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Chapter 11: Ring

“Today, I met a bad person and he caused my death. But that’s okay. I’ll make him pay the price myself.”

“We had fried noodles for lunch today. I wonder if you would like it…”

As usual, Zhang Zhiyin began to talk to himself endlessly about his life to Y. He then began to think about the plans to survive in another world.

In the Valley of the Extinct Dragon, it was only possible to go out if you have risen to at least Level 50. At his current level, it was not easy for him to grind the monsters and raise his level there.

However, even if your level was inadequate, the game would exploit the opportunity with equipment. Zhang Zhiyin felt that if he wore divine equipment, he would then be able to fight.

In , there really was a full-featured divine suit without hierarchical requirements, called “Redemption of the Last Age”.

The most amazing thing about this set of equipment was that it could be upgraded and modified according to the player’s own attributes at will. Now the highest player in the game was Level 80. It was said that it would at least require 30,000 yuan to upgrade the suit to Level 80, and this did not include the loss from the various kinds of failure rates, but at that time its attributes were the strongest among all the equipment. And to collect a clean set of “Redemption of the Last Age”, would also need nearly 2,000 yuan, and the market price for the whole set of the equipment from special resellers was 1,888 yuan.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at his bank balance and charged 3,000 yuan into his game account.

Anyway, he was single; a bachelor would never starve his family. and he had no plans to buy a car or a house in the short term, let alone finding a girlfriend.

In fact, spending money on games was the same as spending money on girlfriends. Looking at the boss on the screen, Zhang Zhiyin thought silently.

Before going to bed at night, he bought another box of chocolates for Y. He did not forget to type and warned him, “Don’t eat at night, it’s easy to have bad teeth. My grandmother said that.”

The first thing Zhang Zhiyin did after waking up from ‘s world was to open the Item Store and Trading House and searched for the “Redemption of the Last Age” set. Sure enough, there were several sellers that sold the whole clean set of the suit at a uniform price of 1,888 yuan.

The 1888 “Redemption of the Last Age” set consisted of nine pieces; the headpiece, facial decoration, top, bottom, shoes, cape, necklace, ring, and bracelet. Each of them had a unique name. This suit was not only famous because of its unique growth nature, but also because of its delicate, smooth and simple shape design.

For example, its facial decoration was a silver half-face mask with 13 essential features. Its name was “The False Face of the Last Age”. The male headdress was called “Guardian of the Last Age”, which was a combination of black leather and mithril. The cape was a long black cape with a silver guard, which was called “Glory of the Last Age”.

The whole set had silver and black as the main color, and after the complete set was a.s.sembled in the game, it would have a silver halo light effect.

The seller acted quickly and sent the things through the game trading system as soon as he saw the buyer made payment.

Zhang Zhiyin saw pieces of equipment emerge from the air and fall to the ground.

In the equipment introduction section of the game materials, it was said that the ‘Redemption of the Last Age’ was all made of special and unique magical silver. There were metal pieces everywhere in the equipment. If you take them to smash people, they could be smashed half to death. He quickly hid aside and confirmed the receipt of the goods.

When the seller received the money, he was very enthusiastic. He even gave him a special message: “If this boss needs to upgrade materials for equipment, he can also find us~ will give you a discount of 8.50%.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the equipment which seemed to be full of Sha Ma Te and effeminate aura. After a minute’s silence, he finally began to put them on his body one by one. Now he was glad that there was no “earring” in the “Redemption of Last Age” set.

In fact, he was biased in his remarks. The necklace and earrings* in the suit were all made of black leather rope and silver chain design which was not of over the top. However, for Zhang Zhiyin, who had never worn anything but a watch or a talisman from his grandmother since he was a child, these were enough to challenge his endurance – especially the knee-length boots, which Zhang Zhiyin swore he had never worn or intended to wear in his lifetime!

He was glad that he was not able to purchase that “Freedom of the Last Age”. There was also a special accessory for the whole set of “Redemption of the Last Age”, which was a pair of big silver wings full of metal texture. Its existence was very popular in the game.

But its drop rate was very low, almost one-thousandth of other accessories, so it had been in a state of no market. Later, because it was impossible to a.s.semble a complete set, the players protested. Qinglang then changed it into a special accessory. Without it, it would not affect the full set of attributes to play, but after possession, it could make the set attributes go up by two steps.

After wearing complete equipment, Zhang Zhiyin found that the ring of “The Glory of the Last Age” was dropped to some unknown spot and he did not know where it was.

He bowed his head and circled in the dark cave for a while. Finally, he found the bright silver circle and happily put it in his hand.

As a careless man, Zhang Zhiyin never carefully paid attention to what the ring of the Redemption set looked like, he only roughly knew it was silver in color and very delicate. So he did not realize that the ring was not the one in the suit, but it was a simple yet extremely exquisite ring with small characters inscribed on its inside.——

“With my true love, Y”

And one of the special attributes of this ring was –.


Sha Ma Te Earring*: I a.s.sume that the author made a typo and meant bracelet instead of earring. As Earring: Er Huan, Bracelet: Shou Huan


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