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1389 Driven Mad

Ling Han involuntarily tensed up. Then, a feeling of exasperation swept through him.

This was clearly the human skin old man. Although Ling Han had fled as quickly as he could, he clearly couldn’t outrun someone who had already grasped the Regulations of s.p.a.ce. The old man had arrived not long after him.

The old man wore a blank expression as he stared at the Heavenly Origin Dao Fruit. It was as if he were trying to recall some memories, yet couldn’t recall them for the life of him.

This was understandable. He didn’t even have a brain, so how the f*ck could he recall anything?!

The old man suddenly strode forward after staring at the Heavenly Origin Dao Fruit for a moment. He reached over and was just about to touch the Heavenly Origin Dao Fruit.

‘Not good!’

Ling Han hurriedly shot back in retreat. This Saint King Great Herb was protected by a supreme killing formation that could kill even Saint Kings! If he were swept up in its attacks, he would definitely be blasted into smithereens in an instant.


The killing formation was triggered, and sure enough, it directed its devastating attacks at the human skin old man. Hundreds of millions of light beams burst forth, each of them possessing the full power of a Great Saint. With so many of them attacking in unison, they indeed possessed the might to kill even Saint Kings.

Unless one had reached the pinnacle level of the Saint King, it would be simply impossible for them to withstand the might of this formidable attack.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

Beams of light exploded wildly one after another.


A figure was sent flying back, and it lightly landed on the ground, as delicately as a b.u.t.terfly.

It was a sheet of human skin!

The might of the killing formation dissipated, returning to the calm from before.


As if it had inhaled a breath of air, the human skin rapidly expanded again, quickly regaining its human form. The old man reappeared, his expression still blank. It was as if he didn’t know what had just occurred.

Ling Han’s face twitched. ‘That’s a supreme killing formation! One that can kill even Saint Kings! Yet, this old man had merely been sent flying back? And he’s completely unscathed?!’

If this old man were at the Genesis Tier, then he had definitely reached the pinnacle level of the pinnacle level! In fact… it was possible that he was even stronger than the Genesis Tier!

Severing Mundane Tier!

“Where’s my dog? Have you seen my dog?” the old man asked Ling Han.

‘Fine, he’s at it again…’

Ling Han hurriedly shook his head before walking toward the pa.s.sageway that led to the sixth level. Right now, he only had one aim in mind—that was to harvest everything of value in the ninth level of the mystery realm. He would then say goodbye to this place forever.

The examination on the sixth level finally tested him on refining pills.

A pill recipe floated down before him. However, he was only allowed to fail 10 times. If he failed all 10 times, he would be immediately booted out of the mystery realm. On the contrary, the fewer times he failed, and the less time he spent, the better his result would be.

Ling Han grabbed the pill recipe and took a glance at it. He discovered that this was only a level five alchemical pill. It wouldn’t be too difficult to refine. However, this was a pill recipe that he had never seen before.

With his prowess as the Alchemy Emperor, he would only fail a maximum of two to three times when refining such a low-level alchemical pill, even if it was completely new to him. However, Ling Han didn’t hastily begin to refine the alchemical pill straight away. Instead, he mulled over the unique qualities of all the medicinal ingredients that were required for this alchemical pill.

Right now, he had already reached the stage of Great Accomplishment when it came to identifying medicinal ingredients and recalling their unique properties. These medicinal ingredients intertwined in his mind, their qualities and clashes all playing out before him. This allowed him to understand how these medicinal ingredients worked together or against each other.

A few hours pa.s.sed, and he finally reopened his eyes. Although he had never attempted to refine this pill before, he was confident that he could succeed in one try. Not only that, but he was confident that he could refine this pill to perfection.

This was because he had a comprehensive understanding of all the medicinal ingredients that were required for this pill. He had already simulated the refinement process of this pill in his mind.

He retrieved his cauldron and started to refine the alchemical pill. Sure enough, he was able to succeed in one go. Not only did he manage to reach a state of perfection and concoct 10 pills, but each pill had also reached their optimal condition, with not a shred of their essence going to waste.

However, even with such a result, he was only given an extra nine days’ time. Among the pill recipes that he received as a reward, the highest level pill recipe was also only level 19.

It was clear that his alchemical pills still hadn’t been perfect enough. As such, he hadn’t received the most valuable reward.

Ling Han wasn’t disappointed by this. After all, he had only spent half a day familiarizing himself with the pill recipe. He had never seen this pill recipe before, and there was simply nothing more he could do about this.

The stone room disappeared, and what appeared before him was the sixth level.

Gold and silver light dazzled his eyes. This was a metallic world, with golden mountains and silver mountains stretching as far as the eye could see. If a mortal human were to come here, they would definitely go wild with excitement.

In fact, even Ling Han was delighted by this sight. This was because it was extremely likely that he could find high-level G.o.dly metal in this place.

“Where’s my dog? Have you seen my dog?” This was already a familiar voice and a familiar question. The human skin old man was like a piece of chewing gum that was stuck to the bottom of Ling Han’s shoe. He appeared beside Ling Han once again.

‘F*ck! Is there any end to this? Why have you set your eyes on me?’

Ling Han was completely speechless. He was being followed by this sheet of human skin, which was also incredibly powerful. Even though he was extremely daring, he still couldn’t help but feel an icy chill in his heart. In fact, he even felt the urge to absorb this sheet of human skin into the Black Tower. However, he couldn’t guarantee that this would succeed.

If he failed, and the old man became hostile toward him, then he would have really gotten himself into a pinch.

Thus, he decided to leave the old man alone. In any case, the old man was only nagging him, nothing more.

“No!” Ling Han replied. He then rushed forward and started to harvest the G.o.dly medicines.

“There’s a familiar smell on your body,” the old man said again. He was following Ling Han like a shadow.

As they advanced, the old man would occasionally become confused and wear a blank expression. However, whenever he came to his senses from such a state, he would relentlessly repeat his question and ask about his dog. He would then say that there was a familiar smell on Ling Han’s body. Like a child playing house, he would delight himself in repeating these questions, again and again.

Ling Han felt mentally fatigued. Regardless of how patient he was, he still felt like he was going to be driven mad after being asked the same question thousands upon thousands of times.

However, this wasn’t without its benefits. With this old man beside him, the Demonic Beasts of this level were all scared sh*tless when he neared them. This allowed Ling Han to easily pluck the G.o.dly medicines. However, the old man also had a habit of plucking high-level G.o.dly medicines whenever he saw them. Not only that, but he was also crude in the way he plucked them. In any case, he would eat these G.o.dly medicines straight away.

This rendered Ling Han speechless. On their journey through the sixth level, the most valuable G.o.dly medicine that he had obtained was only a Level 10 G.o.dly medicine. Those that were above this level had all been eaten by the old man.

He couldn’t s.n.a.t.c.h these G.o.dly medicines from the old man, nor did he dare to. Although the old man looked easy to deal with right now, being confused and all, it wasn’t like Ling Han hadn’t seen him killing the Heavenly Body Tier elites before. He hadn’t blinked as he killed them.

When Ling Han finished exploring this level, he went to the palace that lay at its very end.

Midnight Heart Palace.

Ling Han was delighted to find that these three words hadn’t gone dim yet. However, when he tried to achieve resonance with the power that lay within them, he discovered that he was completely unable to do so.

The old man didn’t press Ling Han to hurry up, and he also sat down beside him. An uncanny sight appeared. The three words were aroused, yet their mystical power flowed into the body of the old man. However, no transformation occurred.

This was only natural. The old man was far too powerful, so to him, this measly power was simply like a drop of water in a vast ocean. As such, he naturally didn’t undergo any transformation.

‘What a waste!’

Ling Han almost hammered the ground in exasperation. ‘You’re already so powerful, so what’s the point of competing with me for this mystical power?’

“Where’s my dog? Have you seen my dog?” After absorbing the mystical power, the old man immediately started to repeat this question again. Ling Han was too tired to even feel angry.

In fact, even he had become a little curious now. What breed of dog had the old man lost? After all, it was actually special enough for this old man to remember, even after his death.

The Heavenly Origin Dao Fruit appeared again. It was still the same kind of fruit, yet it was a little different again.

The old man was fearless as he charged over once more. He was ruthlessly attacked by the killing formation, yet he was pushed out of it completely unscathed. After lying on the ground for a moment, he started to ask about his dog again. Ling Han was driven so crazy that he genuinely felt like killing someone.

‘Can’t you say anything else?’

The examination for the sixth level tested him on reconstructing medicinal ingredients. To Ling Han, such a task was incredibly simple. In fact, he wouldn’t be afraid even if there were derived medicinal ingredients. Upon completing this examination, he successfully extended his stay in the Medicine King’s Cave for another 10 days. In addition to this, he also received 20 new pill recipes.


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