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Chapter 531 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping (30)”

“Haha, all of you have good eyes. My granddaughter really is astounding and unprecedented.” Laughing aloud without care, Bai Chang Feng happily accepts the compliments.

If it was in the past, these people would’ve at least secretly called this old grandpa shameless, but now… they couldn’t because Bai Yan was in every sense of the word, excellent.

“Humph!” Ren Yi (second) grumpily huffs a snort, “What are you all so happy for? Yan Yan is my disciple first!”

“In any case, she will always be our most precious disciple.” Zheng Qi (first) slightly raises a smile as well instead of going all huffy and grumpy like his second brother. He’s not angry at having to share his disciple, he only wants to give the girl his blessing.

“Fine, fine, I’ll leave things be then,” Ren Yi sighed. “It’s just that I have been robbed by this old fart several times before so of course it will leave me with a bad taste. But… if it’s for my precious Yan’er’s sake, I will accept it. However, if the Medicine Sect tries to stop her from leaving or try anything against her will, I won’t let things slide!”

“Grandfather,” Bai Yan were all smiles, “when is your birthday?”

Even now, the old grandfather’s excited mood hasn’t slowed down in the least to the point where he had to wipe away some of those trickling tears when no one’s looking.

“Right, I remember Zhanpeng said that the woman who adopted you is called Lan Yue? Is it the Lan House from the Liu Huo Kingdom? Let’s do this then, you invite those whom you wish to come and we will treat them as guests of honor.”

“Okay,” Bai Yan’s smile was now reaching up to her eyes. “Old Grandpa Lan is also my grandfather, his status in my heart will never change. Just that his temper isn’t the best and has a proud nature to his personality. I hope that everyone from the Medicine Sect could accommodate this when he comes.”

“Oh yes, there’s still her Highness the Dowager.” Thinking it through, she continues to go down her list. “As a result of an incident in the past, it was only she and my disciple Nangong Zhun who stood by my side when not knowing about my ident.i.ty. Grandfather, could I also invite them both here for your celebration? I owe her a favor.”

For the sake of her two s.h.i.+fus face, Bai Yan didn’t divulge about the embarra.s.sing matters regarding the things related to the Holy Land. However, the Dowager’s kindness has really touched her heart so she couldn’t ignore this.

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“Putting the icing on the cake is extremely easy, but adding coal to the fire in the winter snow is not so simple. The friends.h.i.+p between you two is commendable.” Bai Chang Feng nods in approval, “This birthday celebration is mainly to bring you back into the ancestral books and allow others to know of your status. If you wish to bring someone you are familiar with then by all means, Grandfather here has no complaints. As for that Old Lord Lan…”

Halting his words then, the old grandfather then eyes the crowd with a look of stern seriousness: “He is to be treated in the same manner as I! Whoever dares to offend him will receive severe punishment!”

If it hadn’t been for the Lan House and their kindness, then perhaps my granddaughter would’ve already perished from this world. That debt can never be repaid with something so meager!

“Yes Milord.” All of the members of the Medicine Sect answers in unison, their voices resoundingly loud and crisp.

In the same way, Bai Chang Feng words today have directly become a declaration to the other powers that Old Lord Lan was to be treated like the man himself. Otherwise, it’s a direct affront to the Medicine Sect of the highest order.

Must not offend the Lan House! Must not offend the Lan House! These were the only thoughts running through these attendees’ heads right now.

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