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Chapter 1352 “Asking for Death (3)”

Yu Yao’s body continued to back up into a corner, her eye’s showing incredulous disbelief.

The Demon Realm’s wise and mighty king would become a slave before his queen?

This is that man?

He promised her one love one life?



Women should be nothing but wear for men, how can she dominate such a mighty king to herself?

This can’t be happening!

This is not real!

Very quickly, those eyes have changed from the initial shock to pure anger until it fell into despair. Even so, this wretched old hag continues to deceive herself and refuses to face facts.

“Mother!” It’s then Bai Xiachen’s voice broke in, his body rus.h.i.+ng over to throw himself into Bai Yan’s arms as well. “Mother, Ling Yan almost fell into the pond just now but was saved by her maid over there.” Pointing to Mu Ying who continues to keep her head down, “But then that old hag jumped in from out of nowhere and kept blaming her, saying it was the maid who pushed my sister into the water. She insists on punis.h.i.+ng Ling Yan’s maid for some reason.”

At first Bai Yan was still showing her loving and doting face at her two children, but that instantly changed after hearing that outrageous story.

“And do you know what Mother, when I defended Ling Yan’s maid because I saw everything too, that person called me a wild child of some b.a.s.t.a.r.d. She kept scolding me and said I had a bad upbringing.”

That only made Bai Yan’s expression sink darker to the point where those around her instinctively took a step back. Right now the woman’s aura felt more menacing than Di Cang’s dominance, that’s how angry this mother was right now when someone starts cussing out her own children.

“Di Cang, how come you are letting just any demon into the city?” She says without ever facing her husband.

Feeling the cold chill running down his back over that remark, the demon king knew he’s in trouble tonight. Without delay, he snaps at the rear guards who came with him: “Who allowed this crazy old hag to come into my palace? Did I not give an explicit order that random individuals are not permitted inside?!”

Yuan Po the guard captain crumbled to the ground with his knee: “Sire, she… she was allowed in because of her pa.s.sage token. She’s the wife of the leopard tribe’s chief…..”

Di Cang didn’t say more to the poor demon soldier since this was his own doing. Instead, he locks onto Yu Yao who was still shaking in one corner. That was all it took for the unimaginable to happen. When the old hag locked eyes with the demon king, she shuddered and then released a patch of unknown liquid down her important spot, which was yellow and emitted a foul odor to the nose.

“How come I didn’t know I’ve become a b.a.s.t.a.r.d that only knows how to raise a wild child? Do I need you to lecture my son and have you discipline him?”

Prostrating on the ground now: “Spare me Sire! I… I really didn’t know he is the prince, I only said all those things because I was concerned about the princess. Yes, I only did everything for the princess’s sake! I was afraid some unknown stranger would try to abduct her!”

Yes, I only did everything for the princess’s sake, I am not wrong. The king should know this, he should!

Thinking up to here, Yu Yao’s heart eased up a little and also got a better color along the face.

Huffing a grunt at that obvious lie, Di Cang smirks and turns to his own son: “Xiachen, the weather is getting cold, how about I have someone make you a leopard coat for the season? If one is not enough, I can have two made.”

Bai Xiachen naturally wouldn’t feel turned off by the suggestion and replied with light in those eyes: “Okay, I want two made, one for me and one for Ling Yan. As for her meat, I don’t want to eat it. I’m sure it’s going to taste bad with her personality.”

“If that’s what you want.” Di Cang ruffles his son’s hair like a father spoiling their child.

This scared the daylights out of Yu Yao there. Of course she would be, she’s going to be skinned and turned into a coat, why wouldn’t she be?


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