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Chapter 353: Cripple Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

On the second day, Ling Han indeed still obtained the Thunder Battle Armor, which made him “extremely pleased”.

Firstly, the Thunder Battle Armor was indeed a very valuable treasured tool, and years ago, Zi Xue Xian had worn it all day, treating it like it was a priceless treasure. Secondly, it was precisely because this was a Spirit Tool one of his old acquaintances had used before Ling Han felt very nostalgic.

He was reborn after 10,000 years, and all around him, the people he met were all strangers to him. Thus, when he saw an old possession of someone whom he had known years ago, how could he not be overwhelmed by emotions?

Then he’d just go to the Dark Devil Forest. Ling Han had made his decision.

The reason why he had come to the Winter Moon Sect was to find out where his mother was, bring trouble to the Ao Clan, and in pa.s.sing, steal some good stuff—these three motives were practically fulfilled. He had collected a considerable number of Spiritual Herbs, and had even obtained the Thunder Battle Armor. He had defeated all the Seven Sons of Ao Family and killed Ao Zi Tai.

Lastly, since Yue Kai Yu was going with him, then he would naturally have a lot of time to probe for information. This cousin and his uncle had more or less the same personality. They were very forthright and straightforward people, and weren’t really ones to keep secrets.

Thus, after he obtained the Thunder Battle Armor, Ling Han decided to set out.

Yue Kai Yu went with him, and looked to be in high spirits at that. It seemed that this guy had only left the sect for a trial twice, and even during these two times, he had not gone too far. Thus, he had never really left on a long journey away from the sect.

Ling Han sighed. This guy said he wanted to help him, but the best he could hope for was that he wouldn’t hold him back.

He and Yue Kai Yu set out together and descended the mountain.

“Ling Han!” However, they had just arrived at the foot of the mountain when they suddenly heard a voice filled with venom ring out behind them.

Yi, this voice was… Feng Yan!

Ling Han did not turn around. He was now Han Lin, and not Ling Han.

“You actually still dare to come here, die!” Feng Yan roared furiously, drawing his saber and delivered a strike at Ling Han. Xiu, xiu, xiu . There actually appeared six flashes of Saber Qi that transformed into six cold bright sharp blades that charged towards Ling Han.

This guy had improved very fast. At that time in the Rain Country, he had only formed four flashes of Saber Qi, but now, he had shockingly reached the level of six flashes. Looks like after Ling Han crippled one of his legs, he had received a huge provocation, which boosted his comprehension in his saber arts.

Shua , cold Qi spread throughout the air, and the severe, fierce Saber Qi streaked through the air, making for a very terrifying spectacle.

“Are you crazy?!” Because he was standing together with Ling Han, Yue Kai Yu was naturally in the vicinty of this attack as well. Furthermore, the name that Feng Yan had called out was incomprehensible. He naturally would not think that it had any relation to Ling Han, and only thought that they had encountered a maniac, so he immediately delivered his own punch.

His arms immediately transformed and looked like they were made of black iron. Martial intent transformed into patterns that shone on his arms, and six flashes of Fist Qi shot forth.


The fist parried the saber’s blade and the Fist Qi clashed with the Saber Qi, cancelling each other out.

Feng Yan’s gaze tensed. He said, “Who are you, and why are you defending this person?”

Yue Kai Yu glanced over and could not help but be astonished, because even though this person was a cripple who had obviously lost one of his legs, he now had a prosthetic attached, and his pants’ leg revealed a bit of a white-colored metal, which had a circular shape and stood on the ground.

His eyes swept over the symbol on Feng Yan’s sleeve, and he could not help but be even more astonished as he mumbled, “When has our Winter Moon Sect started to take in cripples? Furthermore, this cripple looks really powerful!”

He was straightforward in his speech, and when he said this “cripple”, he was only saying things as they were, so in truth, he did not have any intention to insult him. However, when Feng Yan heard this, this “cripple” sounded as if it was filled with malice.

“You are seeking death!” Feng Yan’s eyes sharpened, and he was just about to deliver another attack.

Ling Han turned around and said, “Do you have some kind of problem? You plan to jump into a battle right from the moment you see us; do you have no recognition for the rules of the sect?”

Feng Yan paused. When he saw Ling Han’s back, it was a hundred percent like his great enemy’s, but why was there such a huge difference the moment he turned around? This youth, or rather young man, did not have an outstanding apperance, and there was a great difference between his face and Ling Han’s.

But why… did his voice give him such a familiar feeling, and his back looked so much like Ling Han’s? Furthermore, this expression—the tone that he used to speak—was filled with the feeling that he detested.

“I was mistaken.” Multiple thoughts streaked through his head, yet in the end, he only said this.

“Crazy!” Yue Kai Yu glared angrily at him. He was the eldest grandson of the Yue Clan, yet for some unfathomable reason, he was attacked, which made him very displeased. But when he recalled the mission that he and Ling Han had, he did not currently have the time to call Feng Yan to accounts, so he said, “I have something to do now, and I will deal with you when I come back!”

As he spoke, he tugged Ling Han and planned to leave.

When he saw Ling Han’s back, killing intent once again appeared on Feng Yan’s face. He turned and looked at a disciple who was standing at the roadside and asked, “Who are these two?”

“Who are you, and why should I tell you?” that disciple asked with his head held high, very displeased with Feng Yan’s att.i.tude.

Feng Yan’s eyes sharpened and a terrifying aura exuded from him, which immediately made that disciple s.h.i.+ver in fear. He hurriedly answered, “The slightly older one is Yue Kai Yu, Senior Brother Yue. He is Grand Elder Yue’s great-grandson, and the other one is called Han Lin. He has just entered the sect two days ago, but he is the kind to attract trouble. He has just arrived, and has already killed Attendant Ao’s beloved daughter, and now has been punished to enter the Dark Devil Forest to collect Fiery Sun Gra.s.s.”

Feng Yan’s right index finger suddenly flicked, and his killing intent spread. Han Lin, Ling Han, wasn’t that precisely the other way round? Furthermore, he was a newly entered disciple, yet was so outrageously bold that he dared to kill the daughter of an Attendant. This was very similar to Ling Han’s personality.

He immediately leaped up and left, heading towards the White Cloud Peak. This was where all the higher ranks of the Winter Moon Sect lived. If one wanted to enter here, one at least had to be in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, or be the personal disciple of an elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier or the Flower Blossom Tier. Not even Yue Kai Yu was qualified to live here.

Feng Yan found the place where the information for the sect’s disciples were recorded, directly drew out the personal token of Grand Elder s.h.i.+, and made the request to look at Ling Han’s information.

Suspicions were still only suspicions, after all. He wanted solid proof.

“Han Lin, nineteen years old. He’s from Return Origin Mountain, and was at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier upon his entry into the sect.” As Feng Yan read, a sliver of a cold smirk appeared at his lips, and he said, “Send someone to the Return Origin Mountain to verify this person’s information.

“Young Master Yan, isn’t that a bit of making a big fuss over a small issue?”

“Do as I say, or do I need to ask my master to speak with you?”

“I wouldn’t dare!”

When Feng Yan left, his expression was dark. “Han Lin, if you are really Ling Han, I will definitely have you die in the Winter Moon Sect because you have sought your own death. Since you’ve concealed your ident.i.ty, when I kill you, I would have only killed a minor character named Han Lin! Heng, heng!”

Ling Han and Yue Kai Yu set out, and headed towards Sea Breeze City. It was unknown how long they would spend on this trip to the Dark Devil Forest, so naturally, he had to go and get Liu Yu Tong and the others first. Anyways, Yue Kai Yu did not know anyone of their group.

To avoid being targeted by Ao Feng, Yue Zhen Shan even escorted them personally, and he only returned to the Winter Moon Sect after they had left the boundaries of the Yu Long Mountains without spotting any sign of Ao Feng. That was because even if Ao Feng’s daughter had died, it was no matter, since he still had a considerable number of children left. But in his case, he only had this one son.

The two of them arrived at the Sea Breeze City, an extremely large city. It was a dozen times larger than even the Imperial City of the Rain Country. The city walls that were over a hundred metres tall cast a long shadow on the ground, and the whole city seemed like a colossal beast crawling.

“I need to go and find a few friends first,” Ling Han said.

“All right,” Yue Kai Yu said without thinking too much about it, not worried that Ling Han could sell him off.


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