she didn’t charged in, since now that she knew who she was facing, Rachel became a bit cautious . This person in front of her was able to easily defeat her father, Alex, and Niel . If that wasn’t enough he was also a person who was able to escape the chasing Lyner .

When Richter saw that Rachel wasn’t making a move, he frowned .

“Being cautious is good and all, but what happened to overflowing energy of youth . . . Little girl nothing will happen if you just stare at my face . Hmm I guess you aren’t motivated enough . I wanted to see what kind of girl my grandson fell for, but if you keep on being silent like that, and don’t start moving I won’t see anything at all . . . Let’s see how about I give you a prize, if you’re able to beat me or kill me, you can have the master key hidden somewhere in my body . That master key is something that unlocks every room in this base . You can use it to escape with Alex who’s just next door . ”

When Rachel heard that Alex was in the room next to her, Rachel’s heart shook greatly . This was the closest she got to Alex after a whole year . Just a little bit more, and she could meet him again . Still that wasn’t enough for her to simply attack Richter . It was obvious that he was agitating her into attacking .

Richter looked at Rachel and found it amusing that even with that kind of incentive she wasn’t charging in . ‘This girl has a lot more self control than her father . ‘ Richter now understood that Rachel wasn’t the hotblooded type like her father, so he decided to do something else . Richter took an earpiece from his pocket and communicated with a subordinate .

Rachel who was watching Richter closely, waited to see what he would do next . A few moments after talking in his earpiece, a tv screen came down from the ceiling . It then showed a room with a boy sitting down in a corner, his face was bleeding and so was his hands . The boy was crying as the clear look of despair was shown in his face . Rachel was able to quickly identify who that boy was, it was none other than Alexander Samarita .

Rachel couldn’t believe her eyes, the boy whose expression remained always stoic, was now crying in a corner with a mix of despair and fear showing on his face . Rachel couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of horrors Alex must’ve endured to become like that .

“What have you done to Alex!” Rachel suddenly shouted at the old man in front of her .

“Nothing much, I was just training him . ” Richter nonchalantly replied .

“Training!? You called that training?! That’s your own grandson, your own flesh and blood! How can you treat him like that!”

“Don’t talk like you know anything little girl . What I’m doing is showering my grandson with my love and affection . I’m giving him the greatest gift that I could give . I’m giving him the chance to become the perfect Greyhound . ” Richter’s tone suddenly got a bit colder as he answered Rachel .

“That’s your way of showing love!? Making your grandson cry, and making him have that look of despair on his face, is your way of showing love? Your mind must be a messed up place if you think that way . “

Hearing what Rachel said made Richter shrug his shoulders . “It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand how great my love is for my grandson . Also it’s not my fault he’s showing that look of despair . For that one, the fault lies in you . “

After saying what he wanted to say, Richter had the tv screen returned from where it came from . At this point he was no longer interested in talking to Rachel . Richter showed Rachel his back as he was about to leave .

“What do you mean I’m the one at fault for Alex feeling despair?!” Seeing Richter getting ready to leave, Rachel shouted at him . Richter didn’t bother to answer anymore and was really about to leave, but before he could do so, Rachel bursted forward blocking his path .

“Tell me!” Rachel looked at Richter angrily, but even then Richter didn’t bother to look at Rachel as he continued onward without a care . Rachel then went into her full RELEASE state and attacked .

Richter seeing the incoming attack tried to block it, using the same move as before, but the moment he caught the punch, he felt his hands being pushed back . Richter then quickly tried to redirect the attack, but it was too late, his right hand got dislocated . He was surprised on how much power Rachel had, since he actually felt like his right hand would be blown away from his body .

The nanomachines inside Richter’s body started to fix the dislocated right arm . While that was happening Rachel continued to attack Richter . Now that he knew how strong Rachel was, he didn’t bother to block the incoming attacks anymore and instead started dodging the whole barrage of attacks .

Richter couldn’t help but smile seeing Rachel’s reaction . ‘In the end she’s still a kid . ‘ Even now, it turns out the whole flow of events were within Richter’s expectations .

‘Now little girl show me if you are worthy to bear a child of a Greyhound . ‘


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