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Chapter 452 – The Mortal Emperor Sword!

A young man in a yellow robe had appeared in midair. He had slanted brows, starry eyes, a Grecian nose, and an extremely handsome appearance. In his hand was a sword made from gold, and its sheath was inscribed with countless lifelike beasts, and the hilt had the characters ‘天’ and ‘地’ which represented heaven and earth on it.

There were two old men standing by the young man’s sides.

The gazes of the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor descended onto the young man and the young man’s sword. After all, they were very curious about the Mortal Emperor of legend. But in next to no time, their gazes had descended onto the two old men by the young man’s side. Because these two old men were Monarch Realm experts, and they were at least at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm or above!

The young man’s gaze stopped for a moment on the white dragon in midair, and then it descended onto Yang Ye and An Nanjing. He said, “I presume the two of you are the Sword Emperor and Martial G.o.d of this era. According to rumor, besides each other, both of you are invincible against any others at the same realm of cultivation. I, Luo Jun, am truly lucky to be fortunate enough to meet both of you today!”

“The Mortal Emperor?” An Nanjing’s brows raised as she said, “Why don’t we have a fight? I want to see if your Mortal Emperor Sword or my Skysplit is stronger.”

Luo Jun shook his head lightly and said, “There’s no need for that. I know that you wish to capture me and make me your hostage so that you can escape this predicament. Unfortunately, I can’t allow you to get what you want.”

An Nanjing glanced indifferently at Luo Jun before she returned to Yang Ye’s side.

Luo Jun’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and then he said, “Sword Emperor, there’s enmity between you and the Flower Palace, so killing their disciples is within reason, but haven’t you gone too far by destroying their graveyard? Moreover, isn’t it a little too cruel to make a Monarch Realm expert slaughter ordinary profounders?”

“Does that have anything to do with you?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“You, Yang Ye, really are as the rumors said, you’re extremely arrogant!” Luo Jun restrained the smile on his face and said, “But I’m truly curious, where exactly does your arrogance come from? Could it be that you think these Monarch Realm experts here can protect your life? If it’s really like that, then aren’t you a little too naïve!?”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh coldly. He knew that the Mortal Emperor of the Exalted Han Empire would definitely target him upon arriving here. Why? Because everyone knew that the Mortal Emperor Armor and Mortal Emperor Seal were in his possession. So, how could the Mortal Emperor of this era not reclaim these treasures? Thus, they were bound to become enemies. After all, it was absolutely impossible to make Yang Ye hand those treasures over!

Luo Jun glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at Qian Huagu and said, “I’m truly sorry about your sect. It wouldn’t have been reduced to such a state if I were able to arrive a little earlier!”

Qian Huagu took a deep glance at Luo Jun, and then she said, “It’s not your fault, Mortal Emperor. My Flower Palace was reduced to such a state because it didn’t possess sufficient strength. I’m already very thankful that you rushed over here!”

Luo Jun grinned and said, “The Flower Palace is a part of my Exalted Han Empire now, so my Exalted Han Empire will naturally lend a hand when the Flower Palace is in trouble. Don’t worry. Now that I’m here, no one will be able to lay another finger on your Flower Palace!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Jun turned to look at An Nanjing before he said, “You’re a member of the An Clan, and I have no intention to become enemies with the An Clan. Feel free to leave if you want to. I’ll absolutely not obstruct you!”

Unexpectedly, An Nanjing shook her head and said, “Since we’ve taken his money, we’ll face this crisis with him. We would be going against our word if we were to leave right now. My An Clan doesn’t go back on its word. If you have the ability, then feel free to attack. We won’t blame anyone if we die here, and we’ll only blame it on our lack of strength!”

Yang Ye was quite surprised. He hadn’t expected that An Nanjing would actually choose to stay. After all, even he felt that he was in a hopeless situation right now. After all, now that two more Monarch Realm experts had appeared here, so it would be their turn to be slaughtered once the battle began!

Yang Ye said sincerely, “Thank you!”

“Give them a little more energy stones if they survive!” An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye and spoke flatly.

Yang Ye was clearly stunned, and then he smiled and said, “I, Yang Ye, promise that so long as we’re able to survive today, then I’ll give all of you an extra 300 top-grade energy stones. If any one of you dies, then I’ll give 500 top-grade energy stones to your family and promise to look after them forever!”

When they heard Yang Ye, all the Exalt Realm from the An Clans looked at Yang Ye, and their gazes became even more friendly. After all, Yang Ye was really generous!

“500 top-grade energy stones?” Luo Jun shook his head lightly and said, “Even I’m slightly tempted by that. Unfortunate, all of you are bound to be unable to spend it!”

“I, however, think that their lives aren’t fated to end today!” At this moment, Xiao Tianji suddenly said, “You’re honored as the Mortal Emperor and represent the heavens to manage the world. You can be said to be the most distinguished person in the entire world, but that’s under the precondition that the Martial G.o.d and Sword Emperor aren’t present in the world. You should be clearly aware that the Sword Emperors and Martial G.o.ds of the past have all possessed the ability to defy the heavens!”

“Who are you!?” Luo Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly as he spoke in a low voice.

Xiao Tianji grinned and said, “Some call me blind man, but most call me the Seer, Xiao Tianji!”

Xiao Tianji!

The expressions of Luo Jun and those two old men by his side changed. Xiao Tianji was naturally not an unfamiliar name to them, and it could be said to reverberate like thunder by their ears. After all, he was an existence that knew the secrets of the heavens! However, they hadn’t expected that this elusive Seer would actually make an appearance in the southern territory and lend Yang Ye a hand!

“Mister Xiao is an erudite person who stays aloof from worldly matters, so why allow yourself to be sucked into the vortex of the mortal worlds?” Luo Jun spoke in a low voice.

Xiao Tianji smiled and said, “Could it be that I should continue being that erudite person who stays aloof from worldly matters when others intend to kill my son-in-law?”

Luo Jun’s eyelids twitched, and then he glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I understand. But Mister Xiao, do you think that you can stop these two elders of my Exalted Han Empire as well by yourself?”

“I can’t!” Xiao Tianji was very frank.

“Then how about you leave?” asked Luo Jun.

“No!” Xiao Tianji replied without the slightest hesitation.

“Then I’m sorry!” said Luo Jun.

Xiao Tianji grinned, and then he gazed at Qian Yan and said, “You probably won’t stop me, right?”

Qian Yan glanced coldly at Qian Huagu and the others, and then she said, “Of course. This is a matter between your coalitions, and it isn’t related to me.” It wasn’t her problem that she couldn’t protect the Graveyard of Flowers. After all, she’d tried her best!

The expressions on the faces of Qian Huagu and the others instantly became extremely unsightly when they heard Qian Yan. If Qian Yan didn’t keep Xiao Tianji occupied, then the amount of Monarch Realm experts on each side would be equal once more!

Xiao Tianji gazed at Luo Jun and said, “I told you, they aren’t fated to die today. If you force an attack, then perhaps you, the Mortal Emperor, might perish here today. After all, this is the southern territory and not the central territory. If the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor are willing to pay a certain price, then it’s entirely possible for them to kill you or these two Monarch Realm experts from your Exalted Han Empire. What do you think?”

“I think we can!” Meanwhile, the Beast Emperor suddenly smiled and said, “I’m very confident in being able to accomplish that. Mortal Emperor, I wonder if you’d like to give it a try?”

“Are you threatening me?” Luo Jun’s brows raised.

“Am I not qualified to?” The Beast Emperor said, “I might be a little fearful if your Exalted Han Empire’s army arrived at the southern territory. However, don’t you think that you’re indulging in fantasies if you think you can subdue the southern territory with just the few of you? Of course, you can give it a try if you’re very confident in your ability. You can try and see if I’ll be able to kill you right here and now!”

Luo Jun’s expression gradually turned gloomy, and then he suddenly cracked a smile and said, “Looks like I slightly underestimated the profounders of the southern territory. That’s my mistake. Don’t worry, I hope both of you’ll be just as confident when we meet again. Now, all of you can leave!”

Qian Huagu’s face fell. She was just about to speak when Luo Jun suddenly said, “Elder Qian, if you can bring forth another Monarch Realm expert, then I’ll join forces with Elder Qian to kill all of them today. If you can’t, then please put aside your desire for revenge for now. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before the experts of my Exalted Han Empire will arrive at the southern territory. Would you still have to worry about being unable to take revenge then?”

Qian Huagu remained silent for a short while before she glanced with resentment at Yang Ye, and then she fell silent. She knew that she couldn’t kill Yang Ye today.

Xiao Tianji grinned, and then he flashed over to the white dragon before he said, “You’ll temporarily stay by my side from now on. Alright?”

The white dragon was just about to shake its head but Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Go with him!”

Yang Ye naturally understand Xiao Tianji’s intentions. Since the white dragon had made an appearance here, it probably wouldn’t take long before all the extraordinary sects and clans of the central territory found out about it. At that time, countless experts would swarm over….

Just thinking about it caused a chill to run down Yang Ye’s spine. So, Yang Ye naturally understood that Xiao Tianji was helping him by asking the white dragon to stay by his side. Otherwise, Yang Ye’s current strength would be utterly insufficient to face those experts who would swarm over in search of the white dragon.

When it heard Yang Ye, the white dragon hesitated for a long time before it nodded in the end. It had promised Yang Ye that it would obey Yang Ye upon leaving the Heaven Dragon paG.o.da. Even though it was really reluctant to leave that tiny vortex within Yang Ye, it was even more unwilling to break its promise. So, it agreed.

Xiao Tianji nodded with satisfaction when he saw the white dragon agree, and then he said, “You leave with An Nanjing and the others first!”

At this moment, Yang Ye would naturally not try to be courteous. He nodded to An Nanjing and the others, and then they flashed out of the Flower Palace.

After Yang Ye and the others had left, the Founding Emperor said, “The Exalted Han Empire? The Mortal Emperor? You intend to unite the continent? Haha! My Grand Qin Empire will be waiting for you. Let me see how the Mortal Emperor of this era will unite the continent which has been split into pieces!” As soon as he finished speaking, the Founding Emperor didn’t stay here any longer. His figure flashed, and he vanished on the spot with Li Si and Bai Qi.

The Beast Emperor grinned and said, “My Darkbeast Empire will be waiting for you as well!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot as well.

After that, the white dragon and Xiao Tianji left as well, and only Qian Huagu, Luo Jun, and the others from their respective sides remained.

“The Sword Emperor? The Martial G.o.d? Hmph! Let me see how exactly the two of you will defy the heavens!” Luo Jun’s expression was extremely gloomy as he gazed at the direction that Yang Ye and An Nanjing had taken when they left.


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