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Chapter 735 “The Furious Bai Chang Feng (12)”

“I’m not letting go. Unless you promise not to leave me, I won’t ever let go!”

Pride? What’s that? If I let my pride get the better of me now then I’m going to lose my wife and child, that stuff can move aside! The chief still had enough sense left in him to know what’s more important.

Originally he did want to use forceful means to make Bai Chang Feng keep his people from leaving, but the Medicine Sect and Holy Land’s already about to team up on himself, meaning what chip does he have left to play?

In times like these, being the weaker crab is the king’s path!

Against her own husband’s quick change of att.i.tude, downright weak, Jun Tian Yue was extremely irked and that could be seen in the beet red color of those cheeks. She’s not only angry, but also greatly embarra.s.sed at her man’s lack of standard.

“You scram!”

“I’m not scramming, if I scram then you won’t be coming back.” Clinging even tighter onto his wife’s leg now, the chief’s appearance bordered on the line of humiliation. “I know I’m wrong now Wife, please don’t leave me. I won’t force Yun Feng again so you mustn’t go, otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?” Jun Tian Yue mocks her own husband using that sarcastic tone.

“Otherwise I will go to the Medicine Sect too and refuse to leave. The only way Bai Chang Feng can get rid of me is to drive all of us out!”

That comment instantly leaves a series of black lines across the old grandpa’s face: “My Medicine Sect doesn’t welcome you.”

“I don’t care. If you dare take my wife and children away then I’m going to loaf around at your home. You must also feed me well and take care of my living expenses….”

Before the man could even finish his ridiculous statement, Bai Chang Feng had already heard enough and sent a kick over as protest. “Get out of here!”

It’s not enough that he wants to loaf around my home? He also wants me to feed him well and take care of his living expenses? Dream on!

“Chief Wu Wei!” Making an exasperated face, the poor old grandpa sucks in a deep breath in order to gather the air for what he’s about to say: “I’ll give you one last chance. If you can find my daughter then I’ll forgive you for the sake of my granddaughter!”

For Yun Feng who’s been staying quiet to one side, the man naturally lit up at the notion of his wife being alive. “Father-in-law, is Ning’er still alive?”

My wife is alive still? Due to the emotional excitement he felt at the possibility, the patient couldn’t control his appearance at all and could be read by everyone on what he’s intending to do.

“If Ning’er is dead then where did Yan Yan come from you fool!” Peeking over to the person who’s now staring intently at his every move, Bai Chang Feng says the obvious: “But I am not hundred percent sure on the matter either. If the worse comes to past then you people from the Misty Fairy House better prepare yourself. And you! You can forget about being my son-in-law, I won’t take someone who indirectly caused my daughter’s death!”

Regarding the threat and whatnot, Yun Feng could care less. To him, someone that’s been lost for the past twenty years, he only has his wife in mind and now he couldn’t even bear to stand a life without her.

She’s alive!

As he laughed and laughed at the wonderful news, tears slowly trickled down his cheeks as well. “Ning’er, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….”

I am useless, I couldn’t protect you and keep you safe. If not for my incompetence then you wouldn’t have suffered so much pain during my absence.

Looking at the pitiful appearance of the younger man, Bai Chang Feng honestly couldn’t bring himself to hate the person. He’s very tied inside. One part of his mind felt happy that someone had such strong feelings for his daughter, the other for the misfortune he brought along with the relations.h.i.+p.

If only this child isn’t from the Misty Fairy House, how good would that be? Perhaps then Ning’er would still be around and Yan Yan wouldn’t have had to suffer so much during her childhood….

Ren Yu and Qiu Shu Rong were both very confused by this sudden form of address: “What is going on here? When did you become the father-in-law of the Misty Fairy House?”

“Ahumph,” Elder Zhongbei (younger) coughs a few times to clear his throat, “things are complicated.”

Despite that, the younger brother of the two used the easiest form of words to describe and explain the events of earlier. This way the two new arrivals from the Holy Land would get a clearer picture of the relations.h.i.+p they now all shared.

Of course, the main topic mainly revolves around the lies produced by Muzhen and of how the old hag wanted to deceive everyone into harming Bai Yan.

“Outrageous!” Qiu Shu Rong (third) puts on an exasperated face, “My disciple’s status within the Holy Land is one of a kind! Our lord loves her and our princess trails behind her at all times. Even our young lord had tried to abduct her on several occasions only to fail miserably!”

“Oommph!” Ren Yi (second) hurries to cut in with his voice, “Yan Yan’s father is still around you idiot!”

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