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Chapter 1011: I’ll Kill You in 10 Strikes

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“You’re seeking death!” the pirate said with a cold chuckle.

When cultivators fought, they were most afraid of engaging in close-quarter combat. This was especially so if one were battling against someone more powerful or someone at the same cultivation level.

If one were to charge into close-quarter combat against someone more powerful, they were naturally seeking death. Meanwhile, if they engaged in close-quarter combat against someone at the same cultivation level, they would face a constant threat of death.

On the other hand, if one were much stronger than their opponent, engaging in close-quarter combat was definitely the fastest way to end a battle.

‘This brat’s cultivation level is far lower than mine. He’s seeking death by charging toward me!

‘He can’t be a five-star genius, right? Even if he is, his battle prowess will only be on the same level as me.’

The pirate quickly swung his saber toward Ling Han. He wanted to end this battle in the shortest time possible.

“I’ll kill you in 10 strikes!” Ling Han said with a smile.


The pirate almost spluttered in surprise. That was his line, okay? A mere cultivator at the early stage of the medium extreme was actually threatening to kill him in 10 strikes? Where did his courage come from?

“Brat, accept your death!” Divine patterns materialized on his saber as it cut through the air even more quickly. It was as if the saber were awakening.

This wasn’t because his saber was a G.o.d Tool. Rather, this change was brought about because his martial intent had enveloped his weapon as he battled against Ling Han. Right now, his saber was like an extension of his body.

Thus, his saber couldn’t be underestimated even though it didn’t possess the might of a genuine G.o.d Tool.


A black glow radiated from the saber blade as a dazzling and destructive ray of light blasted into the deck, carving a deep and menacing groove in it.

Ling Han danced about and continued to hara.s.s his opponent with his divine patterns of gravity. Add to that his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, and the pirate could barely unleash 50% of his true battle prowess.

One didn’t necessarily need to have a higher battle prowess to defeat their enemy. Weakening the enemy’s battle prowess could also help one achieve victory.

They exchanged blow after blow, and they had already exchanged nine strikes in a mere few seconds.

The pirate didn’t dare underestimate Ling Han any longer. However, his opponent was also kidding if he wanted to dispose of him in 10 strikes. ‘There’s only one strike left. You’re dreaming if you want to kill me!’

Ling Han ferociously charged over, and it appeared as if he wanted to sacrifice his life to kill the pirate.

The pirate was startled by this. However, his surprise quickly transformed into a cold chuckle.

He was confident that he could kill Ling Han first. Once Ling Han died, the gravity field that affected him would naturally disappear as well. At that time, he would recover his full battle prowess, so how would Ling Han’s strike still be able to hurt him?

‘How foolish. Do you think you’re invincible just because you can hamper my battle prowess?’

He viciously swung his saber at Ling Han’s head.

It was a shame that no one from the Imperial Capital was here to witness this sight. Otherwise, they would all kindly urge him to definitely, definitely not underestimate Ling Han’s physique. Doing so would merely be seeking death.


His saber struck down, and sure enough, it hit Ling Han’s head before Ling Han could reach him. However, what happened next was astounding.


The saber shuddered, and surprisingly rebounded off Ling Han’s head!


The pirate’s eyes almost bulged out of his head. The sight before him was far beyond his comprehension. Only now did he realize why Ling Han was so confident. His physique was simply inhumane!

‘Not good!’ he shouted in his mind.

However, it was already too late for him to retreat. He had initially planned on killing Ling Han, which would in turn greatly reduce the might of Ling Han’s own attack. If he succeeded, he wouldn’t face any danger at all.

But now?

A sharp pain stabbed at his chest, and power instantly drained from his body.

“The 10th strike!” Ling Han’s voice echoed next to his ear, yet it sounded as if he was extremely far away. He could barely comprehend what had happened before his consciousness slowly drifted into darkness.

Ling Han pulled his sword back; not a drop of blood stained its mirror-like blade.

He placed the pirate’s corpse into his Spatial Spirit Tool. He then charged toward where Shui Yanyu was to help her deal with her opponents.

After being together for so long, their cooperation was already extremely smooth. Ling Han used his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique to stun the enemies, while Shui Yanyu seized the opportunities to end their lives. As long as their opponents’ cultivation levels were below the high extreme, they would be able to kill them in a single combination strike.

However, there were 60 pirates, so they naturally caught the attention of many pirates after killing more than 10 of their companions.


Another powerful pirate who had an image of four Mountain Rivers behind his back charged over.

Consummate level!

Fortunately, the pirate had only just formed his fourth River. This River was evidently smaller than the others, so the pirate was most likely only at the late stage of the consummate level, not the peak stage. Even so, his strength was still far above Ling Han’s and Shui Yanyu’s.

Ling Han was a full 10 sub-minor levels beneath him—unless he was a 10-star genius, there was absolutely no way for him to bridge such a large gap in cultivation level. However, five-star geniuses were already things of legends, so how could there be a 10-star genius?

“Humph! Die!” The pirate was a baldy with a s.h.i.+ny head, and a string of beads lashed out from his hand as he attacked. Looking closely, however, those beads were actually human skulls! They were simply many times smaller than normal.

Ling Han was certain that those skulls all belonged to humans. Moreover, their owners had at least reached the Mountain River Tier. They had only become so small because they had been tempered and refined by the pirate.

The skulls lit up as they whipped over.


Unexpectedly, they spat out streaks of black air that transformed into numerous black swords that slashed at Ling Han.

‘So fast!’

Ling Han barely had enough time to raise his arms in front of his face before the swords slashed over.

Pu, pu, pu, pu!

The swords ripped through his clothes and flesh as they pierced into his body. Fortunately, none of Ling Han’s G.o.dly bones was snapped, as they were extremely st.u.r.dy.

‘The consummate level is the consummate level, after all. How frightening,’ Ling Han lamented in his mind, yet he didn’t know that the baldy was actually even more astonished. He was a full 10 sub-minor levels above Ling Han, so his strike should’ve been able to easily kill him. However, it had only brought Ling Han some minor injuries! This was completely unfathomable.

“Humph!” Ling Han activated his divine patterns of flame, causing the swords on his arms to instantly disintegrate into dust. He then activated his Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, instantly healing all of his wounds.

A string of curses raced through the baldy’s mind as he stared at Ling Han with a dumbfounded expression.

This kind of physique, this kind of recovery ability… Unless one could insta-kill Ling Han, who would be able to outlast him?

‘Holy sh*t! How can there be such a freak?’

The baldy took a deep breath. By the looks of it, he had to unleash his trump card to insta-kill Ling Han… or at least severely wound him. Otherwise, if Ling Han could easily recover, there would be simply no way to kill him.

He clutched the string of ‘beads’, and said, “My Buddha is compa.s.sionate; help these beings cross the ocean of suffering!”


A tremendous divine golden halo radiated from his body.

‘He’s clearly a murderous demon, yet he actually has such a majestic attack?’

The baldy tossed the string of ‘beads’ into the air, and shouted, “Foolish peasant, let me free your soul!”


The string of ‘beads’ instantly expanded, each skull transforming back into their original size. Counting carefully, there were 360 skulls in total.

“Ancient Heaven Circulation Formation, activate!”


Streaks of black light shot out from the skulls and mercilessly slashed at Ling Han.


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