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Chapter 669 “She’s a Good Person (5)”

“So, I have been waiting all this time. I never lost hope that the one I’m waiting for would join me eventually.” The woman with the green dress stumbles to a halt, her face showing hope and surprise when reaching out with that hand to touch Bai Yan’s face: “I could sense it when you approached the palace. You are the one, the person I’ve been waiting all this time in the past century.”

“What is your name?” Bai Yan’s hands were slightly shaking when reaching up to meet the other sides. There’s so much emotion flowing in those pupils that words are in no way enough to describe them.

“Tsing Yi, my name is Tsing Yi. I thought I wouldn’t make it with my injuries, but now I could finally meet you…”

Upon thinking of how close she came to not meeting Bai Yan, a trickle of tear would come rolling down the corner of the dragoness’s eye

“Tsing Yi….” Hugging the woman, Bai Yan could feel her heart pumping with pain over what she’s heard. “I’m here now, don’t worry. From now on no one can hurt you again because I won’t let them.”

Tsing Yi has the blood of the Azure Dragon in her veins so the woman’s ident.i.ty speaks for itself. However, Suzaku (Vermillion Bird) did mention Azure Dragon was a man…. Well, a change of s.e.x during a reincarnation couldn’t be ruled out here, right?

“I believe in you,” the woman’s voice sounded very nice to the ear like the flowing water of a mountain creek.

“Tsing Yi, let me see your body right now.” Letting go of her hug, Bai Yan inserts her spiritual feelers through the skin in order to examine the dragoness. Almost immediately, her expression had turned grim: “Who caused you to become like this?”

The current Azure Dragon could hardly be considered the great sacred beast that’s been described in those stories. In fact, her life force was on the edge of flickering out. If Bai Yan came even a day later, its very likely the dragoness would’ve died on her own.

Casting that face down to the ground, Tsing Yi’s aura turned weak and gloomy: “The Misty Fairy House is home to a clan of dragons. Because of how well we are hidden from the world, the human’s have never bothered us.”

Without interruption, Bai Yan quietly listens in on the story.

“One hundred years ago, my clan had an infighting and my father was imprisoned as a result of the traitors among our ranks. They not only stole my father’s position as chief, they also framed me, claiming I colluded with a human man and kidnapped my own father!”

“Ha, it’s funny they would say that honestly. How could I have colluded with a human to harm my own father? If the other clan members had just investigated a bit then they would’ve known the man was merely my friend that I met on a trip. In the end, the rest of the clan members were swayed into hunting me and nearly took my life in the following pursuit.”

“Originally I wouldn’t have lasted long after the injuries I sustained, but I just couldn’t accept my fate ending like that. From birth, I’ve been waiting for you so I couldn’t bring myself to die like they wished!”

Tsing Yi’s expression looked lifeless and sad then, knowing full well about her own condition. “I’m sorry, I can’t stay with you longer. At most I can only live for a few more days….”

As for rescuing her father and reclaiming the clan, that’s nothing but a pipe dream at this point.

“I will find a way to heal you,” Bai Yan’s complexion was seething with rage, “don’t give up Tsing Yi, I will definitely save you. I just need to find the right ingredients. Once I do, your injuries will immediately be cured with my help.”

Shooting up her eyes in surprise, the dragoness’s voice became emotionally excited: “I… I can really live?”

Giving a heavy nod in confirmation: “I won’t let you die!”

“Also…” going silent for a moment, Bai Yan then rummages through her storage bag before pulling out a bottle. “This here will help you keep going for another three months. I will use this period to gather what I need. Do not give up until I return!”

“Yes Mistress!” Overjoyed in her smile, Tsing Yi collects the gift with careful precision: “But please don’t leave yet, there’s something I want to do first… Can we form a contract?”

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