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Chapter 752: Lightning River

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

River of lightning?

What was the source of this river, a lightning pool?

Ling Han’s expression changed as he looked at the splas.h.i.+ng waves. The level of lightning was so high that with a single glance, he felt a sense of danger in the depth of his soul.

He indeed learned the body of lightning, and bathing in lighting, he would only be nourished and not harmed.

But this had a premise: the lightning had to be pure and without martial intent, or else, it would conflict with his own martial intent, leading to a great backlash.

Otherwise, two martial artists that both cultivated fire or water arts wouldn’t need to fight, for fighting would just be a waste of time and strength.

Hu Niu, however, was very excited, charging towards the river while shouting, “Bath time, bath time!”

Ling Han pulled her back in a rush, and said, “Don’t act recklessly. This lightning isn’t so simple!”

This definitely wasn’t pure lightning. Ling Han could see the indistinct flickers of vein-like patterns, and they weren’t even lightning, but fire vein-like patterns!

How could that be!?

In a lightning river, flames actually appeared?

“Look along the river!” Ling Han said. His gaze turned towards the upper reaches of the lightning river, and although the purple mist above the river faded a good deal, allowing for more visibility, it was still limited—purple mist still pervaded the area.

What was at the end of the lightning river… was it a mystical lightning treasure?

The rabbit rolled its eyes all of a sudden, holding its stomach and crying out, “Aiyo, my stomach hurts, I ate too many carrots. Uncle Rabbit’s going to retreat first!”

Ling Han snickered, and said, “Rabbit, now you’re afraid of death? Sure, go if you want. You don’t need to pilfer the carrots inside the Black Tower in the future.”

“Brat, you’re too ungenerous!” The rabbit put on airs of a strong righteousness. “Is Uncle Rabbit one to be afraid of death? Uncle Rabbit’s just afraid that the three of us will fall into enemy hands here, and then no one can save us. So, Uncle Rabbit plans on guarding outside in case you guys are trapped so that Uncle Rabbit can get people for a rescue!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, your shamelessness I really must learn, I may use it in the future.” Ling Han made fun of it.

Hu Niu, on the other hand, took a bite at the rabbit. It was so painful that the rabbit screamed with pain and obediently went along with them.

“Since Uncle Rabbit has to work, hurry up and take out the Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng so that Uncle Rabbit can at least be a satisfied ghost!” The rabbit extended its claws.

“Get lost!” Ling Han waved his hand. “Already gave you the two I owed you, still trying to take advantage of me here? No way!”

“One lifetime as brothers, who are we?” The rabbit started to try to cotton up.

They exchanged insults, but they didn’t dare to be careless at all—joking was only to relax the tense atmosphere. After all, it really was very strange here. Hu Niu was the only one who was truly relaxed, humming while walking—she was absolutely simple-minded.

The closer they got to the upper reaches of the river, the more astonis.h.i.+ng the power of lightning was. Although the stream wasn’t very turbulent, the waves that splattered in it were extremely shocking—definitely comparable to an attack of a Shattering Void Tier elite that cultivated lightning mystic arts—and almost seemed to shake and crack even the skies.

They didn’t dare to get too close. Although the waves didn’t actively hurt people, their might was plain to see, so who dared to underestimate them?

The rabbit couldn’t bear it, and vehemently requested to enter the Black Tower. Ling Han pondered for a moment, eventually storing both the rabbit and the Gold-seeking Rat into the Black Tower, and only he and Hu Niu were still on the outside… Hu Niu was indeed a freak—even Ling Han’s skin cracked in such atmosphere, but the little girl was not affected at all.

Ling Han’s current physique reached the level of ninth-tier rare metal, which could even bear the surging presence of the Shattering Void Tier. It was obvious how freakish Hu Niu was.

This also showed just how powerful Shattering Void Tier elites were.

It wasn’t like Ling Han hadn’t seen Shattering Void Tier beings, but at a close distance, they actively retracted their own presence, and during battle, he was far away and had no particular awareness all along.

But now he knew.

Heaven Tier elites in front of Shattering Void Tier ones… were actually so fragile!

No wonder it took several hundred Heaven Tier elites to kill a Shattering Void Tier one, while Deity Transformation Tier warriors didn’t even qualify to appear in front of Shattering Void Tier elites, being turned into pieces right away.

Shattering void, this was an inherent improvement!

Ling Han exclaimed inwardly while fully operating Origin Power to form a defense around him. What a pity , he cried out inwardly. If he still had the Thunder Battle Armor, it might have great uses here.

Hu Niu suddenly pointed ahead, and said, “Hm, Ling Han, look, there’s a flower!”

Ling Han focused his gaze, but couldn’t see anything. However, he knew that Hu Niu wouldn’t lie to him, so he walked forward for another stretch. As expected, a strange plant was by the river, roughly the half the height of a man, fully dark blue. Its leaves were like arrows, spa.r.s.e—only seven, and at the top blossomed a flower, which was shockingly formed by lightning, which changed continuously as if playing out the process from blossoming to wilting in an instant, repeating continuously.

Even with Ling Han being the Alchemy Emperor in the previous life, knowing many medicinal ingredients well, he completely had no knowledge of this plant.

“Pretty, pretty!” Hu Niu let go of Ling Han’s hand, and dashed towards the flower.

Ling Han originally wanted to stop her, but thought of how Hu Niu had an instinctive sense of danger and walked here completely fine, so she might actually be unafraid of the lightning river.

As expected, when Hu Niu rushed to the side of the lightning river, the terrifying power of lightning didn’t affect her at all. Smiling, she plucked the flower and skipped back, and said, “Ling Han, help Niu stick it on the head!”

Hu Niu took the flower, but was surprised to find that the flower contained the pure power of lightning.

In other words, it could be refined and absorbed!

The world really was miraculous. Although the lightning river surged on ceaselessly and contained terrifyingly great danger, a shred of its power was forcibly extracted and grew into a flower of lightning.

Cleansed by heaven and earth, it became extremely pure. Those who cultivated lightning arts could refine it, which had great benefits.

“This flower of lightning is remarkable and can improve the level of the body of lightning. You should refine it!” Ling Han said with a smile.

Hu Niu shook her head, and said, “Niu feels that it’d be useless even if eaten! Hm, Ling Han do you want it? Then Niu will gift it to you!” The little girl immediately jumped on Ling Han’s back, trying to force this flower into Ling Han’s mouth.

Apparently, Hu Niu’s good intentions couldn’t be refused, or else this little girl would talk about it all day.

Ling Han could only consume the flower and activate the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, quickly dissolving the essence within.

After half an hour, Ling Han stood up, and as his eyes opened, there were dazzling flickers of lightning.

A flower of lightning obviously couldn’t make his lightning body advance from novice to expert, but if there were several hundred such flowers, he definitely could attain the highest level in a single step!

Were there any more flowers of lightning by the riverside?


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