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Chapter 1308 Faceless Tribe

‘What on earth is going on?

‘He simply carved a face, and his strength is now rising explosively?’

“I remember now!” Yang Lin suddenly exclaimed. He pointed at Faceless, and said, “You’re from the Faceless Tribe!”

“The Faceless Tribe! That’s an ancient divine tribe!” the Cloud Maiden exclaimed in astonishment. There was a stunned look on her beautiful face.

Ancient divine tribe!

These three words represented mystery and power. If someone was linked to these three words, they would definitely possess the ability to stir commotion throughout an entire region.

The Nine Snake Tribe and Faceless Tribe… Two ancient divine tribes had now appeared.

Ling Han raised his hand, and asked, “That, um… Can you tell us a bit about the Faceless Tribe?”

Faceless smiled faintly, and said, “I’ll tell you guys myself!”

He looked at Chi Huangji, his aura surging like the formidable waves of the sea. In fact, his aura was almost on par with Chi Huangji’s at this moment.

“Members of the Faceless Tribe are born without a face, and this is a technique invented by our ancient ancestors. It allows members of our tribe to advance rapidly, and it also bestows them with a battle prowess that far others at the same cultivation level. Simply put, we all have the potential to become king tiers.

“However, because our bloodlines are all different, the limits of our capabilities also differ. Moreover, the longer that we remain faceless, the more beneficial it is to our cultivation.

“When we’re faceless, power will continue to gather in our body. This power will only be unleashed when we eventually grow our facial features.”

Faceless gave a simple description of the Faceless Tribe.

To summarize his words, the more faceless one was, the more powerful their bloodline would become. Thus, it would be best if they only grew a face and unleashed their acc.u.mulated power after breaking through to the Genesis Tier. If they did that, perhaps they would soar into the Celestial Realm straight away.

In any case, none of them understood the secret technique used by the Faceless Tribe. However, they now understood that the process of growing a face would allow one to become manyfold more powerful.

It was no wonder that his aura was almost on par with Chi Huangji’s at this moment. He had now become the fifth king among kings.


Yang Lin laughed loudly as he tossed an alchemical pill into his mouth. His aura also started to rise explosively, instantly reaching the same level as Faceless. He shook his ancient umbrella, and said, “Don’t forget me, Yang Lin!”

He was someone who had been blessed by the fortune of heaven and had received the recognition of a Saint Tool. Who could match his luck?

He was destined to become king!

‘What kind of Divine Pill was that? How is its effect so remarkable?’ Everyone was astounded. Being a king tier signified that one had already reached the peak stage of the pinnacle level. Thus, it would be incredibly difficult if one wanted to raise their battle prowess even a tiny bit more. If one wanted to become a king among kings, they would have to practice a supreme secret technique.

For example, one would have to practice the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll or comprehend the secrets of heavenly tribulation and gain the ability to wield the lightning of tribulation. Or perhaps one could be like Faceless—they could be born into an ancient divine tribe, and thus possess a tremendously powerful bloodline.

After becoming a king tier, alchemical pills would also become completely useless. Even if an alchemical pill could elevate an ordinary cultivator’s battle prowess by two stars, it would still be completely useless when ingested by a king tier. It wouldn’t even retain one-tenth of its effect.

However, Yang Lin was the embodiment of luck. He had even received the recognition of a Saint Tool, so would it be surprising if he had obtained some ancient G.o.dly medicine that could raise his battle prowess above the level of king tier?

Of course, this effect was only temporary.

Chi Huangji laughed loudly as he turned to the Cloud Maiden and Tuoba Dong, and said, “Do you two have secret techniques to elevate your strength? If you do, then hurry up and use it. If not, then p.i.s.s the h.e.l.l off!”

The Cloud Maiden and Tuoba Dong both smiled bitterly. They were both invincible king tiers on their own respective planet, with even supreme prodigies not having the right to challenge them to a duel. Here, however, they were the ones being chided and told to f*ck off.

However, there was nothing they could do about this. They were still a fair distance from becoming king among kings.

This gulf in strength wasn’t due to their cultivation level, but rather due to their secret techniques and bloodlines. In other words, this had nothing to do with their effort and talent.

The two of them retreated to the side. The battle that was about to take place wasn’t one that they could partic.i.p.ate in.

“Five of you? That seems about right!” There was a haughty look in Chi Huangji’s eyes as he swept his gaze over them.


The red sun above his head released a blinding glow, and he roared, “After crus.h.i.+ng all of you, you can watch me ascend the throne!”

It was as if he had become mad, and he actually chose to attack Ling Han, the North Emperor, Faceless, and the others all at once.

He was challenging five kings among kings at the same time! If he wasn’t mad, then what was he?

Ling Han humphed as he replied with a punch. However, this punch wasn’t merely targeted at Chi Huangji. Instead, it also split into five separate attacks that surged toward the five other supreme king tiers.

“Melee? I like it!” The Stone Emperor shuddered, and he instantly grew to nine meters in height. The height of the others didn’t even reach his knees. He had instantly become a giant, and he also launched indiscriminate attacks at the five other king tiers.

The North Emperor laughed heartily, and he slashed with his saber, sending countless bursts of frosty light into the surroundings.

Faceless and Yang Lin weren’t willing to appear weak, either. The former drew his sword, and the latter shook his ancient umbrella, both of them launching attacks at the five other king tiers.

The Cloud Maiden and Tuoba Dong were both astounded by the scene before them.

Fighting like this was incredibly dangerous as one would have to withstand the vicious attacks of five supreme king tiers at the same time! If they were involved in such a battle, perhaps they would be riddled with wounds after only 10 exchanges. At that time, they would have no choice but to retreat and admit defeat.

At any rate, fighting like this revealed the differences in their power very quickly, even though they were all supreme king tiers.

Wounds gradually started to appear on Faceless’ and Yang Lin’s body. Blood flowed freely, and their battle prowess also started to drop rapidly.

This was expected. Faceless had only just ascended to this level, so it was only natural that he hadn’t become a genuine supreme king tier just yet. Meanwhile, Yang Lin had only reached this level after ingesting an alchemical pill, so he obviously couldn’t control the newfound power in his body perfectly.

However, Ling Han and the others were just as powerful as before. Moreover, they weren’t planning to relent any time soon, either.

Peng, peng, peng!

It wasn’t long before Yang Lin and Faceless were sent flying.

However, they wouldn’t need to feel dejected about losing here. After all, this melee-style battle meant that they were being attacked by five other supreme king tiers at any one time. How many people could withstand this?

As the Cloud Maiden and three others watched on, they couldn’t help but feel admiration for the four king tiers who were still locked in a fierce battle. The four of them were clearer stronger than the rest.

However, only one of them would emerge as a true king among kings, and that would be the person who eventually ascended the throne. The others would all become stepping stones. It mattered little how powerful or talented they were. If they lost against someone at the same cultivation level, they could only become green leaves, green leaves that accentuated the existence of the red flower.

Only one person could become king. As for the others, they could at most be pseudo kings.

Who would become the genuine king among kings? Would it be Ling Han? Or the North Emperor? Or maybe the Stone Emperor? Perhaps Chi Huangji?

No one knew how this battle would end. The battle between the four of them was far too intense. However, even though it was so intense, they still somehow managed to maintain their watertight defenses. It was as if they could go on like this for tens or even hundreds of years.

However, was there this much time for them to waste?

If they couldn’t determine the victor in three days, they would all be eliminated!

Ling Han was the first to stop attacking, saying, “If we continue like this, we won’t determine a victor even after 100 years!”

“Humph! I’ve got to admit that you three ants are indeed quite strong,” Chi Huangji said. “However, there’s still a long way before you reach my level!” Although he admitted that Ling Han and the others were strong, he was still just as haughty and arrogant as before.

“Then how should we determine the victor?” the Stone Emperor asked.

“We’ll draw lots and hold two one-on-one battles. The victors of these battles will then fight against each other. The person who wins this battle will be the final victor,” Ling Han said.

Although the melee had appeared extremely dangerous, the fact that it was a melee also meant that none of them had placed their full power into their attacks. After all, they still had to be mindful of their defenses. As a result, it was actually harder to defeat one another and determine a final victor.

For example, there would be no time for them to acc.u.mulate their power and launch a powerful attack during a melee.

“Fine!” Chi Huangji was the first person to agree to this suggestion. At this moment, he had already accepted the fact that these three Immortal Realm beings had the right to battle against him. Only by fighting one-on-one would they truly be able to find the strongest among them.

The Stone Emperor and North Emperor exchanged a glance before both nodding their head.


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