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Chapter 2133: Going all out in battle

This move of Long Yuexi was cutting their losses.

Did she want to have the Roc Palace disbanded? Of course she didn’t. However, if the Roc Palace was not disbanded, without the protection of the Heavenly Venerable Tier Formation, all of them would be completely slaughtered by the Four Seas Palace. It could not be helped. Their Ninth Heaven Celestial King was stronger.

In the Celestial Realm, top-tier battle prowess could completely determine the outcome of a battle.

It could be claimed that everyone else of the Four Seas Palace could die, but as long as Shang Zhiwei was still there, she could still easily eliminate the Roc Palace, what more when the scales were now leaning in favor of the Four Seas Palace.

Thus, protecting what power they had to wait for a day when they could rise up again was the wisest decision to make.

“Grand Elder!” Immediately, countless members of the Roc Palace called out, filled with defiance and fury, wanting nothing more than to commit murder with their eyes alone.

Unfortunately, this did not have the slightest meaning.

Ding, ding, ding. More and more people threw their weapons on the ground, and then chose to leave. Only a small minority were still gripping their weapons tightly, determined to battle, and would rather die than surrender.

“Stupid stubbornness!” The members of the Four Seas Palace launched a fierce offensive. The outcome of this battle was already out. From this day onwards, the Roc Palace… would cease to exist!

Destroying the representative force of the Roc Heaven filled every single member of Four Seas Palace with adrenaline. From this day onwards, their names would be eternally written in history to be admired by later generations.

“Long Yuexi, I will be sending you on your way today!” Shang Zhiwei also unleashed an offensive. If she wanted to kill Tianyun’s reincarnation, she would have to get rid of Long Yuexi first. And once Long Yuexi has fallen, the Roc Palace would really be completely destroyed, becoming nothing but another page in history.

Long Yuexi gazed meaningfully at Shang Zhiwei. Her initially hunched back gradually straightened, her white locks fluttering. They were actually rapidly turning black in color.

Originally, she was very short, but as her back straightened, her figure actually became the same height as a normal human… no, it was even straighter and taller.

This was not something as simple as straightening her back, but rather that her whole person’s height had been increased greatly.

A mountain wind blew past, and Long Yuexi’s hair fluttered. It had turned completely black, beautiful and glossy like clouds. Looking at her face, what part of her still looked like an old woman? Instead, she was an exquisite beauty that was in the prime of her youth.

Her waist was slender, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bountiful, and her legs long and straight, while her skin was as smooth as jade. Her beauty was not the slightest bit inferior to Shang Zhiwei’s.

“Long Yuexi, you are finally going to stop fleeing?” Shang Zhiwei smirked coldly.

In the past, she had also been a supreme beauty, and one whose natural talent was astounding. Naturally, her youth should have been eternal, and she would never age. However, she had sustained a serious Dao injury, and she had no choice but to focus all her energy on suppressing her wounds, causing her beauty to age and herself to look like an old woman.

And now, Long Yuexi had decided to go all out in battle, forcibly pus.h.i.+ng her condition to her strongest prime, so it was natural that her beauty would be restored.

However, this would also be her final battle. Even if Shang Zhiwei did not fight her, when she exited this state, she would also decline rapidly after her prime. Her Dao injury would take effect, and she would die.

Shang Zhiwei naturally would not give up the battle. With how proud she was, and after acc.u.mulating so many years of fury, how could she be satisfied if she did not kill her enemy with her own hands?

“It is just a battle.” Long Yuexi was very grand and majestic, naturally exuding the aura of one who dominated the whole world.

For Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings like themselves, they were just that slightest bit away from advancing to the Heavenly Venerable Tier. Thus, it was natural that they were all incredibly a.s.sertive. However, this slight gap could not be filled no matter how much they tried. Hence, Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings were only Celestial Kings.

Shang Zhiwei gave a battle cry, and her figure flew furiously as she charged towards Long Yuexi. Nine seals shone brilliantly on her body, representing that she was a supreme empress that was practically unmatched in this world.

She did not dare to underestimate Long Yuexi in the slightest, and still summoned an ancient mirror. It floated behind her, shooting out multiple streaks of light. When these streaks of light landed on her, they could further improve her battle prowess, and when they landed on Long Yuexi, they could weaken the battle prowess of her opponent slightly.

This was the inheritance treasure of the Four Seas Palace, Great Sun Heavenly King Mirror, a Ninth Heaven Celestial Tool!

There was no difference in strength between Divine Metals, but once it was forged into Celestial Tools, there would be a difference in power. How could it be that the Celestial Tool that was forged by a First Heaven Celestial Tool would be capable of matching one that was forged by a Ninth Heaven Celestial King?

This Great Sun Heavenly King Mirror was forged by a.s.similating the martial intent of the generations of elites of the Four Seas Palace acc.u.mulated through the secret techniques of as many as three Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, so its power was naturally extraordinary. It could definitely be considered as a Ninth Heaven Celestial King by itself.

In Shang Zhiwei’s hands, the Great Sun Heavenly King Mirror was naturally fully activated. There was no need to expend any power belonging to Shang Zhiwei herself, and it could attack automatically.

Long Yuexi humped, and spread open her arms. A majestic light flew out from the mountains, **** towards her. It only stopped when it had almost reached her. Upon a closer look, this was a suit of armor.

Roc Armor!

In the past, when the Roc had attained Great Accomplishment in its cultivation level, it had plucked out a tendon, a bone, and a horn from its own body, and fused them with seven Divine Metals to forge this armor. After further going through endless refinement of three generations of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, it had naturally become a Ninth Heaven Celestial Tool.

Weng, the Roc Armor automatically covered Long Yuexi’s body. An ancient seal shone, and immediately exuded boundless might. Celestial Qi diffused, blocking the blazing light of the Great Sun Heavenly King Mirror. It could not bear the slightest effect on Long Yuexi anymore.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two great Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings began an intense battle. Even the dome of heaven was trembling. Stars that were in the proximity were struck down, turned into bits of rock that fell from the skies, and those stars that were further could not escape, either. However, they simply fell whole from the skies.

Mult.i.tudes of stars dropped, and the landing of one could blast out a great ocean. Naturally, many lives were lost.

When Celestial Kings fought, it was like doomsday had come, what more when it was a Ninth-Heaven-level great battle! Just think, when the force of darkness had invaded in the past, countless Celestial Kings had burst out into great battle. In fact, even the entirety of the Roc Heaven had been struck to the point of breaking apart from the Celestial Realm, and falling into the void.

Beneath them, everyone was stunned for a moment before starting the battle again.

Amidst sounds of fighting, the members of the Roc Palace fell against the

They were outnumbered. The gap was too overwhelming.

But there were some that still could not let it go. It was clear that they would be able to live as long as they gave up resistance, but they still chose to fight to the bitter end.

Blood sprayed, and it was a tragic sight.

Ling Han never feared battle, but now he did not know what he was supposed to do.

This was not his battle. Even if he was leaning more in favor of the Roc Palace because of Hu Niu, to ask him to suddenly raise weapons against people he did not even know at all was still something that was very, very difficult for him.

He lacked the desire to battle to ignite his fighting spirit.

“Run!” Long Yuexi’s voice rang out in his mind. “Bring Yi Yun with you and flee. Run as far as you can. From now onwards, I will entrust Yi Yun to you!”

Ling Han came back to his wits. Hu Niu was still inside the Black Tower, and while this precious treasure was very awesome, could it really block a Ninth Heaven Celestial King?

He did not have the slightest hesitation, and ran towards the foot of the mountain with an abrupt turn.

“Halt!” A Dividing Soul Tier of the Four Seas Palace stood in his way. “Young Master, please wait for a moment. I am sure that the Lady Imperial Empress has words to speak with you!”

Since Shang Zhiwei had threatened that anyone who dared to touch a hair on Ling Han’s head would be torn to pieces, it was clear how important Ling Han was. Thus, it was natural that he could not be allowed to leave.

Moreover, Tianyun’s reincarnation had not been found yet. She could be in anyone’s Spatial G.o.d Tool, so it was even more natural that no one could be allowed to leave.

“Get lost!” Ling Han shot out a punch. Peng, that person was instantly sent flying, becoming a tiny dot in the skies.


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