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Chapter 1696: Requirements for ascending onto Celestial Clouds Island

The partic.i.p.ating teams could not place bets on the victory or defeat of their own team, but they could bet on the other teams. Of course, it was completely fine for them to bet on their own team becoming the champion. This was something that could not be cheated[1].

Bets could be made in the relay station itself, and both Ling Han and the Empress bet all their wealth on Dark Moon City, with stakes of 1:22. With the present stakes, as long as they won one match, these stakes would fall to at least stakes of 1:5. Thus, it was best to bet early.

Mao Shuyu and the others were all confident in Ling Han, and they, too, took out their full wealth and bet on Dark Moon City. In the eyes of the staff of the gamble house, this was absolutely normal. Any partic.i.p.ating team would basically bet that they would become the champion; this was a kind of self-confidence.

Unfortunately, it was destined that only one team could charge out of the ranks and become champion.

Not too long after, Long Gaofei also came over to place a bet. He was a Severing Mundane Ancestor, so his bet was high. He actually placed a bet of 100,000.

This probably was not his individual wealth, either, but was rather betting on behalf of the three great clans. After they returned, the profits would definitely have to be divided equally among them.

“This time, your chances of winning are very high. However, you must not be careless, either,” Long Gaofei said solemnly. “I have just gotten some detailed information about some teams, and there are a few teams that are extremely strong.”

According to the usual rules, the top eight teams from the last compet.i.tion would automatically enter into the final rounds, and the remaining teams would have to compete over 24 slots for the final rounds.

Being able to rise above the others, these eight strong teams naturally were incredibly powerful.

The champion of the last compet.i.tion was Double Extreme City. Their previous strength only allowed them to advance into the finals, but in the last compet.i.tion, a top prodigy named Yuan Xingping had appeared. In the last compet.i.tion, it was he who had single-handedly brought Double Extreme City into the finals, and seized the first place.

And now, this Yuan Xingping had still not advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier yet, but the Severing Mundane Pool would be opening soon after. He had more than 90% chance of becoming a Severing Mundane Tier there. Thus, it was possible that this compet.i.tion would be the last time he ascended onto the stage and made a public appearance as a Genesis Tier.

Yuan Xingping was determined to win the first place this time. It was rumored that a big shot of the Black Moon Sect had already extended an olive branch to him. Once he had advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, that VIP would take him as a disciple, so he needed to show as perfect a performance as possible.

Aside from Double Extreme City, there was the veteran strong team, White Sun City. They had always been regulars among the top four, and they had managed to charge into the final rounds in the last few compet.i.tions. They were the champions in the compet.i.tion before the last. This team did not have a super genius like Yuan Xingping, but every single person’s strength was quite balanced, and their cooperation was very well-coordinated as well. Who knew, they might be able to pull Double Extreme City off their pedestal this time round.

The top eight teams could not be underestimated, but aside from the top eight, there was another team that had to be noted seriously, and that was Blue Flames City. That was because an incredible prodigy whose name was Dan Yujing had appeared in their team.

She was known as the second Yuan Xingping, which showed how highly she was regarded.

Like Yuan Xingping, her individual strength was incredibly strong. It was said that she had the ability to fight a hundred all on her own. However, this kind of compet.i.tion was ultimately the battle of 10 people. If one’s teammates were too lame, it was still possible that they would lose and be left only with resentment.

There were still 10 days before the official compet.i.tion would begin, and teams like them would first have to draw lots to decide which set they would be in. In the beginning round, a large number of teams would not be drawn. They only had to see which 37 teams were so unlucky to be drawn for the first round.

Ling Han and his group’s luck was not too bad, and they were not drawn for the first round. To ensure that the compet.i.tion was relatively fair, lots would be drawn again after every round of battles, so they still did not know whom they would be matched up against.

“Ling Han!”

Mao Shuyu, Wei Bo, and the others all came over. After the matter of Ding Xiaochen, a clear divergence had appeared in the team of 10. Ling Han, Mao Shuyu, Wei Bo, Qin Henyu, and Luo Xinyang had clearly formed their own little group, while Ding Xiaochen was on better terms with the other four members.

“What is it?” Ling Han was sipping tea with the Empress in the courtyard. This tea was naturally made from the Reincarnation Tree leaves. As the aroma of the tea wafted, it formed multiple patterns of great dao.

With the present condition of the Reincarnation Tree, even a Severing Mundane Ancestor would feel a rush of excitement for this kind of tea leaves.

Ling Han extended a hand, and Regulations spread out, blocking the patterns of great dao that exuded from the Reincarnation Tea. It was best not to reveal one’s valuables inadvertently. He had no wish to become the target of even more Severing Mundane Tiers.

Mao Shuyu and the others did not suspect anything, and exclaimed, “Come quickly. There is a test outside, and as long as you reach the set standard, you will be able to go to Celestial Clouds Island tomorrow night.”

Celestial Clouds Island?

“Celestial Clouds Island is a large meteorite orbiting Black Moon City; that is the living quarters of the present Holy Son of the Black Moon Sect!” Mao Shuyu’s eyes were filled with stars. “This Holy Son is a prodigy that would be rare to come by even in countless eras. It is said that he has formed 10,000,000 stars in the Eternal River Tier, and is a living legend!”

10,000,000 stars!

Ling Han’s heart throbbed. That was truly a proud achievement, capable of matching him, the Empress, and the Rain Emperor. They all said that only the Holy Sons and Holy Daughters of large sects could achieve this kind of prodigious achievement. It was reasonable to say that the Black Moon Sect was not qualified to be called a large sect yet. At least, an Immortal Palace Tier force could only barely be qualified.

For a Two Star force to be able to produce such a prodigy was indeed extraordinary.

“This Holy Son is called Chang Sunliang. It is said that he is only over 100,000 years old, yet has already attained enough comprehension of cultivation level. Once the Severing Mundane Pool opens, he will be able to become a Severing Mundane Tier,” Mao Shuyu continued, clearly having done her research, and was a firm supporter of this Holy Son.

It was unknown whether Zhang Chong’s face would turn green with envy if he had witnessed this scene.

Luo Xinyang nodded, and said, “The Severing Mundane Pool is the best location for Severing Mundane in the territory under the rule of the Black Moon Sect[2]. If one could successfully sever the mundane there, he would be much stronger than his peers even after advancing into the Severing Mundane Tier.”

“Too bad, we are still a very long time away from breaking through into the Severing Mundane Tier, and if we miss the Severing Mundane Pool opening this time, we will have to wait another 10,000,000 years.” Qin Henyu shook her head.

Even though they were already peak stage Saint Kings, it was very common to be stuck for a few hundred million or one or two billion years between the Saint King Tier and Severing Mundane Tier.

Ling Han’s interest was piqued by this Holy Son, and he asked, “What test do we have to undergo?”

“Come, it’s very simple.” These people pulled Ling Han along with them, but no one dared make any kind of intimate contact with the Empress, because the Empress’s intimidating aura was too strong, so they did not even dare to come too close to her.

The Empress followed behind them, and the six of them arrived outside. They could see that a pillar had appeared outside the doors of the relay station abruptly, and there were multiple holes on it. When they arrived, there just happened to be a person that was attacking this holed pillar. With a weng, rows of holes lit up one after another. A total of four rows lit up, and there were 10 holes in each row, but only three holes lit up on the fifth row.

“43 holes, just barely considered an elite, but still not qualified to ascend onto Celestial Clouds Island.” At the side of the pillar, there was a young man seated in a cross-legged position, making his a.s.sessment. He had a head of red locks, which was very eye-catching.

The person who had struck just now was defiant, and retorted, “I have been watching here for quite some time, and all those before me have only managed to light up 30-plus holes; I have lit up more than 40, and that is still not enough?”

“Not enough!” The red-haired young man shook his head. “You’re inferior to even me, and you still dream of gaining the favor of Lord Holy Son?”

He didn’t stand up. With a casual movement, he delivered a punch through the air towards the stone pillar. Weng, rows of holes immediately lit up, actually reaching as many as more than 50.

The gap was clear. Firstly, he had struck the pillar from a distance, and secondly, he was merely seated and delivered a casual strike. If he tried his best, he would probably be capable of achieving as many as 60 holes, or even 70 holes.

[1] In other words, the finals is the only time they can bet on their own win.

[2] Previously author called this the 临尘渊, which translated to Mortality Barrier Pool, but has switched to calling it 临尘渊, translating to Severing Mundane Pool


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