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Chapter 1028: Nemesis of Puppets

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Han and Shui Yanyu hurried toward the courtyard that they had been living in.


Just as they left the workshop, they saw Cui De and Yin Yuanxiang walking over together. Cui De was extremely baffled when he saw Ling Han and Shui Yanyu walk over, especially since the puppet tiger was following behind them.

‘What’s going on? Weren’t they meant to capture these two people? What’s with this situation?

‘What on earth happened? This doesn’t make any sense at all!’

“Die!” Ling Han roared.

The Asura Demon Emperor immediately charged toward Cui De. It had to be said that he was quite smart. Ling Han hadn’t explicitly said whom he wanted to kill, yet the Asura Demon Emperor directly chose to target Cui De. He probably thought that, as a man, Ling Han wouldn’t want him to kill a beauty like Yin Yuanxiang.

Cui De’s puppet bear leaped out to battle with the Asura Demon Emperor.

“Brother Ling, what’s the meaning of this?” Yin Yuanxiang asked in confusion.

“Oh, you can thank me later,” Ling Han said calmly. “Pei Ji and his five disciples wanted to refine all of us into puppets, and Luo Wu, Fan Yong, Liu Ying, and Brother Yang have all been killed already.”

“What a load of bullsh*t!” Cui De retorted. “Lady Yin, don’t listen to his nonsense. He’s simply accusing me with no evidence at all! I invited you because I sincerely want you to witness the beauty of newly refined puppets. I would never fathom bringing harm to you!”

“Heh, Guo Xiuwen said the exact same thing,” Ling Han said with a cold chuckle. He walked over and directly absorbed the puppet bear into the Black Tower. He didn’t have the patience to argue with Cui De anymore.

Cui De and Yin Yuanxiang were both astounded by Ling Han’s actions. Meanwhile, the Asura Demon Emperor charged over and quickly swatted Cui De to death.

Without their puppets, the battle prowess of puppeteers was truly too terrible to look at.

Ling Han shook his head when saw that Yin Yuanxiang was still lost in a daze, and said, “I’ll explain when we gather everyone together.”

They hurried back to where the courtyards were located.

Ning Tai and Bu Zhengyun both appeared and tried to capture Ling Han, yet both of them were swatted to death by the Asura Demon Emperor after having their puppets easily stripped away by Ling Han.

Peng, peng, peng!

Ling Han and the others knocked on the doors of the courtyards and called Jin Zhihui and Fu Tian out.

They were still in their courtyards as they were most likely on the bottom of the list, and thus it wasn’t their turn to be killed and refined yet. Meanwhile, they were also completely oblivious to what had happened around them.

Ling Han recounted what they had seen just then, and the expressions of Jin Zhihui and the two others instantly changed drastically.

“I’m going to kill that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Fu Tian roared furiously. The veins on his body suddenly bulged, and the hair on his head also stood on ends as a devastating aura emanated from his body.

“What do you two think?” Ling Han turned to look at Yin Yuanxiang and Jin Zhihui.

“Kill them all!” Jin Zhihui said as he waved his fist.

Yin Yuanxiang nodded, but remained silent.

“Very well!” Ling Han drummed his fingers on the table, and said, “There’s only the old man left right now!”

Puppeteers relied on their puppets to battle, yet he was coincidentally the most powerful nemesis of puppets. Moreover, the Asura Demon Emperor could enter and control any puppet. Thus, they would be able to turn their enemy’s weapons into their weapons.

So, even if Pei Ji owned two pseudo-Sun Moon Tier puppets, and even if he was an elite at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier himself, Ling Han was still completely unafraid of him. Instead, he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

The group of five set out together and started to search for Pei Ji. However, they looked around for a long time, but were still unable to find him.

“There’s still a small workshop. Pei Ji is definitely in there!”

Ling Han recalled Guo Xiuwen’s words, and started to head toward the small workshop.

This was genuinely a small workshop. It was nine meters by nine meters, and its door was securely shut.

Fu Tian took a deep breath before ferociously charging toward the door.


He slammed into the door like a powerful meteor. The door instantly shuddered and crashed to the ground. Meanwhile, Fu Tian was also pushed back. However, he simply shook his head and quickly recovered his best condition immediately.

The door sent puffs of dust billowing through the air as it crashed down, and they could vaguely see Pei Ji resting in the embrace of a woman in the room. There was a look of intoxication and gentleness in his eyes as he caressed the face and breast of the woman.

However, the female was clearly a puppet. Although her body was extremely lifelike, there were two black and lifeless gems where her eyes should have been.

“Since you’ve arrived here, it means that my disciples are all dead.” Pei Ji wasn’t fl.u.s.tered, and had the female puppet turn him around to face Ling Han and the others.

A look of contempt flashed across his face, and he scolded, “What a bunch of useless tras.h.!.+”

“Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to murder you!” Fu Tian was the first to charge over, yet the female puppet merely extended an arm toward him. It seemed as if the sky were about to collapse, and it appeared as if the hand could expand without limit.


The palm struck down, and Fu Tian was instantly sent flying. Blood spurted through the air as he collapsed to the ground and fainted.

“Hmm? He didn’t die after facing that attack?” Pei Ji was clearly a little surprised, and said, “I underestimated you people. No wonder you were able to kill all of my disciples. However, since you’ve come here, don’t dream of leaving alive!”

He whistled loudly, and a middle-aged man instantly walked out from some dark corner. He was also a puppet. However, the appearance of this puppet was quite harrowing, as there were sabers and swords sticking out from all over its body, making it look like an echidna.

“Kill them!” Pei Ji commanded coldly. He then turned around and buried his head into the female puppet’s chest, gnawing at it greedily.

“F-freak!” Jin Zhihui said with a grimace. Was this old man a f*cking necrophile?

Pei Ji was still lost in l.u.s.t, yet he suddenly noticed that something was off. Why was it suddenly so quiet?

He turned around, and he almost wet himself in shock.

‘It disappeared!’

The middle-aged male puppet had vanished. It wasn’t in the sky, nor was it on the ground. Where the f*ck had it gone?

One had to realize that it was a pseudo-Sun Moon Tier puppet! It was just as powerful as the puppet that he was embracing.

The Asura Demon Emperor charged over, and roared, “Die!” He had grown quite a bit, and he knew whom to attack even without Ling Han’s command—as the emperor of obsequiousness, his ability to read the mood was naturally top-notch.

The female puppet struck her palm toward the Asura Demon Emperor.


The Asura Demon Emperor was instantly sent flying, and even his tiger head had been twisted at an unnatural angle by the force of the strike.

The gulf between their battle prowess was far too huge. The female puppet was at the pseudo-Sun Moon Tier, while the puppet tiger was merely at the late stage of the consummate level.

“Use this one!” Ling Han casually waved his hand, retrieving the middle-aged male puppet and tossing it toward the Asura Demon Emperor.

“Thank you, Master!” The Asura Demon Emperor instantly transformed into a burst of Demonic Qi and entered the middle-aged male puppet’s body.

“S-such a powerful feeling!” He waved his arms around with a smile, and said, “Using a humanoid body sure is easier.”

“What kind of monstrosity is this?” Pei Ji was stunned by the sight of the Asura Demon Emperor. He had hand-crafted this puppet, so how was it captured by that person so easily? And why could it be controlled so easily?

“You’re a monstrosity! Eat your uncle’s attack!” The Asura Demon Emperor charged over again, though he didn’t dare refer to himself as “emperor” anymore. However, he still had the confidence to refer to himself other peoples’ “uncle” 1 .

The female puppet dashed over, and the two pseudo-Sun Moon Tier puppets immediately became locked in an intense battle.

Pei Ji pressed down with his arms and jumped out from the female puppet’s embrace. This puppet only knew how to battle, and there was no way that it could ensure his safety. If he was trapped between the two puppets, there was every possibility that he would be smashed into pieces.

“Humph! Even if there’s only me left, killing you people will still be a piece of cake!” he sneered. To everyone’s surprise, segments of metal started to extend from the stumps on his severed legs, instantly causing his body to become almost six meters tall.


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