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Chapter 569 “Guest of the Demon Mountain (1)”

“Is there something?” Her tone may be indifferent, but that gaze carried the arrogance of overlooking all the beings of this world like they are beneath herself.

Jun Ruqing on the other hand didn’t care for the att.i.tude, her attention solely focused on the herbs in Bai Yan’s hand only. She was gleeful inside but made sure to hide it like she’s regretting the fact.

“Miss, the medicinal materials of this Demon Mountain belongs to Lady Suzaku. If you take these herbs away, you will inevitably anger her. I merely don’t want you to throw away your own life, hence the reason why I brought the elders to advise you.”

This is set in stone, evidence and witnesses are all here, she can’t escape now!

This absolutely delighted Jun Ruqing after hearing that response. Unable to resist, a faint smile ended up seeping through to only be retracted in the next second when she turned back to the elders. “G.o.dfather, I have already tried to persuade her. She’s not listening and insists on angering Lady Suzaku, I’m out of ideas.”

The First Elder didn’t speak though despite being the target of that pretentious speech. Instead, his eyes were fully locked onto Bai Yan like he’s contemplating something in his mind.

After a long while, he asks with a doubtful voice: “Queen?”

On the day where Di Cang and Bai Yan entered the Demon Realm, only the State Teacher a select group of the ministers were permitted to be present out of fear of scaring the Queen with their vast numbers. Therefore, none of the elders’ present knew who Bai Yan was and thus the uncertainty.

Stopping over that word, Bai Yan meets the excited look of the elder: “You got something else to say?”

“Forgive me Queen, I didn’t know the one who came to the Demon Mountain is you. If I had known, I wouldn’t have caused such a scene.” Making a meepish smile, the First Elder then shoots a warning look at his G.o.ddaughter.

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This girl did not tell me the person who came to the Demon Mountain is the Queen! What’s more, the entire territory in the Demon Realm is the Queen’s, why should she get consent from others?

“Ruqing, don’t you think you should give me an explanation on what’s going on here?”

The fox woman trembled hard at the demand, her face blue and white from shock. The way her G.o.dfather was acting went beyond her expectations and more.

For one, it stands to reason that everyone should be enraged that a human woman was trying to occupy this Demon Mountain and take its treasure, so why? Why would the Queen be exempt?

“G.o.dfather, these days Her Highness refused to meet anyone, that’s why I didn’t know her ident.i.ty. What’s more….” Halting for a second, she bites her lip like she’s the one facing grievance: “The Demon Mountain is so dangerous, I’m just doing this out of concern for her safety. Not to mention Lady Suzaku’s temper is not good to begin with. If she learns of an intruder coming into her home, I can’t even fathom what she would do to everyone.”

The reason why the Demon Mountain was called the forbidden grounds was all because of the Vermillion Bird living here. Aside from Di Cang and Di Xiao Wan who would occasionally barge her way into this place, none were allowed less they want to be burned to death by the bird’s flame. That’s why its without surprise that many of the elders would start worrying in their hearts. They know how troublesome it would become if Jun Ruqing’s words were to come to fruition.

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