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Chapter 96

Zhang Zhiyin had firmly decided that he would not forgive Yin Nian.

Recently, Yin Nian had been making food, cleaning the house, sending him off to work, fetching him from work, fixing home’s applications and making Yin Xiaoxiang’s cat food every day. Whatever work Zhang Zhiyin didn’t want to do, he would help him, what’s more, he was gentle and complying. Zhang Zhiyin would be a fool if he forgave him when he was enjoying this five-star treatment.

Yin Nian continued to coax him with different tricks.

For example, “Zhiyin, do you want to go back to ?”

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t speak but just continued to hear Yin Nian saying, “Don’t you miss your members?”

Zhang Zhiyan felt that he did miss them, and when he thought of how he had been disconnected from and didn’t appear for a long time, they surely would’ve been worried about him. When he thought of this, he couldn’t sit still anymore.

Yin Nian pondered and added, “Oh right, that person called Yun Chu has captured your team and said that you have three days to appear, if not he will kill one each day.”

He happily lifted his head. “Zhiyin, your crime is colluding with me.”

Zhang Zhiyin silently stretched out his hands to strangle Yin Nian’s neck. “…Just tell me straight to the main point next time.”

Yin Nian: “Oh.”


Yun Chu’s words had given every member of Thunder Unit a sliver of hope, but they did not know Zhang Zhiyin’s current situation and wouldn’t expect him to save them. On the contrary, they wanted to quickly escape so they could save him. At this juncture, Yun Chu basically didn’t put them in his eyes, on the contrary, he gave them an extremely good opportunity to prepare and teleport themselves out. The reason why they didn’t leave was that they were worried that Zhang Zhiyin might appear.

On the third day, Yun Chu appeared again. A warm smile was still hanging on his lips but in between his brows was a trace of dismay.

He stretched out his hand, Dadao was then sent flying powerless to his hand and grabbed by the neck.

Yun Chu looked at the man in his hand and smiled. “You seem to be Thunder Unit’s vice-captain, aren’t you? Then I shall start with you.”

Misfortune suddenly struck, and members of the Thunder Unit didn’t know what they should do, their surprised and helpless expressions aligned with Yun Chu’s fantasy. He gradually tightened his grip and Dadao found it difficult to breathe. His neck seemed to have been bound by dozens of iron hoops and he was powerless to escape. Yun Chu had absorbed numerous strength ability users, at this point, his strength was beyond the ability of a true Level 10 user.

At this moment, a familiar voice came, “Release him.”

The precision ability users in the team first shouted in unison, “Captain!”

In mid-air, a blurry figure started to clear up.

Had the power to utilize s.p.a.ce ability in the forbidden area… A sinister smile blossomed on Yun Chu’s mouth. He threw Dadao aside and turned around to face the person.

Zhang Zhiyin had excellent eyesight. He can tell from afar that his team was in the room where the s.p.a.ce transportation machine was located at. With the years of tacit understanding between them, he immediately understood their intention.

With a change of mind, he didn’t land, on the contrary, he maneuvered the Freedom of the Last Age and flew up.

As he had expected, Yun Chu also flew up— he had obtained the ability of a top-notch wind ability user, so it wasn’t difficult for him.

Seeing Zhang Zhiyin’s actions, Old Zhu immediately told Xiao Jin and Ah Kong, “Activate the transportation machine, we’re leaving.”

Xiao Jin looked at Zhang Zhiyin and hesitated. “But…”

“But what?” Old Zhu rolled his eyes. “Captain is doing this to draw Yun Chu away so we can leave. We’ll only be a burden to Captain with our current conditions. What’s more, if Captain can come back, it means… there really is someone protecting Captain at his back.”

Everyone knew whom that “someone” was referring to. If this was true, then one of that “someone” would be enough to subst.i.tute the whole of them.

Xiao Jin nodded and hurriedly walked to the transportation machine.

In order to activate the machine at the fastest speed they could, they had chosen to set their transportation target at random. However, in their hurry, a mistake was made. Xiao Jin didn’t notice that he had shifted a gear that had extended the transportation range into “all creatures in the forbidden area”.

Just when Yun Chu had come to the front of Zhang Zhiyin, he saw a wave of white light emerging from the center of the place towards where the Thunder Unit was imprisoned and rapidly expanding outward, engulfing the whole forbidden area.

Both Yun Chu and Zhang Zhiyin rushed up instinctively. They only barely managed to avoid the spreading white light when they reached the protective energy on top of the forbidden area.

After half a minute, the white light disappeared, all the people in the forbidden area, including the Alliance’s forces and Thunder Unit, were gone.

Yun Chu’s face grew green at once. They were the energy body he had prepared in advance for him to absorb during critical moments but there wasn’t anyone left. Naturally, his odds of succeeding against Dr. Y would be smaller.

For now… he could only kill Zhang Zhiyin first and then absorb him.

An intention to obliterate swiftly flashed in his eyes, but before the plan could be carried out, he saw a man suddenly appearing beside Zhang Zhiyin. It was Y.

It was two against one, even if Yun Chu knew that his power had greatly increased after he had absorbed the Second Monarch, but at this time, he was still in a disadvantageous position.

After seeing Y, his pupils contracted immediately, and Y’s following words made his heart shake tremendously.

Y said, “You’ve always been perplexed about what the world is and how you came about, right? The origin stone is now in your hands. Why don’t you take a look?”

His voice was cold and emotionless, but because of it, it sounded extremely objective and convincing.

Zhang Zhiyin’s heart began to ring alarm bells, and he could almost see these words materializing and floating above Yin Nian’s head— “Villain Boss’s essential skill, ‘shooting one’s mouth off’”.

Skill Description: Disturb the other party’s mind, manipulate the other party’s behavior, incite disharmony between the main target and his team, but sometimes it would backfire and achieve the effect of “the villain died because he talked too much”.

Zhang Zhiyin silently backed away from Yin Nian.

As expected, Yun Chu frowned as he took out the origin stone hidden in his pocket. He looked at Yin Nian and said, “If so, tell me how to use it.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see it, but he hadn’t found the right way to activate it.

Yin Nian took a quick look at Zhang Zhiyin and continued, “Break it and you will be able to see the origin of the world.”

“It cannot be!” Yun Chu looked at Yin Nian. “If so, why is it still intact after you’ve seen what’s inside the origin stone?”

Yin Nian was indifferent, “Just try it and you will know. The choice is yours.”

Yun Chu was skeptical, and he stared at the origin stone for a long time. At last, he suddenly smiled and raised it high up before sending an electric current to break it completely from the middle.

The shattered origin stone instantly burst into multicolored brilliant rays, completely enveloping the three people at present.

When Yun Chu opened his eyes, he found that he was in another s.p.a.ce dimension. He was on full alert and asked, “What’s this?”

Yin Nian quietly held Zhang Zhiyin’s hand and replied, “This is what you have always wanted to know, the origin s.p.a.ce dimension that recorded the origin of this world.”

At the same time, they saw a figure appearing in the originally barren s.p.a.ce, but the person did not realize the emergence of the three onlookers, he only minded his own business and did his things.

Just like what Yin Nian had said, everything had already happened and it had been recorded since a long time ago.

When Yun Chu realized this, his expression became incomparably ecstatic and excited.

The person did as he pleased in this s.p.a.ce. With a wave of his hand, mountains bulged out in the vast land. When he moved his fingers, rivers appeared just like he had intended. In this s.p.a.ce, not only could Zhang Zhiyin and the rest see what this man did at that time, but they were also able to hear his thoughts.

But he did not create the world just as he pleased, instead, he had a general template; he created every inch of the world’s lands and mountains with extreme care, and they could hear this man’s vision: This was what he had created, a place where he and his lover could live forever.

Yun Chu was still immersed in the excitement of peeping through everything, but Zhang Zhiyin was vaguely aware of what it was. He didn’t speak and felt the person next to him squeezing his hand more and more tightly.

Yin Nian was shy. And he was nervous because of his shyness.

When the basic outline had been built, the man thought again, and birds and animals appeared in the world. They evolved rapidly, and gradually humans emerged. As soon as the man waved his sleeves, tens of thousands of years of civilization pa.s.sed quickly. It was still hunting, gathering, slashing, and burning in the first second, but by the following second, it had become a modern civilization with tall buildings.

He blinked and a prosperous city was annihilated in an instant; he moved his fingers again, the annihilated city was restored in an instant, the citizens were still laughing and talking as if nothing had happened.

The man finally turned around and faced his audience.

He said, “Zhiyin, I created this world for you, to approach you, to understand you, to be with you. So will you be willing to come to my world?”

When he was saying this, he was clasping his hands together as tightly as he was clasping Zhang Zhiyin right now.

Yun Chu looked at the man’s appearance, his throat making a “he, he” sound, but he still couldn’t say anything. Perhaps knowing the truth of the world was too cruel for him.

Yin Nian turned and looked at Zhang Zhiyin stubbornly, but he didn’t say anything.

The so-called origin stone was basically an item made by Yin Nian because he was too shy and nervous to tell these words to Zhang Zhiyin’s face, but because of the car accident, it couldn’t be put to good use— Yin Nian was forced to omit the step of using the origin stone to confess to Zhang Zhiyin and instead directly pulled him into his world.

Zhang Zhiyin was about to say something when he saw Yun Chu who was on the other side suddenly fell to the ground. He hurriedly ran over only to see a pale Yun Chu that had stopped breathing.

If heaven had eyes, it should write such a sentence on his epitaph, “The first villain to die from public displays of affection…”

Isn’t Yin Nian…cheesy romantic, he dedicated a world to Zhiyin. Meanwhile, in the ML is TH is… deceiving our poor MC. hahah


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