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Chapter 1326 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord (6)”

Leaving those arms after making that face, Bai Xiachen eventually took notice to the old man. Lighting up in the eye, “Grandpapa, what are you doing here? Where did you run off to before? Did that bad woman hurt you?”

Startled by the recognition, Bai Yan speaks up with surprise in her voice: “Xiachen, you know the grandpa?”

Nodding seriously: “Mother, do you remember when you came to save me and Dragony that time? This old man was also there and he had a feud with that bad woman too. He got tied up after falling for her trap so I was worried for a while if he’s been captured or something.”

Perhaps the old coot also remembered the boy because he answered immediately while scratching the back of his head: “I remember you, there was also a little la.s.s by your side that time. What’s your relations.h.i.+p with my good granddaughter?”

Good granddaughter?

A touch of shock took the boy’s face by surprise. Turning to his own mother, all one could see in his eyes were puzzlement.

“Xiachen, greet your great grandpapa.” She ruffles the boy’s hair a bit.

Turning from surprise to stunned astonishment now: “Mother, you say he’s my great grandpapa? How come I got another great grandpapa again?”

Bai Yan’s own lips were twitching due to the way he said it there. Now that he mentions it, Xiachen does have a lot of grandpapas.

In light of his puzzlement, Bai Xiachen still greeted the old coot like a good boy that he was: “Great Grandpapa.”

“Aigh, aigh.” Flus.h.i.+ng red from embarra.s.sing, the old coot kept rummaging through his whole body for anything he could give. “I… I don’t seem to have a present on me. Can you wait a bit, I’ll go back inside and grab something?”

Seeing how he’s about to dash back inside and delay their departure further, Bai Yan desperately clings on the old coot’s sleeve and said: “Grandpapa, don’t go back, those people will soon come back here. We need to hurry and leave before they do so.”

“Yes, yes,” patting his head like he’s done something foolish, “my granddaughter is right, I can’t let those little rabbits see you. They will hurt you so let’s get out of here.”

“Mother, where’s Little Rice?” Its then Bai Xiachen decides to jump in and ask after not finding the familiar feline around.

“I told him and Tsing Yi to go back first. I estimate they are already at the city and inside the palace waiting.”

Lighting up with antic.i.p.ation for their reunion, the boy couldn’t wait for his friend to return to his side: “Then can we go back now? I miss everyone, especially my little sister.”

“Then let’s go home.” Holding her boy’s hand, Bai Yan leads the way with her glorious smile.


By the time the Keepers returned to the Celestial Palace, all that remained to welcome their arrival were the carnage of the battle’s aftermath. There are bodies littered everywhere and the stinging odor of char and smoke from the back mountain lingering in the air due to the huge fire that’s still burning.

“Hurry, go in and see!” One of the elders exclaim after seeing the mess.


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