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Chapter 928 “A Celestial Rank Guardian? (5)”

“Ahumph, Third Elder, I am the Holy Land’s lord so I should be before you…” Chu Ran had wanted to use his position and righteous words to sway the rest, however, the following ruckus instantly overwhelms him.

Seconds later after realizing his own stupidity, the once proud lord also joins in on the s.n.a.t.c.hing and looting. Simply said, it has devolved into a street leveled brawl like those wives at a fabric store, tearing and ripping and such. Apparently Bai Yan’s message of equal sharing has gone over their heads in front of the prize….


Over in the guest quarters specifically set aside for the rest of the Lan family members, Bai Yan had just walked through the main doorway when she saw a familiar figure.

“Yan’er, you have come.” Dong Ruolan (aunt) greets the girl with a gracious smile as she reached over to grasp her hands.

“Aunt, did your brother over in the Dong family come bother you again lately?”

At first this adopted aunt from the Lan House was taken aback by the suddenness of the question, but that quickly changed to happiness at the care she’s receiving. “No, not since after the previous event. He’s matured a lot and moved out of the Dong estate so I didn’t get to see him much. I’m sure he’s aware by now that I don’t want to see him either since I deliberately avoided him when coming back.”

“Then that’s good,” Bai Yan smiles cheerfully in return upon knowing everything was going well. “Anyways, I got something I want to give you all.” That said, she readily strolled into the main room where Old Lord was already sitting inside.

The grumpy old grandfather was still showing his grouchy face as usual, but that swiftly changed after he recognizes who it was. Getting up, this senior tried hard to restrain his inner urge to smile and failed miserably because those eyes said it all. He’s smiling from within, there’s no need to show it because that look was that of a elder seeing their grandchildren all grown up and well.

“Grandfather…” Bai Yan’s voice sounded soppy. She’s honestly moved by Old Lord Lan’s behavior because the amount of love this old grandpa gave her didn’t lose out to Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) at all.

“Yan’er, aigh….” He heavily sighs with a bit of frustration and pain, “Truth is I should be glad that you are not Yue’er’s flesh and blood, that way you wouldn’t inherit her weak mindedness and innocent nature.”

Hurrying over to her adopted grandfather’s side, the girl leans downward on one knee to get in the same height: “Oh Grandfather, you shouldn’t think like that. My brother Xiao’er is Mother’s son and he has his own opinions, doesn’t he?”

Speaking of Bai Xiao, Old Lord Lan’s lip promptly curled into a proud smile: “That is of course, he did inherit my good blood so how can he be a spineless boy?”

Against this swift change in att.i.tude, Bai Yan had nothing to say. All she could do was leave her mouth twitching with disbelief. So the good genetic is from you and the bad is from your daughter? How does that even work?

Old Madam Lan also felt this was wrong and decides to step in as well. Dark in the face: “How can you talk about your own daughter like that? What kind of father evaluates their own daughter so negatively? No matter how bad Yue’er was, she is still your girl.”

“Humph, if that girl had listened to me from the start then would she be ruined by that sc.u.m? Not only did she leave this world so early, I also have to send her off before moving on myself.” This really was the typical case of love cuts it deep. Based on that trembling fist, its obvious this old grandpa loved his daughter dearly and treated her like the s.h.i.+ning jewel of his heart. Otherwise, why else would he grieve for so many years after Lan Yue had pa.s.sed on from this world…..

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