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Chapter 677: A Battle of Wits

Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Henyee

Small Saber King was definitely a figure filled with legendary colors.

He was a present-age genius, and had always been wors.h.i.+pped on a divine altar as a well-known figure amongst younger generation, and there were very few that could stand as his equal. More terrifyingly, he’d actually crossed into the Deity Transformation Tier!

This meant that the Spiritual Infant grew into a deity within the body, and he could invoke heaven and earth’s Spirit Qi, causing his battle prowess to grow by leaps and bounds.

Everyone s.h.i.+vered. Even though everyone here was a genius, under the pressure of a Deity Transformation Tier elite’s presence, everyone still felt a s.h.i.+ver at from the depths of their souls.

Of course, there were many people who were exceptions. For example Ling Han, Hu Niu, the Rabbit, the Rain Emperor, Mu Rong Qing, and Wenren Qian Qian. A true king in martial arts could be defeated, but would never be terrified before having fought.

Smal Saber King opened his eyes, and shua , his eyes were like a flash of Saber Ray; as it swept by, the celestial mist was split apart, and a deep mark appeared on the mountain walls.

Everyone was shocked. This was only the power of opening his eyes!

More terrifyingly, the mountain walls were guarded by formations and strongly fortified, and even if they attacked them with full strength, they might not even be able to shatter a rock. However, Small Saber King only opened his eyes, and it was that terrifying. This strength gap was truly ma.s.sive as to heaven and earth.

As expected of Small Saber King, the strongest genius presently… perhaps, already the one and only.

“Ling Han!” Small Saber said dully. “I’ve waited for you a long time already.”

Shua , everyone’s gazes turned towards Ling Han.

Before this, Ling Han’s reputation wasn’t all that resounding. After all, he became famous in the north region, and the majority of the people here still half-believed his ident.i.ty as a Heaven Grade alchemist; the Alchemist Society didn’t proclaim to the world that they had a third Heaven Grade alchemist.

Besides, Ling Han was also too young. Saying he was Heaven Grade alchemist was like saying someone reached Heaven Tier at this age—wasn’t that just nonsense?

However, Rong Huan Xuan and Small Saber King successively challenged Ling Han, and with these two powerful figures serving as foil, Ling Han’s name immediately left a mark amongst the younger generation.

“Waiting for me?” Ling Han smiled faintly. “Yes, you should wait for me. I am a Heaven Grade alchemist, highly n.o.ble in status, so waiting doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see me! You’re lucky today.”


Many people instantly spurted out. Ling Han truly had an arrogant tone, saying that making Small Saber King waiting was something normal. Who was Small Saber King? An exceptional talent amongst the younger generation!

However, thinking about it the other way around, there certainly was ample reason. If Ling Han truly was a Heaven Grade alchemist, then Small Saber King certainly didn’t have the right to see Ling Han whenever he wanted, and even if he pleaded on his knees, Ling Han wouldn’t need to respond.

Heaven Grade alchemists, there were only two in the world… Ling Han being the third one didn’t receive public recognition.

Small Saber King stood up and his eyes turned into burning white saber light, making others unable to distinguish his sclera, an extremely strange thing. He drew his saber immediately, weng , the treasured saber’s vein-like patterns lit up one by one, as an endless might circulated.

It was a ninth-tier Spirit Tool, and Small Saber King couldn’t completely unleash its power yet, but one star or even a half would be terrifying enough.

Ninth Tier!

“You’ve killed my father, and this hatred is absolutely irreconcilable!” Small Saber King said coldly, and arbitrarily waved the saber. The Saber Ray swept and cut a deep mark on the tough mountain walls.

Everyone was even more shocked. If this saber was slashed at them, even if they defended with all their strength, they’d probably still be cut in two, right?

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “Now, the academy has also become a place to end personal grievances?”

Those words were th.o.r.n.y and cutting.

Even Small Saber King revealed a hesitant look when he heard them, not daring to respond carelessly. He was only Absolute Saber Sect’s exceptional talent amongst the younger generation, but he didn’t represent the Absolute Saber Sect. Besides, the Absolute Saber Sect was only one of the five great sects.

He thought hard for a while, and then said, “Take it as me challenging you.”

Ling Han sneered, and said, “What sort of rule is this, a high-tier disciple can challenge a low-tier disciple, then who can still cultivate at ease?”

Everyone nodded; otherwise, they would lack too much sense of security.

The existence of the challenge system should encourage students to climb upwards. The weak would keep working hard, while the strong also wouldn’t dare let down their guard, or else they’d be surpa.s.sed, forming an atmosphere of active advancement.

However, if the strong could challenge the weak, wouldn’t everyone feel at danger?

To h.e.l.l with cultivation!

Small Saber King was temporarily at a loss for words. His high tier was originally his pride, but why’d it become his enc.u.mbrance now? He thought for a while, and said, “Our age is the same, you still fear a fight?”

“Same your sister!” Ling Han spat, “Say, Uncle, your age is double mine, and you have the face to act like you’re as young as me. Aren’t you way too shameless?”


Instantly, many people laughed out loud, but hurriedly covered their mouths in fear that Small Saber King would bear a grudge.

Small Saber King trembled in anger. Theoretically, they certainly belonged to the same generation, and even those below one hundred belonged to the younger generation. After all, a hundred-year-old Spiritual Infant Tier warrior was only equivalent to twenty years old for a normal mortal.

In the martial arts world, the relative ages below thirty were all called the younger generation, and seeing it like this, Deity Transformation Tier warriors below one hundred forty years of age were also part of the younger generation. Heaven Tier elites under one hundred eighty years of age were also in this range, and Shattering Void Tier ones under two hundred years of age also counted.

In the previous life, Ling Han reached the Heaven Tier at the age of two hundred years. In reality, he’d just surpa.s.sed the definition of “youth” back then, so he was named the first in history. However, thinking about it now, he was only the first person in that ten millennia, and this record would soon be broken.

… After him, martial arts welcomed explosive prosperity, just like now.

Ling Han changed the topic of the conversation, and said, “Small Saber King, it’s time to settle the grievances between you and I. Alright, I’ll answer your challenge, but it’s not a normal challenge, instead… a challenge to the death! Do you dare to accept it?”

Do you dare to accept?

The words powerful and resonating, just as if a sharp sword!

Small Saber King was slightly stunned by Ling Han’s aura. This brat had just arrived in the Spiritual Infant Tier, so what qualifications did he have to challenge him to a fight to death? Ling Han could fight surpa.s.sing his tiers, but could he not?

Could it be… medicinal pills?

Ling Han snickered, and said, “Don’t say I’m bullying you, I won’t take any pills when I fight you!”

Small Saber King was shocked again. Not taking pills, how would you fight me? There’s an entire large tier’s difference between you and I, and I’m one of the strongest geniuses currently, being able to battle surpa.s.sing ten stars!

However, with such a rare and good opportunity, if he rejected, he would not only miss the chance, but also be left with a thorn inside his heart, thinking that he was inferior to Ling Han. As time went on, this would definitely shake his heart, and his cultivation would not only not progress, but even possibly regress.

hus, this fight he had to accept!

On the other hand, wasn’t he who suggested the fight?

“Okay, I accept!” Small Saber King nodded forcefully.


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