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Chapter 734 “The Furious Bai Chang Feng (11)”

“HoHo,” Bai Chang Feng only scoffs a laugh at the comment. This guy obviously doesn’t know because the Holy Land’s people already left when he came over that day.

While their bickering and sly comments were continuing to ensue, a faint yet powerful voice had cut in again from the air, causing everyone to look over in that direction.

“What is going on here? Who’s going to team up to deal with the Misty Fairy House? EH, Bai Chang Feng, what are you doing here instead of staying at your Medicine Sect?”

These two old men felt slightly taken aback by who’s already present, but that opinion soon changed to protest. Dammit, this old fart beat us to the punch again! He’s here to rob our merit of helping Yan’er with these from the Misty Fairy House, that must be why he’s here!

“Ren Yi, Qiu Shu Rong, what are you two doing here?” Likewise, Chief Wu Wei also didn’t expect these two fellas to arrive.

I invited Bai Chang Feng so its normal for him to be here, but what’s with these two coming uninvited? And seeing that hostile look in their eyes when I asked, they’re obviously not here because of the Medicine Sect or Bai Chang Feng….

“We are here to find someone, now it looks like that’s not needed anymore.” Ren Yi makes a faint chuckle before eventually landing his line of sight on the reddish woman with those mourning eyes. “La.s.sie, how could you quietly run over to the Misty Fairy House without so much as talking to us first? Do you not take us as your s.h.i.+fus or something?”

Sh… s.h.i.+fus?

There was silence in the room as they thought on the idea.

Chief Wu Wei didn’t fare so well either. Making a face of solid brick because his brain’s too busy working. The status of these two in the Holy Land is undoubtedly very high, but I must still consider this on whether or not the lord of the Holy Land would begin a war for their sake. After all, a three way war between the three major powers are no laughing joke.

Just when the person was going over several possibilities and scenarios, Qiu Shu Rong decides to speak up: “Oh my precious disciple, how can you be so impulsive? Do you think I don’t know what sort of makeup these from the Misty Fairy House have? Even before coming, the Lord specifically told me that I mustn’t let you be wronged by these people. If they do, you are to go back immediately and tell him so he can come in person to pay them back!”

Warmed to the heart over the kindness, Bai Yan knows full well how much care she has received during the years she stayed in the Holy Land.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be wronged,” smiley face at her two precious teachers, “let me do some introductions first. These two over here are my two new s.h.i.+fus from the Misty Fairy House, they’ve been very good to me while I’ve been here.”

Ren Yi and Qiu Shu Rong both p.r.i.c.ked their brows at the notion: “It looks like our s.h.i.+fu Team has grown by another two members. Not bad, not bad at all. Combined together, we should be enough to get ahead of this Bai Chang Feng and stick it to him.”

Huffing a grunt at being pointed out, the old grandpa c.o.c.ks his chin high with his hands crossed against his chest: “Even if you add more people it won’t make a difference. I am Yan Yan’s grandfather, her closest relative so you got nothing on me!”

That’s right, no one can match my status.

Excessively twitching the corner of his mouth, Elder Zhongnan (older) had to make a few awkward coughs to get his composure back: “Since all of us are her s.h.i.+fus then there’s no need to be so polite. But as far as I know, none of you should be able to produce an eighth grade alchemist as a student or am I missing something?”

Eighth grade alchemist? Dismayed by this knowledge, the two new arrivals from the Holy Land were gawking at each other before finally landing on the girl’s figure. This la.s.sie is now an eighth grade alchemist?

But before the both of them could ask for more details, an ear-piercing cry of sobbing tears had cut them off.

“WIFE, I KNOW I AM WRONG, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME…..!” Clinging onto Jun Tian Yue’s leg and sobbing like a total loser was none other than Chief Wu Wei. It’s obvious the last ounce of pride and prestige he held had been destroyed. Now he desperately wanted to salvage his marriage before he loses it all.

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