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Chapter 205 – The Darkbeast Army Attacks!

“HAHAHA!” Yuan Tong suddenly roared with laughter. He laughed for a short moment, and then he pointed a finger on his right hand towards the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder and said, “You intend to rely on it? I don’t know what sort of ability it actually possesses that it’s able to exert pressure on other Darkbeasts, but no matter how mysterious and formidable it is, can it compare to that Heaven Devouring Python? It….”

Suddenly, Yuan Tong didn’t continue speaking because the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder truly couldn’t take it anymore. It raised its little claw and waved it at Yuan Tong, and then a strand of violet light instantly appeared in front of Yuan Tong!

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed when they witnessed this scene. What a strange attack….

Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed with a wisp of surprise when he saw the violet light suddenly appear before him. However, in next to no time, this surprise transformed into rage, and he grunted coldly before he clenched his right hand into a fist and struck a light punch against the area in front of the violet light. A gust of wind shot out from his fist, and it emanated a sharp whistle as it instantly blasted onto the violet light!


The violet light instantly dispersed, yet the gust of wind didn’t slow down at all as it shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged as he flipped his wrist, and then he swiftly slashes with his sword, causing a strand of golden sword qi to shoot out explosively/


The gust of wind and the golden sword qi collided intensely in midair, and they emanated an explosion. However, the gust of wind formed from Yuan Tong’s punch still didn’t vanish, and it didn’t slow down at all as it shot towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. According to the rumors, he has comprehended both Martial Intent and Fist Intent. Looks like the rumors are true. Otherwise, how could my gold profound energy possibly be unable to resist this tiny gust of wind that came from his fist!?Yang Ye sheathed Violet Spirit, and when the gust arrived in front of him, he suddenly drew his sword and slashed!


The gust of wind instantly dispersed into nothingness.

Yang Ye suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then he relied on the counterforce from the ground to shoot forward explosively. Yang Ye wasn’t one that liked to take a beating without fighting back! He preferred to seize the initiative and attack himself!

“You’re courting death!” When he saw that Yang Ye actually dared to fight back, disdain hung on the corners of Yuan Tong’s mouth as he slowly clenched his right hand once more. He said, “Since you want to die, then I’ll fulfill your wis.h.!.+”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pushed his right hand forward horizontally before retracting it, and then, after a moment of silence, he suddenly attacked


The sound of air exploding rumbled through the surroundings. Everywhere his fist pa.s.sed, the air was instantly crushed into pieces while numerous white colored marks of his fist appeared in midair, and it was extraordinarily striking!

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he witnessed this scene and sensed the terrifying aura within the punch. However, he didn’t have the time to dodge now, nor did he have the time to change his attack. So, he could only utilize Violet Spirit to go head-on against it!


As soon as they collided, Violet Spirit instantly curved to a shocking degree, whereas, Yang Ye was directly blasted flying by the force within this punch. This time, he flew even farther than he ever had, and he flew over 100m away….

“Too weak!” Yuan Tong shook his head as he gazed at Yang Ye who’d been blasted flying. Right when he was about to make another move and finish Yang Ye, he suddenly seemed to have noticed something, and he swiftly turned around and looked towards the mountain peak that stood in front of Cloudfall Gorge.

It wasn’t just Yuan Tong, all the other profounders who possessed formidable strengths had looked over to that peak as well. As for Yang Ye, he’d been directly disregarded….


Right when all of them looked over, numerous loud roars suddenly resounded from the mountain. After that, numerous enormous figures appeared on it. At the same time, the sky suddenly dimmed down while a dense expanse of all sorts of flying Darkbeasts appeared above them!

In just the time of a few breaths, the mountain in the distance was filled with all sorts of enormous Darkbeasts and based on the dense expanse that they formed, their numbers were even superior to the human profounders! Especially the various flying Darkbeasts in midair, they even exerted an invisible feeling of pressure to the human profounders, causing countless of them to feel terrified before the battle had even begun!

Yuan Tong’s expression changed slightly when he witnessed this scene, and then he seemed to have thought up something, causing him to suddenly turn around to look at the direction Yang Ye had been blasted towards. However, that spot was completely empty now, and Yang Ye was long gone!

Indeed, he was aware of the might possessed by that mysterious Darkbeasts in Yang Ye’s possession. After all, over 100 humans had witnessed the scene of the violet mink utilizing its pressure to terrify the Metaleater Ant Swarm. Even though all of those humans were members of the Grand Qin Empire, with the strength that the Origin School possessed, it wasn’t difficult to obtain some information from them.

After a great deal of investigation, the Origin School had finally locked its sights onto Yang Ye. However, it was too late to capture Yang Ye then because he’d arrived at the Imperial Capital. Moreover, Yang Ye had even become an Earth Talisman Master of the Talisman Master’s a.s.sociation. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye was Lin Shan’s disciple as well, that Spirit Realm expert who was tracking Yang Ye from the shadows could only give up on taking Yang Ye alive!

After all, it was extremely difficult for the Origin School to conceal something that occurred in the Imperial Capital from the Talisman Master’s a.s.sociation! So, Yuan Tong had another objective when he came to Ascension Mountain Range, and it was to look for Yang Ye. If it was possible, it was naturally best to recruit Yang Ye into the Origin School, but if it wasn’t possible, then he could only use force!

The ability to control Darkbeasts! Even the Origin School couldn’t help but be tempted by it!

Yuan Tong took a deep breath, and then he turned around to look at Yuan Ye who stood by his side. “You go after him. I probed his strength earlier, and it’s weaker than yours. However, you must be careful, and watch out for that violet mink on his shoulder! Remember, if you find him, then cripple him first. That kid is proud and arrogant, so it’s impossible to make him join the Origin School now.”

Yuan Ye nodded, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

After Yuan Ye vanished, Yuan Tong turned around to look at the human profounders and said, “What? All of you’re afraid?”

Before they could answer, he suddenly turned around and pointed at those flying Darkbeasts in the sky and said, “In the last 10,000 years, our humans have fought the Darkbeasts on many occasions. However, it was always us humans that had the last laugh, and the owner of the southern territory has always been us humans! Everyone present here is the most gifted in the southern territory. So, tell me, should all of you fear this group of animals?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure suddenly soared into the air. In the next moment, a terrifying imposing aura surged from within him, and then he spread open his right fist into a palm and faced it down while the profound energy within his body surged madly into his palm.

At this moment, with Yuan Tong as the center, strands of invisible fluctuations of energy had appeared.

At a certain moment in time, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Yuan Tong’s eyes, and then he suddenly slapped his palm downward while shouting loudly. “Heavensplit Palm!”

In an instant, an enormous blue colored energy palm that was over 30m long and around 15m wide appeared in the air. The energy pal carried a terrifying aura that sent chills running down everyone’s spines as it shot explosively towards the dense expanse of flying Darkbeasts in midair. The enormous energy palm traversed the distance of over 30m in the mere time for a single breath, and then the flying Darkbeasts that bore the brunt of his attack were instantly transformed into countless pieces that descended along with strands of fresh blood!

Merely a single strike of the palm had at least kill a few dozen King Rank flying Darkbeasts!

At this moment, everyone in the surroundings had witnessed the strength of this greatest monstrous genius for the last thousand years within the southern territory. Even Qin Youran, Li Xianjun, Wenren Yue, and Leng Xinran’s eyes revealed an extremely solemn expression. Even though Yuan Tong had executed a high-grade Earth Rank technique, it was sufficient to display Yuan Tong’s strength. After all, it was extremely difficult for someone at the First Heaven Realm to bring forth the full strength of this technique!

However, Yuan Tong had accomplished it with ease!

After a short moment of silence, someone suddenly shouted loudly. “All hail Yuan Tong….”

After this voice resounded throughout the surroundings, numerous similar shouts resounded successively in the surroundings, and the impetus from a few tens of thousands of people shouting in unison was simply….

Yuan Tong descended to the ground and placed his hands behind his back. He pointed his left hand towards the Darkbeast army on the mountain peak and said in a stern voice, “Are all of you confident in your ability to fight them with me?”

“Yes!” The others replied in unison.

Qin Youran’s expression changed slightly when he witnessed this scene. Looks like Yang Ye was right. Yuan Rong is trying to win popularity and support. His Origin School is already the number one sect in the southern territory, so what does he intend to do by gaining popularity and support like this? Unite the six great powers? Or unite the entire southern territory?In next to no time, Qin Youran shook his head because both of these were impossible. The Origin School was strong, but it was impossible for the Origin School to go against the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy at the same time. After all, the strengths of the two palaces were merely slightly inferior to the Origin School. As for uniting the southern territory, it was even more impossible, and even if Yuan Tong had the wild ambition to do that, the Origin School wouldn’t allow him to do it!

Because an empire wasn’t something a sect could easily shake!

But if it’s not any of these two reasons, then what exactly are Yuan Tong’s intentions? Qin Youran would naturally not think that Yuan Tong was truly thinking for the independent cultivators and disciples of the clans here!

Wenren Yue glanced deeply at Yuan Tong before falling silent. No matter what, they really did have to join forces against the Darkbeasts now. Because if they didn’t, then even she might not be able to leave with her life. After all, the Darkbeast Empire had dispatched all its elites this time!

There really is something off about this year’s Ascension Rankings!

At this moment, the members of all the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy thought in this way!


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