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Chapter 1265 “Labor (1)”

“Ahumph!” The guard forces a dry cough using an expressionless face, “Whatever you want to say can come later. Right now come with me.”

In an instant, the courtyard was silent over the order.

Mu Xue undoubtedly felt unhappy over the lost opportunity and glared at her older sister. What anosy body! I knew I should’ve forced Mother to keep this woman at home! That way I can avoid having her cling onto me and ruin my good thing.

However, not even this greedy girl was foolish enough to openly showcase her true feelings. This wasn’t the Leopard Clan, but the palace in the Demon City. She has at least enough awareness to know what she could and couldn’t do in these times.

The guard obviously saw through the character of this leopard la.s.s, after all, this wasn’t the first time he’s had to deal with the female s.e.x trying to get into the king’s bedchamber. In the end after much deliberation, the demon soldier decides to consult with the elder council after bring these maids to their designated living quarters. He doesn’t want to make presumptions and make another mistake like today.

Unfortunately, it seems fate doesn’t want to side with the poor palace guard during this period. Right when he arrived at the courtyard where the remaining elders were staying, he was firmly driven away by the attendants, saying the elders were currently in a crucial step of making a breakthrough and won’t allow a audience.


In a teahouse not far from the Demon City, a teenager was currently sitting next to a window staring out into the sky when he overheard the nearby conversations.

“Oh right, did you hear about the recent news regarding the Demon City?”

Demon City?

Crumpling up his nose over those two words, the teen in question started to pay attention.

“Of course I’ve heard about that Demon City. It’s been conquered by the demons did it not? I really have to wonder what the Celestial Palace is thinking. It’s been so long already, why aren’t they sending people over to retake the place? If this continues then the entire realm will fall into those demons at this rate.”

“I’m not talking about that city being conquered you silly, I’m talking about the demon king taking in new consorts. Because of that reasoning, the demon queen and her son the prince have now ran away from home and hasn’t returned yet. That demon queen deserves it I say. She’s a human like us but decides to become a demon’s wife.”


The teacup in the boy’s hand was crushed in that instant. Despite the boiling water being hot enough to give a burn, the teen didn’t pay it any heed and came before the loudmouthed gossiper’s face in the next.

“You… What do you want?” The person asks after noticing the intensely cold air coming down his neck.

“You just said… the demon king wants to take in a new consort, is that true?”

“I… I’m not entirely sure. The news came from the Demon City so I’m only saying what I heard. It’s a huge sensation apparently and has all the female demons there riles up. Even some human women are trying to get in on the election process.”


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