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Chapter 1276 “Di Cang’s Arrival (2)”

She’s never seen her son in such a state before, at the very least, not to this extent. For example, even though Bai Xiachen did come close when those shadow guards tried to kill them both on the cusp of the Demon Realm’s border, the kid still had a sense of humanity left in him, but there’s none of that anymore….


Able to sense the strong level of sadness in Bai Yan’s behavior, the celestial fox sobs for her and then made a timid look towards the boy. The little fella’s body was shaking against that terrifying burning aura.

“Xiachen…” Reaching out with her hand, Bai Yan wanted to touch that face to rea.s.sure herself that the worst-case scenario hasn’t happened yet. However, the boy himself wouldn’t let her and turned back to face the enemies with his bloodthirsty eye.

Why is this happening?

Didn’t Di Cang say the wisp of grudge must rely on Xiachen to survive?

Why does it look like my son is gone?

“Elder Shen, this is but a child, hurry up and kill him so we can move on.” Shen Tian Yu forms a frown on the face and started to grow increasingly more impatient at the repeated delay.

Yet the old man didn’t move as told. He’s staring intently at the freakish boy because his heart was throbbing with unease right now, something that shouldn’t be possible.

The rest of the goonies on the other hand couldn’t care less. In their mind, such a child wouldn’t pose a threat at all and they themselves only need to heed Shen Tian Yu’s command.

Of the bunch, the one at the forefront moved the fastest and he’s also the one who swung his weapon at the boy first. But speed wasn’t a factor in this exchange though. Without moving an inch, Bai Xiachen just stared at the a.s.sailant and froze him in the air like a petrified statue!

It’s then under this state the horrified individual felt it, the monumental force of a mountain’s worth coming in from all sides against his limbs. For those watching in the back, too afraid to intervene, they only saw their poor comrade being flatted little by little. Before they knew, what used to be a human being has now become a pile of flesh, a meat pie in the shape of a cube!

No words could begin to explain the intense horror circulating across this mountain peak right now. Simply speechless, that’s all there was to it.

“Run!” The first to come back to their senses was the High Divine Elder Shen. He turned tail and fled at the highest speed his body would allow.

But there’s no way the little red eye devil here would allow this group to leave, would he?

In a flash of blurring movement, the boy was already in front of the elder and firmly grasping onto that shoulder. With a horrific sound of flesh and bone being torn, he rips that arm right off and causes blood to splatter everywhere, staining him and the snow-white ground!

The old fella screamed in pain, but he could not care so much anymore. In a swift and decisive act, he grabs Shen Tian Yu with his remaining good arm and fled for the bottom of the mountain. Meanwhile the others weren’t so lucky in this case. Their speed was nowhere as fast and swiftly fell one by one under the hands of the little steambun.

Once he was done with that, Bai Xiachen returns again to face Bai Yan, his eyes a glow of eerie red.


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