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Chapter 1925: Finally meeting

The gloom in the hearts of Yan Xianlu and the others really could not be described.

But what could be done? The Celestial King Achieving Dao stone had already been taken by Hu Niu, and she had already used it. There couldn’t possibly be a second person that could benefit from it.

Where exactly had this little girl popped out of?

Breathtakingly beautiful, yet she was also indescribably mischievous. It was very hard to imagine that an exquisite beauty actually had this kind of personality.

The Celestial stone shone brighter and brighter. In fact, it had even surpa.s.sed that sun in the skies that the Eternal Prosperity Celestial King had created, but when the brilliance had reached the extreme, it only lasted for 10 breaths before the Celestial stone dimmed, and did not have the slightest sliver of light any longer, as if it was an ordinary rock.

It was indeed an ordinary stone now. Years ago, the Eternal Prosperity Celestial King had left behind a sliver of Source Power, and boosted by the heaven and earth over an epoch, all the benefits had entered into Hu Niu’s body.

Pa, the stone dropped onto the ground, like it was a normal stone.

“Sh*tty stone! Sh*tty stone!” Hu Niu was furious, stomping on it with her foot repeatedly. That was how angry she was.

To actually dare stick to her so much that she could not even fling it away. It was despicable.

As she stomped, she slanted her head slightly as she mumbled to herself, “However, my physique seems to have improved a bit.”

Just improved a bit?

Yan Xianlu and the others were astounded. That was the Celestial King Achieving Dao stone, and it had been boosted by the heaven and earth for an epoch, at that. It was even capable of turning a mortal into an Immortal, and even for them, it had boundless benefits.

But you actually only had a bit of improvement?

If Hu Niu was not lying, that meant that her physique was close to reaching the pinnacle, and that was why the Celestial stone practically did not have anything to improve on.

But did Hu Niu look like the type that would tell a lie?

Hence, Yan Xianlu and the others were all transfixed with shock, and finally knew how Hu Niu was so strong.

They were all at the fifth severance, and one with a stronger physique did indeed possess an incredible advantage, especially one with the bloodline of the Roc. That was the strongest Source Beast in this world!

“En, Niu will just wait for Ling Han here!” Hu Niu found a large rock to sit on, and looked gentle and quiet, only delicate and beautiful, lacking any sliver of the mischievous nature she had shown.

However, only an instant later, she was kicking rocks in her boredom, no longer bearing the image of a gentle lady.


When Hu Niu took the Celestial King Achieving Dao stone, a sudden disturbance appeared in the air on the mountain, and then it returned to a peaceful state.

Though there was still tremendous pressure, the fog no longer took the form of manifestations.

In this way, everyone’s speed was greatly increased.

“Looks like the fortune should have been taken by someone,” Ling Han said. This was an instinctive feeling.

The Empress nodded. That was what she thought too.

However, for the two of them, breaking through to the fifth severance was their greatest fortune, and had surpa.s.sed all else. Though they still felt that it was a little bit of a pity now, their rewards had already far exceeded any regrets they might feel.

“Who knows, it may be Hu Niu,” Ling Han said smilingly. This girl was very energetic. Even if he and the Empress had entered into the Black Tower for comprehension, Hu Niu could still catch up to them. Then, it was not an impossible matter for her to be able to attain the first place.

The two of them maintained an even speed, and were adjusting to the frightening power they had attained after their breakthrough.

From the fourth severance to the fifth severance, this step was really too wide.

Initially, they could quickly adjust through the battles with the manifestations, but while they battled, the manifestations had suddenly disappeared. Thus, they were still a little way away from fully adapting.

Their speed was not fast, and those behind them naturally caught up with them, surpa.s.sing them one after another day.

Half a day later, Ling Han and the Empress arrived at the summit.

“You!” Zhu Xuege jumped out, pointing a finger at Ling Han. He had initially wanted to battle with Ling Han, yet a surprising turn of events had taken place, and he had consequently fought with another instead. He had been enjoying the battle at the time, and had forgotten the matter of Ling Han. Now that he was free, he naturally remembered it.

There were some people that would not hold a grudge just because they were prodigies.

“What do you want?” Ling Han turned to look towards him, a faint smile curling up the corners of his lips.

Previously, he was not afraid of the other, and now that he had advanced into the fifth severance, he was confident he could put up a fight even against Yan Xianlu, so he would consider Zhu Xuege even less of an equal match.

“Fight me!” Zhu Xuege charged over with large strides.

“Ling Han!” A feminine exclamation rang out, and a beautiful figure charged over. Yet, like she was a primordial beast, she bulldozed everything in her way. “Out of the way! Out of the way!” Hu Niu hollered loudly.

“What, ah—” Zhu Xuege was just taking large strides when he was unexpectedly sent flying by a fist. His whole person was sprawled out in the air, and then rapidly became a tiny dot, which then disappeared without a trace.

“Ling Han!” Hu Niu pounced, leaping into Ling Han’s arms all of a sudden, and hanging on Ling Han like a monkey.

However, she was as beautiful as a celestial maiden, so it would not ruin the image, and would only make others feel incredibly envious of Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled, embracing this little girl back. They had not seen each other for another several centuries, and he similarly missed her dearly.

“Ling Han, did you miss Hu Niu?” Hu Niu asked delicately, as if there was no one around. She was completely unconcerned with how those around her thought of her.

It was just too unfortunate for Zhu Xuege. By now, who knew where he had been thrown off to.

“I missed my Niu!” Ling Han said.

Hu Niu was very pleased, her pretty face all smiles as she planted a strong kiss on Ling Han’s cheek. “Ling Han, let’s have kids!”

This little girl, she still had not the slightest concept of embarra.s.sment.

“Ahem!” The Empress coughed lightly, her face bearing a stern expression.

“Another witch!” Hu Niu turned her head, and involuntarily bared her teeth, showing an expression of ferocity. She was filled with animosity. “Yi, Niu seems to have seen you before!”

When she had seen the Empress, that was only a doppelganger, and while the appearance was different, they had the same aura.

Hu Niu wrapped herself around Ling Han, unwilling to get down, as she turned her head, and asked, “Ling Han, who is this witch?”

“We’re a family,” Ling Han replied with a smile.

“Humph, Niu doesn’t want to be family with her!” Hu Niu’s eyes were set on the Empress, her glare blazing with killing intent, not bothering to conceal it in the slightest.

The Empress was unafraid, and similarly fixed her gaze on Hu Niu. The two women simultaneously blazed with a fiery fighting spirit.

In their eyes, it was most important for them to settle the other and become the most important person by Ling Han’s side, which had in fact surpa.s.sed all else in importance.

“Cough, since everyone has arrived, let us sit down, and study cultivation together.” Yan Xianlu adjusted his emotions. In his opinion, the reason he had lost to Hu Niu was because of the difference in their physique, and physique would only be an advantage before Celestial King Tier. After advancing into Celestial King Tier, all the Regulations in the world would be equal.

He could meet his gains or losses bravely, and had already walked out of the shadow that came from his previous loss. He was already able to face it frankly.

He had gathered everyone here this time not purely for the sake of the Celestial King Achieving Dao stone. There was another extremely important motive, and it absolutely could not be affected because of just a little accident that had happened previously.

Hence, he naturally could not allow Hu Niu and the Empress to continue their little spat of envy. Thus, he stepped out to interrupt the two women from continuing their glaring match.

“Shut up!” Hu Niu and the Empress both turned their heads, their bearing fierce.

“…” Yan Xianlu.


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